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If you could pick your ideal month?

  • poll: What month?
    January : (4 votes)
    4 %
    February : (2 votes)
    2 %
    March : (15 votes)
    14 %
    April : (21 votes)
    20 %
    May : (25 votes)
    24 %
    June : (14 votes)
    13 %
    July : (3 votes)
    3 %
    August : (4 votes)
    4 %
    September : (6 votes)
    6 %
    October : (8 votes)
    8 %
    November : (2 votes)
    2 %
    December : (2 votes)
    2 %
  1. LadyPantaloons

    grape / 80 posts

    We always tried for late summer/autumn babies. We got a September and have one on this way for Dec. I chose October as the most ideal month because of our seasonal business, our busy time is over by October so my husband is around more. Buuuut over all I will take what I get!

  2. JennyLayneAZ

    nectarine / 2688 posts

    I'm having an April baby which is great but I always wanted a pool party for my bday so I would've loved to have a June baby for that reason.

  3. sapphire

    nectarine / 2173 posts

    I think early spring is perfect. Just when you're ready to get outside, the weather is getting ware. My LO was born mid March and I thought that was great. April or May would be nice too. Woukdn't prefer winter.

  4. autumnlove

    hostess / wonderful watermelon / 39513 posts

    Anything before Sept for school cut off purposes.

  5. skipra

    pomegranate / 3350 posts

    After having May and September birthdays I would want late August or early September. I voted August.

  6. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    I was actually really happy with my September baby. In retrospect. Haha. At the time I felt like I was stuck inside as it got colder but as the last year has unfolded I realized that the early months is when you want to be stuck inside, not when they are older and mobile and want to explore. Especially in an apartment!
    But I was a hermit except for a once daily walk. I don't like to go out with a newborn. Too stressful. So yeah, in retrospect I think mid-August would be perfect. Some nice weather for a couple of months but then nice dark cold weather for those long naps 3 times a day!

  7. Chillybear

    pomegranate / 3032 posts

    I voted for may/june for baby #2...

    Baby #1's due date was 10/10 but she was born 9/26... that worked out perfectly at my office.... I was scheduled to take 12 weeks and return the first week of the new year. (+2 bonus weeks since she was early) Things were slow at work, I got away with a lot of flowy dresses through the summer, and was able to spent the fall/holiday season at home. When I wanted to go out I'd go christmas shopping.

    Now that #1 is in daycare/preschool near my office, she wont go while I'm home on maternity leave, so ideally if she's going to miss 3 months, the summer would be the best time to pull her out. Plus my SIL/BIL are teachers and would be home with their two little girls and I'd be able to keep her somewhat busy while i'm home with #2.

  8. sera_87

    pomegranate / 3604 posts

    January/February. Was supposed to be this baby but my crappy placenta screwed me

  9. ModernDayJibarita

    apricot / 258 posts

    Late March - Early May.

    I'm due May 18 and hoping baby come close to (or before) it's due date so I don't have to share my anniversary weekend (May 26) with her/him.

  10. Alba4

    nectarine / 2951 posts

    April is an ideal month for teachers in my district to have kids since you can get 4-5 months of maternity leave without having to pay COBRA.

    DS was born at the end of Aug and it was a hot summer. I still like celebrating his bday in nice weather.

    Baby 2 is due at the end of June. I've never taught while being so pregnant, so we'll see how that goes! Hoping for a cooler Spring!

  11. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    Well, I'm a FTM and am due in early May, so hearing that this is a popular month is nice! I was really hoping for a spring baby so that I didn't have to be hugely pregnant during the hottest months, and so my maternity leave falls during the summer.

  12. BandDmommy

    pomelo / 5660 posts

    DS1 EDD- July 16 but he arrived May 31
    DD EDD- December 12 but she arrived Novemeber 14
    DS2- due early April

    I prefer spring babies so you can get outside.


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