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December 2021 Due Date Thread

  1. karenbme

    persimmon / 1260 posts

    @periwinklebee: Congratulations! Glad to hear everyone is doing well, and my fingers are crossed that your other kiddo (and the rest of the fam) didn’t catch anything. I know a couple of people who’ve had kids with daycare exposure, but so far none of them have tested positive.

  2. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4449 posts

    @lady baltimore: @bhbee: @karenbme: Thank you so much!

    Thankfully, the rapid tests we've done so far have been negative, and a godsend for managing the postpartum/sleep deprivation induced anxiety over it.

  3. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3763 posts

    @periwinklebee: Congratulations!!!!

  4. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    @periwinklebee: congratulations! Somehow I missed your post before , but happy for you!

  5. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4449 posts

    @LAZB: Thank you!!! Hope pregnancy is sailing by for you!

  6. yellowbeach

    nectarine / 2638 posts

    She’s here!!

    Fri Dec 10 2:23PM, spontaneous vaginal delivery
    8lbs5oz 21” (same length but 3 oz shy of her brother)

    -Lopsided epidural, but got her out with 1.5 pushes.
    -Home now Day 2 and breastfeeding is actually going well this time.
    Also using a postpartum doula every other night which has made a HUGE difference for the entire household.

  7. karenbme

    persimmon / 1260 posts

    @yellowbeach: Congratulations!! She’s beautiful!

  8. lady baltimore

    persimmon / 1179 posts

    @yellowbeach: I was just wondering earlier today how you are doing. Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful first few days with your new LO!

    Also, , because I am the next name on the due date list after you! Almost 31 weeks, and just chugging along until winter break (I get two weeks off! ). I feel like baby flipped or dropped or something in the last day or so, since I am definitely carrying differently and feeling a lot more pressure down low all of a sudden. Definitely ready for a little down time to recharge, as I know babe will be here before I know it!

  9. MoonMoon

    pomegranate / 3369 posts

    @yellowbeach: congratulations! Beautiful baby!

  10. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3763 posts

    @yellowbeach: Congrats!!!!!!

  11. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4449 posts

    @yellowbeach: congratulations!!!!


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