Some background, I lost three pregnancies in Nov 2017, May 2018, and Oct 2018. I fell pregnant again in March and am currently 9+3. My first loss was a missed miscarriage that we discovered at 9 weeks and the other two were ectopic discovered at ~6 weeks, all were cause unknown and assumed to be genetic. Neither DH or I have any living children.

I had 3 early ultrasounds, the most recent of which was last Monday at 8+4, and they all showed the baby to be right on track, although the heart rate was a bit high at the last visit. But now I’m on the normal visit schedule and I won’t have another check in until late May. I’m already worrying that things are going wrong because my nausea has gotten noticeably better this weekend. I googled and there are lots of women on the internet who started to see diminishing symptoms around 9 weeks, but I still worry that with all the problems we’ve had my symptoms going away mean problems.

So my question for all of you is what worked to reduce first trimester anxiety? I try to set aside some time every night before I fall asleep to send love to the baby, and I’m focusing on taking care of myself to take care of them, but I’m still just worried sick.