I am 12 weeks along with #2 and I have been thinking I might like to throw a gender reveal party for my second baby. We will find out what we are having in June. I don't want to have a baby shower or a sprinkle because I already have what I need for the baby (and everyone has already gotten me a present for DD!). I really just want to celebrate our new baby as much as we celebrated our first but with no gifts- no gift cards, no diapers and wipes, no "book shower". I don't need anything at all!

I was thinking I would throw it myself and provide all food/ drinks/ decor. The party would be very simple and casual- brunchey food (ham biscuits, muffins, fruit, etc) and a mimosa bar at a local park that has a pavilion you can rent and a big splash pad for the kids.

Is this a totally weird party to have and is it OK to throw this myself? Also, how I would I let people know the only present I want is the gift of their company?