it is so hard to find good info about this online, and I have the feeling they're telling everyone different things, so thought it could be good to collect info for future reference!

I took the test in January and just got my final bill. I'm AMA. For the trisomy part of the test, they billed $3000, my insurance (UHC) adjusted that to $693 to my deductible (so technically covered), then when I called and asked for the cash price they offered $449. They tried to tell me I couldn't have the cash price since they already billed my insurance but they always give in if you push . . . seems so shady. I'm wondering if I could have pushed for a lower price too.

They also did the microdeletions test and tried to bill $5000 but my insurance refused to pay. I think they even disputed it on my behalf because I got a letter about it! But my bill from natera just takes it off so I figure they're just seeing what they can get from insurance on that part, I would not have opted for that part if I had to pay for it.

what was your experience?