This Sunday I'll be 27 weeks (3rd trimester, yay!) but to be honest, I'm having a really hard time facing the fact that I will be pregnant for another 12+ weeks.

Everything hurts. It hurts to stand, hurts to sit, hurts to roll over at night, and I'm not getting enough sleep because I'll wake up to pee or roll over and then be too uncomfortable to get back to sleep. Walking for more than 10 minutes has me gasping for air and needing to sit because my feet ache, and I only have 2 pairs of shoes that sort-of fit because my feet are so swollen. I've gained almost 30 lbs already despite efforts to keep myself moving and keep my food intake in check, and I feel like I look like a giant cow. Nothing fits. I'm pretty sure I have 3 chins. My depression (or preggo hormones) are kicking in, so I'm crying and grumpy all the time.

In summary, I'm miserable. I just want LO to be here! DH is getting tired of me saying 'Ow' and crying all the time, and my friends really have very little interest in my pregnancy so I have no one IRL to vent to.

I know I've been extremely lucky in that I have a healthy pregnancy so far, no GD, no high BP, but gosh, I guess I didn't realize I wouldn't be going a day without feeling sick, exhausted, starving, or just in pain! I know it will be worth it when she gets here, but I could really just use some encouragement.

Sorry this was so whiny and long, big gold star if you read it