I just need some good Hellobee people to say "it's going to be ok" even if you don't believe it!!!

Background: 8wk miscarriage, followed by DS, then another 8 wk miscarriage when we started TTC #2 this summer.

I'm now about 13 weeks pregnant with #2, and every scan (I've had 4) the baby has looked perfect. Of course fears are hard to overcome after loss. What has complicated things is that I had a truly terrifying bleeding incident at 9.5 weeks, where I bleed through my clothes while running and passed two 3 inch blood clots. There was no explanation for it from doctors, just to take it easy. I had a follow up at 11.5 weeks where everything looked good still, but I am so scared that something could have gone wrong since then - the unknown of why I had that bleeding is making my mind run crazy.

I am at my breaking point. I have an appt Monday where they will use a Doppler, but I am losing it and feel like I can't go another day so tried to book an elective ultrasound for this weekend and tried 4 places and can't get in anywhere.

I've resisted writing these frantic worry posts but I am just having such awful anxiety today.