I am completely stressed out and paranoid here! I had a early m/c in July. Some stuff I have read says that most women won't even know if they have had a chemical pregnancy, which wasn't true for me. I got a BFP on 7/9, blood test confirmed pregnancy on 7/10 and bleeding on 7/12. The tissues/blood clot was much more defined than a regular period. By that I mean I saw things I usually don't see during a regular period. Trying to keep the TMI down =). Fast forward to the present, I got a BFP on 10/5 which is 11 DPO and I continue to test each day. Whenever I "think" the line is fainter than the previous day i am so stressed out. I am using both the wondfo strips and first response, both have showed a positive at this point. To double confirm i'm not seeing things, I had my hubby test his urine too (whoohoo one line) this way I am sure there's no evaporation line thing playing jokes on me. Anyways, my period is due on 10/11, and I'm scared to death that i'll start bleeding then or a few days after. Has anyone have experience with pregnancy after a very early m/c? Any input is appreciated!