Lo is really into asking about names these days--every time we pass a dog on the street, or a bird lol, she asks "what's it's name?" and asking dh and I what our names are, etc. So naturally she keeps asking about the baby's name! We actually have one picked out but don't really want to tell her yet (dh doesn't want to tell anyone...and she'd def tell people!) so I turn the question around and ask the baby's name...and her answers are so funny!

Sometimes it's "dofo," which is a really random version of a random nickname that I call one of our dogs ("Finny" --> "dauphin," French term for the royal heir-apparent--> "do-fee"-->"dofo" lol)

Other times it's "Margaret," since that's the baby's name on Daniel Tiger and lo is REALLY into watching the episode (S5 E2)where the baby is born over and over and over, lol

Did your older kiddos have any funny or cute or random names they called the baby while you were pregnant? Let's share!