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  1. lilyofthewest

    pear / 1697 posts

    Oh, and certainly choose whatever due board makes you most comfortable, but keep in mind that it is all a guess. With my first pregnancy, my due date shifted between 4/17 - 4/21 depending on who was calculating/how. I actually gave birth late at night on May 1st.

  2. Katrocap

    persimmon / 1230 posts

    @lilyofthewest: Thank you so much for your thoughts, support and help. If we do end up getting the results we don't want, I'm sure I'll be reaching out to you. I hope all is going well with your pregnancy now.

  3. LuckyDione

    pea / 5 posts

    @SteelerGirl: Haha I was lucky because I didn't get sick at all. Although it amazes how much cravings are REAL. I seriously can't look at Instagram anymore because anyone eating something like fried chicken, ice cream, sushi just sends me over the edge. If you have any favorite recipes let me know Would love to share!

  4. LuckyDione

    pea / 5 posts

    @Oopdah: Its hard! I wasn't sick so it was easier for me. i just made this loaf that is with coconut and almond flour. delicious and easy to stomach :)! http://www.allgoodeats.co/#/blueberry-swirl-pumpkin-bread/

  5. Oopdah

    coffee bean / 30 posts

    @LuckyDione: Yum, that does look good!

    @Katrocap: Thinking of you, the anticipation of poor test results has got to be really hard. Hope you get resolution soon.

  6. Katrocap

    persimmon / 1230 posts

    @Oopdah: Thanks!

  7. Raspberry

    kiwi / 598 posts

    @Katrocap: Thinking of you, hope you get the news you want today!!

  8. Katrocap

    persimmon / 1230 posts

    @Raspberry: Thanks for the good thoughts. Neither good nor bad news today, just more waiting. I found out that since the cell sample they took from the CVS was only 5mg (they were aiming for 30mg), the lab still has to grow the cells and it could take another one to two weeks for the test results. Tomorrow I'm having the cell-free DNA test in case those results come back sooner but they could take 1-2 weeks. Ugh. This is a nightmare.

  9. Raspberry

    kiwi / 598 posts

    @Katrocap: 100% agree. Ugh. I really hope they don't come back and say you need to give another sample. At this point you're close to having opted for amnio instead. Good luck with tomorrow's test.

  10. SteelerGirl

    cherry / 239 posts

    @Mrs.Someone: Our first was a girl and we're still waiting to find out the gender of this one. We had a fairly large baby naming ceremony for our daughter, so if we have a boy I know everyone will want to come for the bris. The idea of planning that on such short notice is already giving me anxiety! Almost makes me want to wish for another girl!

  11. lilyofthewest

    pear / 1697 posts

    @Katrocap: I'm so sorry you're still waiting. Hoping for good news, but most of all just hoping for news.

  12. Katrocap

    persimmon / 1230 posts

    @lilyofthewest: Thank you. Obviously we want good news, but really we just want news. It's been 5 weeks since this nuchal translucency u/s that brought this up, and we've been feeling in limbo ever since.

    @raspberry: Thanks. There was a chance that I would have an amnio yesterday, but then it ended up the slot wasn't available, so I just decided to go with the cell-free DNA blood test instead. It's 99% accurate, so I feel confident enough with the results and then when the CVS results (finally!) come back, we will know for sure.

  13. Katrocap

    persimmon / 1230 posts


    AMAZING news! The microarray results came back today and show no chromosomal anomalies whatsoever. So baby is negative for T21. Not only that, but baby is a girl! The phone call woke me up from a nap and I thought I was dreaming, but it's real.

    Thank you so much to everyone for your support and information during this. I can't imagine what I would have done without you ladies. And my heart goes out to everyone who did not get the amazing news I did. This experience has strengthened my pro-life views, that women must do what's right for their bodies and their lives and couples must do what's right for their families. I support you and pray (even though I'm an atheist ) for your rainbow babies.

  14. lilyofthewest

    pear / 1697 posts

    @Katrocap: This is the best thing all day! I am so delighted for you.

  15. Raspberry

    kiwi / 598 posts

    @Katrocap: Hooray for our heathy January girls!

  16. thepicklemonster

    apricot / 271 posts

    @Katrocap: WOOHOO! I’ve been thinking of you every day. So thrilled and relieved for you.

  17. Oopdah

    coffee bean / 30 posts

    @Katrocap: excellent news!

  18. Lucy_goosey

    pea / 15 posts

    @Katrocap: yay! Best news 💕

  19. SteelerGirl

    cherry / 239 posts

    We had our NT scan yesterday at 13.5 weeks. The ultrasound tech took a guess at the gender and thinks it's a boy. She said 90% sure. My husband is elated, but I'm trying to calm him down because I think it's just too early to tell. But I'm not an expert! Did anyone else get a guess this early?

  20. thepicklemonster

    apricot / 271 posts

    @SteelerGirl: I'm TG but right before my NT scan at 12w1d, my OB said "ready to find out the gender?" and I had to remind him I don't want to know! And he told me to look away when he got to that part of the scan. So sounds like they can be pretty confident this early which surprises me too! Congrats on your BOY!

  21. lindseykaye

    pear / 1992 posts

    @SteelerGirl: Lurking from the December board but I read a lot about the 'nub theory' before my NT scan to see if I might get an idea about the gender early. My US technician did not announce anything and we didn't get a clear pic to look at afterward, but during the scan I was watching and definitely saw the girl 'angle' to the nub and - yep! A girl!

  22. pachamama

    nectarine / 2418 posts

    @SteelerGirl: At my NT scan at 13 weeks the tech said she was "88%" sure it was a boy and she was right

    Hi everyone, I am due Jan 13 with my second son (I got Panorama at 11w). I have been a basketcase this pregnancy so I was hesitant to join but I have been lurking. Lots of love and hope you are all feeling happy and healthy now that we are mostly in our 2nd tri.

  23. Raspberry

    kiwi / 598 posts

    For all the second-time mamas, are you going to bring your older child to your anatomy scan?

    Mine is scheduled for Aug. 25. We have the option of leaving DS with my parents or bring him to my US. Leaning toward including him - I think it would be neat, and DH can leave with him if he freaks out.

  24. lilyofthewest

    pear / 1697 posts

    @Raspberry: Hadn't thought about this...but you did remind me that I need to schedule, hah.

  25. Katrocap

    persimmon / 1230 posts

    @raspberry: We are bringing our 5 year old! The scan is on 8/17.

  26. Mrs.Someone

    pomelo / 5228 posts

    @Raspberry: no, I don’t think my 4yo can sit still long enough. Scan is a week from Sunday!

    Also... I’m having a minor foot surgery on Monday 😕 I have to have a pin removed from a previous surgery because it shifted and now hurts to walk. Luckily my OB and foot doctor are part of the same hospital system so they coordinating well together. I’m most worried that I have to stop my blood thinners for 2 days, but even my MFM said it should be fine. They’re checking the heartbeat before and after and keeping a L&D nurse nearby.

  27. Raspberry

    kiwi / 598 posts

    @Mrs.Someone: That’s reassuring that you’ll have easy access to care. Good luck with the procedure!

  28. lilyofthewest

    pear / 1697 posts

    My AFP (screening test for open neural tube defects) came back good! That was the last thing I was really stressing about, and it is fine! Anatomy scan is a week from Friday.

  29. Katrocap

    persimmon / 1230 posts

    @lilyofthewest: That's great news! My anatomy scan is this Friday and they are just going to look for open neural tube defects then.

  30. Mrs.Someone

    pomelo / 5228 posts

    Great news!

    I had my anatomy scan yesterday and all looks good. Apparently baby is in the 80th%?! I imagine it means nothing at this point! It was pretty surprising because DS has always been small.

  31. lindseykaye

    pear / 1992 posts

    @Raspberry: Just chiming in from the December board. We were not allowed to bring anyone under 16 to the anatomy scan per policy of the practice so LO and DH stayed home while I went. It was super fast - due to cooperation of the baby and a skilled US tech I think. We did however bring my 5.5 yo to an elective gender scan at around 16 weeks. She did fine, was a little bored but DH kept her entertained and explained what was on the screen, etc. So I think it would be fine to bring your LO to your scan if someone is there to help them stay occupied.

  32. Raspberry

    kiwi / 598 posts

    @lindseykaye: Thanks for chiming in. The place we are going to has okayed small children after all measurements are done, which is the same time they will allow my DH in so it works out.

  33. SteelerGirl

    cherry / 239 posts

    It didn't even occur to me to bring my daughter to the anatomy scan! She will be in preschool so we will probably just leave her there. However, our anatomy scan happens to be the day after her birthday party, so we have a bunch of family in town and they all get to come. We will all find out/confirm the baby's sex together!

  34. Raspberry

    kiwi / 598 posts

    @SteelerGirl: That sounds fun!

    In Canada (BC), the technician is not allowed to discuss the sex of the baby with you, so you generally do not find out at the scan but rather through your midwife or OB later. I believe this is to prevent abortions for gender selection (since abortions are more regulated after 20 weeks).

  35. lindseykaye

    pear / 1992 posts

    @Raspberry: Ah that sounds like a great hybrid. I think the policy where I am is because they don't want distractions during measurements so the half-and-half style appointment you'll have works perfect for that!

  36. SteelerGirl

    cherry / 239 posts

    The guess at 13.5 weeks was right! We are having a boy! So weird to think about having a son after two years with just my daughter. I'm so excited to see my husband hold his little boy. He's absolutely elated!

  37. pachamama

    nectarine / 2418 posts

    @SteelerGirl: Awwww congratulations!! Yes thinking of having a different gender takes some getting used to I have a son and this bean due in Jan is a boy also. Boys are fun- BUSY but fun. I am loving my son as a toddler, his little voice and quirks cracks me up. And he's finally starting to snuggle and I can't get enough.

  38. lilyofthewest

    pear / 1697 posts

    I'm on vacation this week, hurrah. Doing a little too much work and school even though I'm on vacay but it is still really nice.

    On Friday I had my anatomy scan and fetus is looking good. I was 19+4 or 5 by my chart, 19+2 by my midwives' preferred dating. The ultrasound averaged to 20+2 with the individual measurements ranging from 19+6 - 20+4. I know there's a pretty big margin of error with dating at this point, but, it is still nice to feel validated/right.

    My placenta is currently a little bit too low lying, so, I'll be back for a repeat scan in another 5-6 weeks to make sure it is moving up appropriately.

    Successfully stayed Team Green.

  39. lilyofthewest

    pear / 1697 posts

    Can I whine about a sad vanity thing? With LO#1 I got one tiny stretch mark and it didn't show up until I was more than 41 weeks.

    I'm half that now (20+5) and my thighs and hips are already covered in stretch marks and there are a few starting on my lower belly. It feels especially unfair since I've had somewhere between -1lbs and +2lbs total weight change so far. Waaaah.

  40. thepicklemonster

    apricot / 271 posts

    Why are we the most quiet group ever?! Is there an FB group that I missed? Where are all my Jan. 2019 mamas?!?!

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