I left my cell at work, but will call my Dr's office when DH gets home. Anyways, this morning I put on jeans (which I wear EVERY day) and within 5 minutes I had a rash at least the size of a cell phone on the inside of each leg where the seam was. I have worn these jeans tons, they are my favorite because they are so comfy and we haven't changed laundry detergent. I changed into some polyster dress pants and the rashes never got any worse over the day, but were obviously sore.

My bra also left red marks on my back today, and this is one of the new ones that is basically a sports bra that I bought a month ago when I was needing to buy bras for the second time this pregnancy. It is similar to a cooby, so not a whole lot of room for comfort issues.

Did anyone else develop super sensitive skin like this? I'm afraid that I won't be able to wear my jeans for the next 3 months Any suggestions for things to help?