Ok, please bear with me....

In 2017, I was pregnant and after announcing to one of my sisters (she was newly married, several yes younger than me and just starting TTC), she went off the deep end and said some really hurtful and unforgettable things to me. Sadly I miscarried and after telling her that she attempted to console me but I just couldn’t let her get close. It was minimal reconciliation at best and since then we’ve been cordial but not close. Our relationship has always been temperament I guess.

Flash forward to present day...she did IVF and is now 13.5 weeks with twins. While I’m very happy for her, I also just found out I’m pregnant and am 12 weeks along.

So here’s where I am struggling....I still don’t think she will react to my news very well...just from our past and very docile relationship. I have never been able to do things to make her genuinely happy for me.
So she’s told family a few weeks ago and social media as of today and our plan was to share our news publicly and with family next weekend but I’m so hung up on her potential reaction that all of my joy is weighed down. What would you do? I hate drama...and I don’t feel like giving her special treatment is fair (I tried that in 2017 and it majorly backfired) but I really hate how I’m fearful of how she may react. Help!!!