Well, my RE and OB did say carrying twins does have its risks.

Other than HG that went away at 24 weeks and a shortened cervix at 18 weeks (went away as well), the babies have been fairly healthy.

Well, yesterday, I would say I got my first complication due to having twins. Not that this is a multiples issue, if you search the boards for PROM, you'll see that it happens in singleton pregnancies, as well. For multiples, from what my OB told me, the reduced space and pressure from having a second baby in there could have contributed to PROM. (Anyone getting flashbacks to high school every time I use this abbreviation? I know. I'll try to cut down on it in the rest of my post.)

Anyway, I've been feeling so much better after I stopped my anti-nausea medication around 24 weeks and have been med free by 25 weeks.

As some of you know, my OB approved travel to fly across the country to attend a baby shower. I flew at 26w and 27w. I was feeling good and since returning I had a huge list of things to do before the 36w mark when on average twins are due. Ok... Kinda freaked out that it was 8-9 weeks away plus cut that in half if I get too uncomfortable and can't do much.

I've noticed that I've been having vaginal discharge which I heard is normal for the 3rd trimester. I saw my OB on Friday (exactly 28 weeks) and told her that I might have a yeast infection, BV (bacterial vaginosis) or something else. I gave them a sample and that was that. Oh, I also had my 1hr glucose test and an ultrasound. Everything looked fine but baby A (the girl... Baby A in the multiples world is the one who is lower and usually will be born first vaginally, if that's what happens. I believe in c-section, all bets are off. Whatever baby they can get first.) Anyway, baby A seemed to have low amniotic fluid compared to baby B. Up until this point, other ultrasounds did not show any issues with low fluid for either baby. Baby B (the boy) was growing slightly bigger than the the girl.

Well, OB wasn't too alarmed and suggested I get another u/s in two weeks. She said, it could resolve itself but could be an indicator that the baby has trouble swallowing the amniotic fluid and/or trouble with the kidneys peeing it out. My OB said amniotic fluid is pretty much what the baby drinks and pees out. I did ask her if it would help increasing my fluid intake and she said I don't have to and it wouldn't cause a significant difference.

So I didn't worry too much. The possible kidney issue did worry me a little but only thing I could do was wait.

So Saturday, I had normal amount of vaginal discharge with muscousy red pieces. I wasn't sure if that was normal for my discharge. Dr. Google said it might be cause for alarm. I thought I would wait it out. Later, at the hospital, my OB didn't say much about the symptoms on Saturday so maybe it it wasn't a sure sign of what was to come.

Sunday comes around, I lounge around the house (laying and sitting) and around 3-4p start working cleaning one of the bedrooms. I needed to make room in this bedroom so we could move the queen bed out of the will be future nursery.

I noticed while I'm working that the vaginal discharge is much more frequent and feels like a constant drip. After about 30 min, I had to change my underwear. Hmmm, I've heard that your water breaking could be a slow trickle or a gush. This was definitely a trickle, but was this normal discharge or was this amniotic fluid? Searched on Google and decided to call my OB on call line. My OB was on call (cool!) and she said I should come to the hospital to be checked out. I didn't seem too alarmed. DH wasn't feeling too well so I told him I would take myself in. It was 10 min drive and I felt fine driving myself. I didn't feel like this was an emergency. I told the DH I would call if they told me otherwise.

Walked into hospital, felt totally fine and I thought they would check me out and send me home.

Well, after a speculum (ouch!) was inserted, the fluid came back positive for amniotic fluid. Uh oh! What does that mean? Am I having these babies tonight? Tomorrow? This week?

Called the DH and told him he should make his way over to the hospital.

We spoke to my OB and she said with multiples there is an increased risk for complications. (Oh, she did mention that when I called her from home that she thought it was just going to be discharge and I was going to be sent home.) She said I did rupture my membranes but that it's a slow leak so it's possible that we could keep the babies happy until 34 weeks. (Remember 36w was our target, we just lost 2 weeks!)

She said I would stay in the hospital until the babies were born. (What?! I asked her to confirm this twice. I was shocked.) I'm 28w2d and 34 weeks is 6 weeks away. I want to do everything I can to keep the babies in til 34 weeks but that is 6 weeks of being stuck in the hospital. Eeek!

So OB's plan was to give me some antibiotics to help prevent an infection in me or the now exposed baby A. Also, I have a steroid shot to help the babies's lungs develop faster in case they come out earlier. Being in the hospital
will allow them to constantly monitor me for signs of infection (high fever, upper belly pain) and the babies (increased heart rate). Also, monitor me in case I have contractions and start going into labor. Lastly, I could start bleeding which could mean placenta abruption.

So yeah, I've been in the hospital for a little over 24 hrs. I'm feeling good and the babies are doing good. (Oh, if anyone wants to know the fluid numbers. Baby A (girl) is at a 10 and Baby B (boy) is at 17-20. Higher the number is better but I heard there is such thing as too high of a number. Oh, I heard close to term, some numbers can be closer to 5 or lower.) I'm able to work from home and will try tie up loose ends. My plan was to go out on leave in mid (maybe early Sept). I'm now out a full month ahead of time. Yeah, my boss is probably a bit panicked like I am.

So anyone out there who had PROM earlier than 32 weeks?

I found this link helpful. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/patientinstructions/000512.htm