Our anatomy scan is in less than 24 hours, and hopefully we will see if baby is a he or she! Help this lazy Sunday go by, and take a guess just for fun. Here are some old wives tales, and my most recent bump picture at 17w5d. I'm 18w2d today.

*Heart rate-152-157 so girl for this one.

*Girl steals your beauty-My skin has remained dry, but no acne. People tell me I'm glowing, although I do not see it!

*Cravings-When I'm not having morning sickness-um chocolate! I dream of ice cream cones dipped in hot fudge. Tomorrow, I plan to indulge after the appointment either way lol.

*Morning sickness-Girl. I have hyperemesis, and am still having morning sickness at 18 weeks.

*Chinese birth chart-Boy

*Carrying high or low? High, and all out front.

*Shettles Timing? O-2, O-1, and O. We conceived 72 hours after my HSG, so sperm had a clear path (no blockages, tubes were clear, but she said it's basically flushing the pipes lol). The RE also said we conceived on ovulation day, but it could've been any of these sperm.

*Ring test? I can't get my rings off, so uh yeah. Time to purchase a stand in!

*Skull Theory? I don't know, looks boyish to me!

*Intuition? My gut feeling tells me baby is a boy, and everyone thinks it's a boy. However, when I dream it's always a baby girl. So, I don't put much stock in this!

I can't wait for tomorrow to see little bean!
ETA: More pics.


7 week bump

12 week ultrasound