When do you ladies pack your bags?

I normally in the past I packed them at 36 weeks thinking I'd go early and wanted to be prepared. I never went early. I told myself I wouldn't pack my bags till 38 weeks this time. Idk why but packing my bags gets me way too excited and I don't want to exspect baby to come early and get my hopes up. I feel like I jinked it.
This time I've been having what I think are real contractions( back labor like pain since yesterday mostly) I deal with an irritable uturus so it's hard to tell what's real but my back has never hurt like this before. and the past week I keep loosing plug. Lost a lot last night but no spotting or show so who knows. I'm only 34 weeks. Part of me is worried I will get caught off guard with real labor but I feel like I'm being too ridiculous knowing my past history.