So I know there is a thread out there for the IF ladies but wondered if anyone wanted to join me in a support thread for pregnancy after a previous m/c. I hate that I'm constantly thinking back to our m/c but I'm just to the point in this pregnancy where we lost our last one.

I'm very happy to have made it this far but feel like my excitement is tempered and I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop even though I feel completely different with this pregnancy. For example, I've been really wanting to buy a belly book or something like that to keep track of this pregnancy but at the same time I'm just so worried that something will go wrong. Hopefully I'm not the only one who feels the need for some support. I try not to voice my worries about this pregnancy to often because I really do feel as if it is different but just wondered if anyone else was in the same boat and we could help support each other.