I need help/suggestions to decide what to write on my birthday cake when we announce our baby to family and friends in a few weeks. We have a few options, but I can't decide!

Option 1: Happy Birthday! Crystal 30 years, Baby 28 weeks to go! (Like it, but feel it might be too wordy for a cake?)

Option 2: Crystal 1985; Baby 2016 (I feel bad leaving DH off of it if we are listing birth years. His birthday is another month, so he doesn't feel it fits to leave him on there)

Option 3: Happy Birthday, Momma! (DH is afraid people won't get it. We have multiple birthday people that will also be there, and it could apply to any of them as they are already mothers)

Option 4: Happy Birthday, Crystal! Decorated with pacifiers, etc. (I don't think they will understand, and it gives no clue about how far along I am)

Please help me decide! I would love to hear more awesome creative ideas if you have one!