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Would you upgrade to first class?

  1. TheSwissWifeStyle

    nectarine / 2600 posts

    Yes yes yes!

  2. autumnleaves

    pear / 1622 posts

    If it didn't break the budget, I would upgrade. Some airlines might upgrade you for free the day of the flight if there is room in first class but I think it depends on the staff. I remember trying to get on an earlier flight home when I was around 26 weeks pregnant and there was space on it but they wouldn't give me a seat unless I paid the change fees yet they were requesting for people on my flight to take a later flight home because my flight was booked.
    If you don't want to splurge on first class, you may want to see if your plane has the bigger more spacious seats in the front of coach - I can't remember if US Air has that but Delta did - it wasn't that much more money but was better than the regular seats in coach.

  3. Boogs

    hostess / papaya / 10540 posts

    @bluestriped bee: I wouldn't upgrade, and here's why: more often than not you can upgrade the day of your flight when you check in, and you can do so closer to the $100 range. Now for what you're planning it sounds like a way better deal. I was taught this trip by a friend who is an airline employee. $260 one way is like another flight to me, so it would be too hard for me to spend that amount. Though I'm cheap and don't know the joys of first class living lol.

  4. Modern Daisy

    grapefruit / 4187 posts

    Well, large seat or not, reclining more or not, it's still first class and I think that now is the time to do it because you're about to have twins! Once the babies come it will not be about you anymore and unless you're super rich you probably won't have this opportunity again. You deserve it!

  5. KayKay

    pear / 1961 posts

    I'd definitely check seatguru -- I used to have status on USAir, and half the time the "first class" upgrade seats were barely bigger than the regular ones. But I haven't flown them since the merger.

    It does seem a little pricey, but I would base it on how (un)comfortable you have been and whether you have been sleeping well at home. There's no sense showing up after a red-eye being exhausted and miserable. But there's also no sense paying for the upgrade if you really aren't going to be comfortable/sleep anyways, you know?

  6. mrsrain

    nectarine / 2115 posts

    If money isn't an issue I would definitely go for it!


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