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Any February 2012 mommies?

  1. enjollah

    kiwi / 623 posts

    actually i think im in denial about my thighs and calves. it's kinda hard to see them when standing unless i bend over so i haven't been keeping track

  2. enjollah

    kiwi / 623 posts

    actually i think im in denial about my thighs and calves. it's kinda hard to see them when standing unless i bend over so i haven't been keeping track

  3. Clementine

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    @enjollah, very slight swelling around my ankles, but nothing major. bending is definitely not a friend of mine these days. hardest to put on my shoes!

  4. katdevargas

    kiwi / 718 posts

    @enjollah: my fingers swelled a little around the 25-is week mark, actually. I have been wearing an alt wedding ring since then. but they haven't swollen beyond that & I haven't had any issues with my ankles or anything, thank goodness.
    oh, and the thighs. they are crazy for me as well.

  5. Clementine

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    I have a confession to make. I'm not really ready for my baby. I still have not bought all the essentials. I'm not in nesting mode. I've read the basics of L&D and breastfeeding, but not an entire book, let alone several of them on everything under the sun about L&D, Breastfeeding, Newborn care.

    Even when I do read things, I don't retain a ton of stuff.

    Am I the only one?

  6. enjollah

    kiwi / 623 posts

    @Clementine: I am excited for baby to arrive BUT our house (including baby's room) is not ready. We have most of our essentials (crib, diapers, clothes, car seat, stroller) but not everything (etc: wipes, crib sheets, breast pump, bottles, or first aid stuff). I just started to read some books (last week).... but they all kinda say similar things. I'm nervous about L&D (scared of pain and debating about getting an epidural). I feel like a constant punching bag to baby and I continue to have weight gain. You gotta just think that baby could come early and hopefully that gives you the extra motivation! Take it one day at a time... and start with small goals.

  7. BabyBruins

    kiwi / 551 posts

    @Clementine: um, I was totally not ready and the baby came anyways. I was waiting until my baby shower (didn't make it) to start making purchases and we were dragging our feet on getting his room ready. As soon as I was out of the recovery room after my c-section, I borrowed my mom's iPad to order the car seat.
    BUT, it is okay. The hospital gave us a TON of stuff (diapers, pacifiers, formula, pumping equipment, small bottles and nipples) and despite getting a lot of blankets and some clothes, we keep using the same things over and over. We are just getting used to things and we didn't have a plan in place but we are doing okay anyways.
    You will definitely be more prepared than I was and every day is one more day to prepare. Like Enjollah said, pick small things and just start doing them. You can even do that after the baby is born also. Good luck!

  8. enjollah

    kiwi / 623 posts

    yes and keep in mind you'll never be completely prepared.

  9. Clementine

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    Thanks, Ladies. You made me feel better. I'm going to try to work on the small goals and just do my best. I guess that's all you can do. I just feel sometimes I'm not being a good mother because seems like so many people are overly prepared.

  10. katdevargas

    kiwi / 718 posts

    @clemantine: I don't have a car seat or crib mattress yet, if that makes you feel better? I had my baby shower last weekend & was waiting to see what we received, so I've started filling in the holes now. I have another one on Feb 8, but I don't think I want to wait that long.

    mentally, I still don't think I'm prepared, though. I know it will be different when I see baby, but I just keep thinking about what a huge change this is going to be & I'm not sure how I'll deal with it. I am not a big fan of change {so let's get pregnant, ha!}, but I guess it's just one of those things that you roll with.

    @clemantine: @enjollah: @mrs. d: @wifefromscratch: #miss-spunkin: @cameronsmomma: how's everyone doing physically? I am now officially swollen - I put on a pair of shoes a couple of days ago & had to take those suckers right back off b/c it just wasn't happening. also, my alt wedding ring no longer works, so I am ring-less. And I might have to start sleeping in a recliner *le sigh*. My reflux is waking me up in the middle of the night + I'm just plain not sleeping good. I think the weight of the belly is giving me sleep apnea or something. the husband says that I don't snore, but I make a lot of noises in my sleep & he can tell I'm not sleeping well. 6-ish more weeks!

    @BabyBruins: how are you & LO doing?

  11. CameronsMomma

    cherry / 230 posts

    @katdevargas: Anything you buy between now and that baby shower, keep your reciepts for it. I returned a bunch of stuff after my shower, and there's more I would have returned but didn't leave tags on.

    I'm barely sleeping now, and my ankles are now kankles. I'm sore, and pretty cranky, but otherwise generally fine. I just want him to drop and get out now! 3.5 weeks until my due date.

  12. BabyBruins

    kiwi / 551 posts

    @katdevargas: We are doing great! Thanks for asking. We are finally alone now that Daddy has gone back to work, but we are just sleeping, eating and pooping. Because he was a preemie, breastfeeding has been difficult. I am pumping so he is only drinking my milk (and preemie milk is supposed to be extra nutritious), but it is a grind to feed AND pump. All the lactation consultants tell me that he won't be breastfeeding as a sole source of nutrition until his due date. Until then, I will continue to pump and give him a bottle. The good news...he takes a bottle like a champ so I won't have to worry if hubs and I want to leave him with my mom or brother/SIL for a night out!

  13. wifefromscratch

    coffee bean / 30 posts

    First off, congratulations to @BabyBruins and @coffee bean - so glad that your little ones are healthy!

    @katedvargas and everyone else - I'm doing okay - I was put on bed rest at 32w2d (34w3d now) because I was in pre-term labor and had to go to L&D to get a shot of terbutaline to calm things down. Luckily, the bed rest seems to have done the trick! Fingers crossed baby girl stays put for a little while longer. I haven't had much swelling, but sleeping is getting more and more difficult. Also, I feel like I'm waddling 99% of the time now, which is super attractive, I'm sure.

    @clementine - I agree with the others about doing things in small, manageable chunks. I didn't really get my butt in gear until I had my L&D scare, so I know where you're coming from. There's so much info out there and it seems like there's so much to do! Breaking it down and accomplishing one thing per day (i.e, today I'm researching/buying the car seat) can make it a lot easer. Good luck!

    I hope everyone continues to feel good - I can't believe we're already mid-way through January!

  14. enjollah

    kiwi / 623 posts

    @katdevargas: Physically I feel minor aches and pains doing certain everyday things but I try to deep breathe through it and remind myself that L&D will probably be 50x more painful and intense. Staying asleep has definitely been a challenge these days (It's 4am here and I've been up for about 2 hours because I can't sleep)....the combination of increasing weight and baby squirming around certainly doesn't help either.

    @BabyBruins: what type of bottles are you using? I feel that I should probably get some sort of starter pack before baby arrives just in case but there's so many brands/types out there that it's a bit overwhelming..

    Also, did any of you guys take lamaze/childbirth classes? We decided not to but now I'm having second thoughts and my hospital doesn't offer another one until after baby's due date. The whole L&D process is making me nervous...

  15. BabyBruins

    kiwi / 551 posts

    @enjollah: I have just been using the bottles that came with the medela pump I am using and using the nipples that the NICU put on top that my guy seems to like. I tried to switch him to a Dr. Browns level 1 newborn (standard) yesterday to try to slow him down ( he can take down 2 oz in about 5 minutes) and it took so long that he fell asleep and didn't finish his bottle so I'm back to the NICU nipples.
    Feedback from friends is that Dr. Browns are very good and reduce air while feeding so less tummy discomfort.

  16. katdevargas

    kiwi / 718 posts

    @CameronsMomma: haha, I returned pretty much EVERYTHING from my shower. I'd done a wishpot registry {online} & I'm not sure if people just waited until the last minute or weren't sure how to use it, but I received practically nothing off of it. - not to sound ungrateful - I'm very grateful for everything I received, I just didn't *need* practically any of it, you know?

    @wifefromscratch: I'm so glad you're doing well! I have a girlfriend who had her baby in early dec {@37 weeks} & had to go & get that shot 3 separate times before she delivered. but she got there & baby girl was/is completely healthy & beautiful you're almost there!

    @enjollah: I took a lamaze class that our hospital offered, but when I signed up it was more for the husband's benefit & for me to make sure I understood our particular hospital's practices & was prepared for what they could or could not do/accommodate. I'd done a lot {lot} of research into L&D way before we conceived & thought that I had it pretty well covered & while there wasn't a lot of medical information covered that I didn't already know, I ended up being pleasantly surprised by some of the coping techniques they shared that I didn't know/think of. and I really do think it was beneficial for the husband as well.

    I know that a lot of doulas/midwives/stand alone birthing centers in my area offer birthing/lamaze classes & you don't have to be signed up for their services to attend - they're educational classes that are offered for the benefit of the general public, though I'm sure they don't turn away any new business they may get. maybe you could check around & see if there is anything like that offered where you are if you're wanting to take one? or your dr might have a recommendation for you if you won't be able to take on via the hospital

  17. FancyGem

    clementine / 769 posts

    Hi, I'm FancyGem. I am due on Feb. 19, 2012. We are having a boy!

  18. katdevargas

    kiwi / 718 posts

    @fancygem - congratulations! welcome

  19. FancyGem

    clementine / 769 posts

    @KATDEVARGAS: Thank you.

  20. Clementine

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    My February Ladies, how you doing?!

    I'm still feeling unprepared, kinda scared about L&D, but also excited that I'll be seeing my baby soon as I'm entering week 38 in few days.

    Nursery/Baby Gear?
    I still need to get the holy trinity of nursery basics: crib, rocker, and changing pad. Originally, I planned to use a PNP bassinet, but changed my mind after seeing how little support the mattress would provide my baby.

    In terms of how I'm feeling:
    1) feeling mucho lower back pain
    2) finally seeing angry red stretch marks on the lower part of my belly even though I moisturized like crazy (must be genes)
    3) experiencing bad calf cramps/pain
    4) feeling x-hausted 24-7

    In terms of the LO, he's doing great. His head is down, so he seems to know show time is near.

    How are you all doing/feeling/ etc?

  21. FancyGem

    clementine / 769 posts

    @Clementine: I've seen some light stretch marks on my stomach. I keep rubbing them with tummy butter so they won't get worse. My stomach is really low now. My baby punches my legs when I sit down because my stomach is so low. lol

    I went to the doctor the other day and I wasn't dialated nor effaced. Baby is head down, which I believe he has been for a while.

  22. Clementine

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    @Fancygem, light stretch marks sound promising. Mine were red and have remained angry looking.

    Wow, I wonder how that feels when you can feel the punching on your legs. I've dropped but not enough to feel anything there yet.

    When are you due?

  23. FancyGem

    clementine / 769 posts

    @Clementine: I'm due Feb. 19. He has been pretty fiesty the entire pregnancy. lol I did findout that he is pretty big. He may be an 8 pound baby.

  24. Clementine

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    Oh i see I'm due V-day so I'm coming down to the wire! Nervous and excited, but more tired than anything else!

  25. FancyGem

    clementine / 769 posts

    @Clementine: Yep. That is how I feel. I am very uncomfortable too. I am also losing my appetite, but I am drinking more.

  26. enjollah

    kiwi / 623 posts

    @Clementine: @FancyGem: @katdevargas: @wifefromscratch: How you all doing? Today is the start of 37 weeks for me! My appointments are every week now so on Saturday I found out that baby is sitting really low, head down, and 1/2 a cm dilated so far. This whole time my doctor has been telling me to stay active (to help with labor) but on Saturday she told me to limit my activity to prevent baby from coming early (since he's so low). I've gained around 35 pounds so far, still have tons of things to do for baby's arrival (including packing the hospital bag), and continue to have trouble sleeping at night. It is so darn painful to turn from side to side! I've been trying to suck up any pain because I imagine the pain of delivery to be way worse! Good luck with you all in these final days/weeks!

  27. Clementine

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    @enjollah: Congratulations! You're in the home stretch. I'm going on week 39 (eek) tomorrow, but feeling about the same just tired. Last time, I saw my doctor she said I was 1 cm dilated, but she didn't give me any special instructions.

    in terms of preparing for the wee one, i hear you!!!!
    we still need to get a crib (long story, we thought PNP bassinet would work for us, but didn't) and a rocker, but I feel like we can get those things once the LO arrive esp. since we have this temporary sleeper thing etc.

    Packed my hospital bag 2 mos ago just because all these pregnant ladies I knew were giving birth 1 month early. Kinda stressed me out.

    I'm nervous about L&D, but now I really just can't wait to hold my baby. Each day at work, I try to act like it's my last day just so folks get in habit.

    Good luck too with your final weeks! I heard having your baby drop far along your pelvis is a really good thing. Shorter labor

  28. FancyGem

    clementine / 769 posts

    @enjollah: Congrats for making it to full term! My things have been packed in the hospital bag. I am putting my baby's things in their asap.
    I haven't really slept because I have been having contractions every hour. Dr. says they are just practice contractions. So I need to wait until they are 3-5 minutes apart.

  29. katdevargas

    kiwi / 718 posts

    @clementine: @enjollah: I'm with you girl. We still don't have a carseat or mattress. still not too worries about the mattress since the babe will be in a bassinet at first, but am starting to get antsy about the car seat situation

    I've got the angry red stretch marks on my breasts really badly, but that's been part for the course this entire pregnancy, so nothing new there. I also have a few little ghosty ones showing up on the underside of by belly now, like @fancygem. In the last few few weeks I've also developed carpal tunnel in my dominant hand {right}, which vacillates between feeling like my hand is asleep all the time or just dead. And I'm only able to sleep on my left side now b/c of this, ha. If I sleep on my right side, it seems to exacerbate it. I much prefer the deadness as the sleepy pins & needles feeling keeps me up at night, so I am so. tired.

    late last week was the start of my 37th week - at 35 weeks {on jen 25th} we had our final sono & found out that baby is head down & at the time was 6lb, 4 oz {ish}, so this week he hought to be in the 7lbs range, I guess? I was not dilated or effaced that visit & my dr isn't going to check me again until {iif} I hit 40 weeks, so I'm not sure if there have been any changes on that end. but there's been no plug or anything like that showing yet.
    @enjollah: yeah, I haven't packed my bag yet either. procrastination, yay!
    @clemantine & @fancygem: y'all are SO close! that's so exciting. I'm getting to the point where I'm not nervous about l&d anymore b/c I think it'll be such a relief for it to be here. I can't wait to have my body {at least somewhat} back. To be able to bend over! and sleep on my back! glory hallelujah. who knows, though, I'm sure that feeling will change once the contractions start

    so exciting, though, keep us posted on how things are!

    and this is a huge post, sorry bout that

  30. enjollah

    kiwi / 623 posts

    @katdevargas: love the long posts! not that i hate pregnancy or anything but yes, i also can't wait to get my body back! The other day I caught myself looking through my closet at all the clothes that don't fit me currently and then told the hubs that i can't wait to wear my old clothes again! I don't have that many maternity clothes cuz I tried not to spend too much on them (i either borrow or wear a lot of my own clothes). Hope you find a carseat soon! It could be "any day!"

  31. katdevargas

    kiwi / 718 posts

    @enjollah: I packed my clothes up & put them in the attic specifically for that reason. I figure I'll pull them out right before I'm due to start back to work & see how things are fitting at that point, otherwise I'll be ocd about trying them on & being disappointed that I can't fit into them yet.
    we actually ordered it last night! 2 day amazon shipping, woo hoo, so we ought to be gtg *knock on wood*

  32. enjollah

    kiwi / 623 posts

    @FancyGem: @katdevargas: @Clementine: @wifefromscratch: How you all doing? I wanted to update the Feb 2012 mommies that our baby boy came 2 weeks early and was born on Valentines day! We just came home from the hospital on Thursday and been getting use to baby's sleep schedule! It's so surreal and it hasn't fully hit me yet that the little one that we've been taking care of is finally here! Anyway, hope you all are well!

  33. katdevargas

    kiwi / 718 posts

    @enjollah: ah, how exciting! congratulations! I hope that y'all get settled into everything quickly & painlessly.

    I'm still trucking along - 39 weeks this past sunday & baby has shown no inclination to leave yet. the car seat was installed sunday {procrastinate much?} & man, that's kind of surreal to see it in the back of my car. I can't imagine it holding a real, live baby that's MINE.

  34. Clementine

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    congrats, enjollah! how awesome. we actually had our baby last thursday. we came home this past Saturday and are still adjusting to life! i've kinda of fallen from the face of the earth, but i had to reply back to my Feb mommies and give y'all an update!

  35. katdevargas

    kiwi / 718 posts

    @Clementine: congrats to y'all as well! gah, it's crazy that the time is finally here, huh?

  36. FancyGem

    clementine / 769 posts

    @enjollah: Hi! Congrats! My baby was born on Valentine's Day too!

  37. enjollah

    kiwi / 623 posts

    @FancyGem: wow! congrats to you too! how has it been going? For myself, things are alright. I didn't realize that I would still have pain after coming home (I guess I didn't connect pushing out a baby and your body transitioning back afterward). Baby's been sleeping well in the day but is very much up at night....so i feel like i've been doing graveyard shifts.

  38. FancyGem

    clementine / 769 posts

    @enjollah: I feel the same way. I woke up this morning thinking that I should be feeling almost normal. I have noticed that I have lost most of my stomach.

  39. Mrs. Pen

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21616 posts

    So sorry I never kept up on this thread... how is everyone doing with their little ones at home??

    My son is now 6 weeks old and the sweetest little thing alive. He has a content and happy disposition, when he is awake he loves staring into our eyes and making little faces. He's working so hard to hold his head up, so cute!
    He doesn't like sleeping alone, so during the day, we hold him for his naps and he's sleeping with us at night. It was a lot easier to give in to letting him sleep with us than fight him to sleep every night

    I also just renewed my gym membership! Went today for the first time since he was born, felt good but I couldn't believe how quickly I felt fatigued. Definitely out of shape and not back to "normal". I dropped him off at the day care at the gym and it was the first time I've ever left him with someone other DH, it was really, really hard!! I couldn't imagine being a working mama going back to work at 6 weeks..

  40. Clementine

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    Any updates, ladies?!

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