Mine kind of isn't, and it makes me nuts and is so frustrating and I don't know what to do about it. Some recent examples:

1) on Tuesday I left him with the baby (4 months) while I took the toddler to gymnastics. Just before I left I said "he needs a clean diaper". Come home two hours later, baby is stinky, husband says "oh yeah, whoops!"

2) left the baby while I went to run an errand and pick up toddler from daycare. Said "he needs to go down for a nap in about half an hour, and play with him, don't just put him in a chair while you play on your phone, ok?" Husband, annoyed, says "I know how to parent." Come home an hour later, baby is lying on play may, husband is installing doorknobs, I ask about a nap and he said he forgot.

3) I said "ok, I'll do the nap, can you go play with the toddler and in 15 minutes turn the bbq on for dinner?" Half an hour later I've gotten the baby down, come out, toddler is playing alone, husband is still installing doorknobs, has not turned the bbq on.

4) Baby wakes up from nap. Husband says he'll go get him. I ask if he can also take the monitor up and plug it in. Three hours later baby is asleep again, I go to get it, it is in his bathroom, dead.

He's not usually this bad - he's been home for a few days and so the annoyances are mounting up - but come on! It's so frustrating to be the person who has to be in charge and remember everything - I have two babies to take care of, I don't need a third!