Hi June '14 moms! Per the suggestion on the due date thread, I am starting a feeding thread. I didn't make it specific to breastfeeding since I know some of our mommies are supplementing, doing formula, etc.

My deal is that we are breastfeeding, but supplementing as necessary bc he was low weight at a 2 week appt. since then he has gained almost 1.5 lbs in 2 weeks and the ped is happy. We see her again on Monday. I'm only supplementing 1-3 feedings a day now and trying to just top him off with an ounce.
I was pumping after every feed, but it was killing me. I stopped last weekend and I think it was better for my supply to not have that stress. So I don't have breast milk to supplement with, but I'm happier and I have more time for both of my kids.
I was surprised at how long the feedings take. I don't remember it taking this long with J (but I pumped and bottle fed for the first 6 weeks with him). If I can get it done in an hour, I consider it a victory.
Anyone else have feeding challenges and successes?!?