I am on my 10th week of pregnancy (9w3d) and I have never felt so tired in my entire life! Not only am I so tired, I feel oh so lazy to do anything. I'm starting to feel guilty because I haven't been reading more about my pregnancy or researching birth plans, birth classes, etc. and I'm usually the type to research everything and I read endless reviews of products and such. I haven't even thought of how and what to do what our second bedroom which would be the nursery. Having no additional storage space at home other than whatever cabinets or closets we have, the second bedroom is currently the catch all room. I feel bad because I feel that I should be doing more than what I'm doing at this point in my pregnancy.

I work full time, sometimes more than full time, as an IT Auditor and IT Support. These up coming months are going to be the craziest and busiest time. I'm not sure if the lack of pregnancy planning is stemming from the fact that I've been preoccupied with things at work and how I can possibly keep up with everything I have to do in the next couple of months. It doesn't help that I am still at the stage where I have no idea what to eat most of the time, my meat aversion since the start of this pregnancy has limited my diet to only so much and most of which just makes me gag at the sight of it.

Maybe I'm just overwhelmed?

I can't wait to get my appetite and energy back

Did anyone else have the same experience during the beginning of their pregnancy? I hope I'm not alone :-\