(Not sure where to put this post...)

My husband and I had our 20 week ultrasound on Monday. Everything seemed to go smoothly (it's a girl!) and we were asked to wait to speak to the doctor afterwards. In the waiting room we were happy and excited thinking about telling our 2 year old little girl that she is going to be a big sister! We were called back into the room and the doctor pulled out the the ultrasound machine again and very quickly went on to explain that she has noted a malformation/ lack of growth in the nasal bridge that is often indicative to a baby with Down's syndrome. She also pointed out something in Our baby's tummy that was also a marker and something she was also concerned about that I didn't quite understand. My husband and I were shocked and at the time could hardly process the information let alone ask informed questions. I was whisked off and given another blood test (Panorama?) that apparently is more specific than the sequential scan we had already received and will give us results in the 99% range. At the time I didn't want to jump I to an amniocentesis without getting a little more information than what was seen on an ultrasound.

I know it is only the doctor doing her job and being careful and looking into everything. I also know the nasal bridge isn't always the most reliable marker and all of our other testing including the sequential scan was negative. We are also not in any sort of risk factor groups so I know we have a lot of positives going for us. But at the same time I can't help but to be so sad and so scared.

The test results take a long excruciating 7-10 days so I'm just reaching out to this community for any words of encouragement and prayers. Thank you bees.