We were supposed to go to Mexico in March but I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and canceled due to the Zika travel advisory. Because we were bummed to cancel, we booked a replacement trip for August to Hilton Head, SC (supposed to visit the in-laws for a couple of days at their house in SC and then head to the beach). When I asked one of the docs in my practice months ago about travel to SC, she said to cancel if there were any home-grown Zika incidences in the continental U.S., which happened in FL on Friday. I asked another doc at my practice today and her advice was that there is no Zika in South Carolina and that even though it is on the CDC watch list, it is still ok to go so long as I wear deet and stay away from FL. So now I've gotten two different opinions... We have a Plan B vacation planned to a resort outside Toronto on Lake Huron (no Zika risk there but I'm definitely not as excited about the trip). If it were you, would you err on the side of caution and stay north or would try not to worry and continue with the original plan? Ugh. Getting the conflicting opinions just made everything harder. I'd just hate to miss out on another vacation if I'm being irrationally cautious when it's not an imminent threat (as of today, there are only 4 cases of home grown Zika in a specific neighborhood of Miami).