I think I'm experiencing my first UTI... and waiting to hear back from my midwife.

Would love some tips. I'm 32 weeks tomorrow and already had to go on antibiotics in January for a sinus infection that wouldn't go away... so I'm a bit nervous about antibiotics before because there is some evidence about later antibiotics and baby infections.

I have been having a bit of pressure having to pee more and a bit of a sting for a few days, but yesterday I was wondering if I might have been getting a yeast infection... then last night I started having to pee more frequently and connected that I might have a bit of blood in my urine. This morning I was a bit of a mess, constantly have the pressure and urge to pee, and have since been drinking water non-stop, but still have a bit of blood in my urine.

This is completely new territory for me... is blood normal for UTIs or super concerning? Does it sound like I"m going to need antibiotics, or can I potentially still ward off with water?