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How much weight did you gain while pregnant?

  1. sbjmorgan

    grape / 81 posts

    LOL I lost 30 pounds. I looked better right after birth than I had in a while!

  2. DpeachLu

    clementine / 814 posts

    Im at about 10 pounds half way through at 23 weeks!

  3. Clementine

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    I'm 31 weeks today and have gained only 20lbs. I hope to remain as close to this weight as possible for the remainder of my pregnancy since I suffer normally from lower back pain.

  4. pastemoo

    cantaloupe / 6146 posts

    25 pounds at 26 weeks, and i'm trying to eat exactly the same as before, just more water, and my vitamins. it's not working!

  5. Mrs. Jacks

    blogger / pineapple / 12381 posts

    If I remember correctly, it was about 27 lbs. I was surprised that the last 7 lbs was so stubborn to come off. I think that was the weight I didn't need to gain to sustain the baby!

  6. CameronsMomma

    cherry / 230 posts

    About 65 pounds, in my defence though a lot of it was water weight... I'm nearly 3 weeks PP and I think I've lost only about 35 of it. Can't wait for the go ahead to work out again!

  7. sandy

    cantaloupe / 6687 posts

    I'm 5 feet and gained about 45 pounds and my baby was 2 days late. I thought there was no way I could lose the weight but breastfeeding has definitely done it's job and I'm a few pounds below my prepregnancy weight and can fit into jeans that were too tight for me before the pregnancy. My daughter just turned 3 months so I'm very happy with my body's ability to recover. Skin is still a bit loose but I can tell it is getting better everyday.

  8. pastemoo

    cantaloupe / 6146 posts

    @sandy: Thanks for sharing that! I'm 5', too, and nervous about my weight gain, so it's good to hear your story and weight loss within 3 months!

  9. Cchoi4

    kiwi / 729 posts

    i gained 33 lbs with a baby boy who was only 5 lbs 2 oz, 2 wks early. i ate pretty freely though.

  10. sandy

    cantaloupe / 6687 posts

    @pastemoo: I know I worried so much about all the weight I was gaining bc I was eating pretty healthy and stayed pretty active. My baby was 8 pounds 8 ounces so I guess my body was just doing it's job to grow a big healthy baby :). It was pretty discouraging right after having the baby bc not even your baggiest clothes fit but after 10 weeks or I was very lucky that the weight just started coming off. So just bc you gain a lot doesn't necessarily mean it will be difficult to lose the baby weight

  11. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25556 posts

    At my 22 week check-up, I had gained 18lbs total. I'm hoping to continue gaining 1lb/week but right now I'm working on 2lbs/week! Whatever I gain, I'll be okay with it and if I have to work to get it off, so be it.

  12. winniebee

    hostess / wonderful grape / 20803 posts

    At 25 weeks, I'm up 14 pounds (I'm 5'2). I bet by my 26 week checkup (which is actually closer to 27 weeks), I'll be up 16 total pounds.

    I have continued to work out 4 days a week throughout my entire pregnancy. I eat super healthy during the week, but my husband and I go out a lot on the weekends and eat a lot of takeout on weekends. So I stay pretty steady during the week and then BAM Monday morning the scale tips up ; )

  13. pastemoo

    cantaloupe / 6146 posts

    @sandy: Thanks for the "preview" if you will. It will help with my self esteem after baby arrives. :)@winniebee: Sounds like the way to do it! MMM take out!

  14. house36

    coffee bean / 44 posts

    I gained about 35 lbs and had a 9 lbs 14 oz baby!

  15. pastemoo

    cantaloupe / 6146 posts

    26 pounds at 28--almost 29 weeks--only gained a pound in the last 3.5 weeks. YAY, just like my mom said!

  16. littleveesmommy

    persimmon / 1472 posts

    I gained 33 lbs up until week 37 then I started swelling and ended up around 38 lbs by the time LO came out at 41 weeks. LO weighed 8 lb 1 oz, so not sure what the rest of it was! =\ I was trying to stay under 30 eating healthy and drinking tons of water, but it just didn't happen. At one week postpartum I had lost 15 lbs and now at one month postpartum I've lost 26 lbs. another 12 to go which I'm hoping will lose fast once I get the ok to work out at six week appt. Breadtfeeding really does help it melt off! I was shocked. My belly still has a pouch when I sit and it's a little squishy, but the skin is actually not too bad. I like to think its the double pump of lotion (regular old Vaseline Intensive Care) I slathered on nightly after shower that kept skin bouncy.

    Question - did anyone else notice that their belly area skin looks darker after birth? I put my arm next to my belly this week and my belly was noticeably many shades darker!!! Weird.


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