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Potty Training over the Holidays Support Group

  1. lilyann

    nectarine / 2878 posts

    Yesterday (day 3) did not go well at all. 2 pee accidents, 2 poop accidents before they finally put him in a diaper About to go pick him up, hoping for a better day today. Maybe working with him a lot this weekend will help too.

  2. kodybear

    pear / 1616 posts

    @lilyann: aw man, hope he did better today! Did your daycare suggest putting him in pull-ups? We've had 1 accident the last couple days and I still got the "I think you should think about putting him in pull-ups" talk today. I thought 1 was good! Not sure what to do..

  3. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    @kodybear: My DCP is anti-pull ups. They think it makes everything take longer and kids regress. I guess every one is different based on their experiences. In general I tend to assume that my DCPs have way more experience than I do but pull ups really do just seem like a matter of convenience for them. I don't see how it would help a kid thats learning...

  4. kodybear

    pear / 1616 posts

    @JennyPenny: right?? It's totally for convenience. If I was to guess, it's the teacher whose first comment to me about sending him in underwear was "what about poop?" Suggesting that we shouldn't send them in underwear until they are perfect at pooping on the potty. So yeah I know she likes pull-ups for convenience.

  5. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 702 posts

    Dd is still required to wear pull ups at daycare but they say she is using the potty a little and no accidents at home this week which is great! Last night we decided to be brave and go out to dinner just in our neighborhood. We waited til she peed in the potty at home then left. Dh took her to the potty at the restaurant once but she said "too big". Then she had a pee accident at the end of the meal. So bummed but I get that a public bathroom is scary. We don't want to be trapped at home on the weekends forever...any advice?

  6. kodybear

    pear / 1616 posts

    @Mrs. Pajamas: does she go on an insert on top of the toilet at home? If so, I'd bring the insert. It's gross but it helped my LOs feel more comfortable with public bathrooms. I think we did that for about a month or so with my daughter but my son seems to be okay without it after 2 weeks

  7. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 702 posts

    Thanks @kodybear. We just tried the insert at home this morning and she seemed super proud of herself just to sit in the big potty so we'll do that for a while. Whatever it takes right?

  8. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    We added undies today and already had our first accident. The previous 3 days were accident-free so it feels like a step backwards but really it's probably not a big deal

  9. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @JennyPenny: LO has been in underwear at school (they don't want pull ups, but they want to have underwear to at least catch some of the accidents). At home today we haven't had any accidents, and I think it might be because shes not wearing undies today (just pants). Hoping 2 more days of practice will mean less accidents next week!

    How did the rest of the day go for you?

  10. lilyann

    nectarine / 2878 posts

    @kodybear: Nope! Thankfully they are still on board with underwear even with several accidents per day!

    Friday (day 4), he had 3 pee accidents at school but I think it's just new to him to worry about it at school so we aren't giving up yet.

    Today went so well! No accidents at all 🙌 We are able to leave him in underwear at church and the gym daycare as well as Target trips so I am hoping it's starting to click!

  11. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    @lilyann: Great progress!

    @Mrs. Lion: The undies definitely seem to make it harder. We haven't had any more accidents aside from the one yesterday morning. Fingers crossed it continues...

  12. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    One more accident yesterday in the undies. DS is at home again today because of snow (1.5 inches fell on Saturday) so we have 1 more at home day of practice before he's back at school...

  13. kodybear

    pear / 1616 posts

    @JennyPenny: hehe I giggled a little at 1.5 inches of snow. I know in some areas that's unheard of but growing up in a snowy city we'd still have school if a couple feet fell. But an extra day at home sounds great!

    We had a great weekend. No accidents, he used public bathrooms, I can already see big improvements from last weekend. Hopefully that translates at school... it seems like a lot of our LOs do better at one or the other. But everyone seems to be making great progress!

  14. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @JennyPenny: haha we are home today because of the snow too. actually the kids are at daycare but i got an unexpected day off! score!

    She had one accident already at school, but they had combined classes because of the snow so her routine was off and her normal teachers werent there. still a won i think!

    She is definitely still waking up at night to pee. this is so bizarre to me. my son is exactly 2 years older nad has NEVER woken up to pee. hes going to be in noghttime pull ups until hes 12

  15. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    @Mrs. Lion: Haha! Well hopefully by then he'll be able to walk himself to the potty

    Just got announced that daycare is closed again tomorrow too... I can't imagine what would have happened if we'd actually gotten the 7-8" they predicted...

    ETA: @Mrs. Lion: I just looked at your profile and we're neighbors! I'm in Cary

  16. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @JennyPenny: Are you in NC??

  17. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    @Mrs. Lion: Yep - I ETAed above - but we're neighbors

  18. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @JennyPenny: Ah! that is so exciting! i had no idea haha

  19. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    @Mrs. Lion: Yeah - there aren't all that many from this area on HB so its always cool to find someone!

  20. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 702 posts

    Hey all just checking in. It's been quiet so I'm assuming all is good on the potty training front. Curious if those with older LOs or similar experience with pullups requried at daycare can help. DD is pretty much accident free at home, uses the potty insert out at restaurants, friend's houses, etc. which is awesome! Her daycare providers report she is having trouble sitting on the potty there. She just bounces right back up when they sit her down. She can sit for a loooong time at home. Should I send our potties to help her get familiar? They have the same ones, just different colors. And they say they have books but I'm super annoyed that it's so different there. Ideas?

  21. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    @Mrs. Pajamas: You mentioned this as a pull up issue but we actually had an accident a few days ago because we got DS a new potty (the same one!) but in a different color. My mom had DS one day over the weekend so we sent her the potty and just left it with her and primed ourselves a new on since they're like $6 and my mom watches him often. Well, day 1 of the new colored potty and he says "I have to poop", we take him to the potty and he yells "this isn't my potty!" over and over and poops in his pants. We were able to explain that this is his potty too and not all potties look the same, but they're all places he can do poop and pee. I'd say it took a full day and a half of reiterating this point though before he accepted the new potty. Not sure that's super helpful but maybe a careful explanation would work? And showing examples of lots of potties?

  22. kodybear

    pear / 1616 posts

    @Mrs. Pajamas: if the daycare teachers are okay with it i'd try it! we weren't allowed to bring anything so we couldn't try that. do your teachers do any rewards there? it really helped when the teacher gave her a sticker for going potty and for staying dry. but it still took dd 3 months to get there. but now shes my all star who hasn't had an accident in forever.

  23. Mrs. Yoyo

    blogger / pomelo / 5400 posts

    Tiptoeing in to say it's going suspiciously easily for us so far. We actually didn't start until this past weekend (just didn't have the energy over holiday break) after DH got him to successfully poop on the potty. Since then, we've had him in undies most days, and he's only had a few accidents, none of them that big. We're doing a sticker chart, and I got a "treasure box" full of little toys that he can choose from every time he gets five stickers. Seems to be keeping his interest, and even better, he doesn't mind being prompted to go (my first DS hated being asked, and still does to this day).

  24. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 702 posts

    @kodybear @jennypenny great idea. unfortunately i asked our daycare provider and she said no. she also implied that DD was not developmentally ready since she would not listen to a teacher tell her to stay on the potty. so irritated. how does that add up if she is accident free at home and using the potty out in public?

  25. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    @Mrs. Pajamas: Ugh, that makes me so mad. I get that daycare providers see a lot of kids so they probably aren't 100% off-base but she is clearly not listening to you about your kid. She may know kids in general better but you know your daughter the best. Wish I had more advice to offer.

    I guess since this is resurrected, is anyone who did treats at the start pulling back on them? We dropped them a few days ago and DS is a total treat monster and has a fit about not getting a treat. He's still pottying fine without them though so I'm just hoping it'll pass...

  26. lilyann

    nectarine / 2878 posts

    Middle of week 3 at daycare. He has been having minimal pee accidents at school, no poop accidents recently and no accidents at home or weekends. I think it finally clicked this past week!

  27. kodybear

    pear / 1616 posts

    @Mrs. Pajamas: i was in your shoes 2 years ago and it still makes me rage-y when i think about it. so i know how you feel. i don't get why some daycare teachers just don't seem to be helpful at all during this process. i hear about these dream schools that WANT parents to bring their kids in underwear but have not experienced it. haha. but anyway, sorry its tough, if you're adament on this, i'd probably talk to the director or someone higher up. i did that the first time and she talked to the teacher i was having trouble with. it helped somewhat but we ended up in pullups anyway bleh. luckily this time, one of his teacher is super supportive of underwear so i didn't have as much trouble with it this time around

    @JennyPenny: we stopped treats but if he asks, or if i need him to do something, i'll give him one. haha so bribery at its best. i'm sure he'll forget about it in a couple days!

    we're doing pretty good here, a handful of pee accidents last week. he's been accident free the last couple days at school and home so hoping its just getting better from here.

  28. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 702 posts

    Me again with more weirdness at daycare. One teacher is reporting that dd is taking her clothes off a lot. She never does that at home so I'm thinking she is uncomfortable wetting her pull up and wants it off? She still seems to have trouble using the potty there (at home and out and about she's still accident free!!) I'm not sure they actually give her too many opportunities to use it but it's just odd. Ideas about the clothes thing or is this totally normal?

  29. kodybear

    pear / 1616 posts

    @Mrs. Pajamas: Hmm, that didn't happen with us. Is it just randomly throughout the day or is it before she uses the potty? My son takes his pants/underwear off at home if hes about to go potty since our toilet is so big and its easier for him to straddle the toilet with no clothes. but at school the toilets are smaller so he doesn't need to. if its randomly throughotu the day, then it does sound like shes uncomfortable. but im' not sure how to remedy that besides having the teacher remind her to keep her clothes on. sorry for all the struggles, i wish it was easier!

    good news- ds learned how to stand up to pee at preschool! i count that as a big win since now he doesn't spray all over his pants anymore!


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