Brother and SIL are expecting. They are planning to have a gender reveal and a shower and of course we will want to meet the baby once it arrives. They are a three - four hour flight plus additional driving away. We have no leave from work given that LO is constantly sick, so any trips there will have to be super quick weekend visits.

So my question is - how important is it to bring the family (DH + LO) to the gender reveal, versus me just going, which would be a lot less money and stress? LO got super air sick traveling for Christmas and was just miserable, that plus the expense and I'm really not enthusiastic about flying with him. I'm not close to my brother/SIL, so it's hard for me to gauge how much they will care if we don't all come. Like do people have wedding level expectations? Or nbd? If you were to have a gender reveal, what are your expectations about family traveling to it?

(I didn't have a reveal, and asked for my shower to be over google hangouts, as I didn't want to burden people with the travel, in short I wouldn't care at all, but don't know how general this is...)