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January 2014-Cravings!

  1. MrsH

    honeydew / 7667 posts

    I'm having wicked cravings for olive garden's house salad.

  2. Vegmama

    pear / 1799 posts

    @MrsH: OH MY GOODNESS! OG sounds so good. But, I'm gluten free, so it's a big no-no. Seriously, that dressing!!

    I had a Wendy's Frosty twice this week, and a few chocolate chips each day ... so, I'd say chocolate!

  3. MrsH

    honeydew / 7667 posts

    @Vegmama: I'm gluten free too. They actually have gluten free pasta and a gluten free menu now. I had it tonight.

  4. Navy_Mommy

    nectarine / 2458 posts

    I just had a sugar covered donut (put in the microwave for like 12 seconds) and a tall glass of local, glass bottle (the glass bottle REALLY makes a difference) vitamin D milk and it was heavenly. You all need some of that right now, lol.

  5. Vegmama

    pear / 1799 posts

    @MrsH: What!?!?!? I just told my husband and he laughed out loud. Looks like we'll be having a date night at the OG soon!

  6. Sugar.Biscuit

    nectarine / 2063 posts

    I should have avoided this thread as I am fasting this morning for my first glucose test...ME SO HUUUUNGRY!

  7. MrsH

    honeydew / 7667 posts

    @Vegmama: the pomadoro (sp?) sauce is GF and so tastey I always ask for triple the sauce glad I could share the news - they have had a GF menu for at least a year

    @Sugar.Biscuit: I dont even have mine scheduled yet did they do yours early because of the twins?

  8. Sugar.Biscuit

    nectarine / 2063 posts

    @MrsH: yeah I get tested twice. This was my 1 hr draw & I'll get the big test done around 28 weeks.

  9. Punky

    cherry / 168 posts

    @Sugar.Biscuit: They're having you fast for it? Are you doing the one where you have to drink the gross orange drink? I did a glucose test at 10 weeks due to a family history of diabetes but I didn't have to fast.

  10. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    What I would give for a buffalo chicken sandwich or buffalo wings with extra buffalo sauce RIGHT NOW!

    that is all.

  11. wahine08

    clementine / 957 posts

    @abbydabbydoodlebug: Oh man, this is one of my BIGGEST cravings pre-pregnancy and it's even stronger now! I could eat it every day!!

  12. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    @wahine08: My DH took me to Pluckers last night and it was amazing! And the best thing was that it ended up being only $1.50 for dinner because of the points DH got for going to lunch with his work guys, haha. Score!

  13. wahine08

    clementine / 957 posts

    @abbydabbydoodlebug: I have no idea what a pluckers is but $1.50 for delicious buffalo wings is a blessing! hahaha

    My go to is Wing Stop in this area!

  14. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    @wahine08: yes! I love wing stop! I actually like their buffalo sauce a little better than pluckers. Their lemon pepper is really good too. I think pluckers is a southern thing? I think they started here in Austin, but have now spread through Texas and some other southern states.

    Gah, now I want wings again.

  15. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    So my DH stopped at the grocery store on the way home yesterday to get me wings and hot sauce, haha. Hopefully I can make them good enough to satisfy my cravings, otherwise this could get expensive since I want them every day!

  16. wahine08

    clementine / 957 posts

    @abbydabbydoodlebug: I like Pioneer Woman's recipe for chicken strips ( http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2009/05/quickie-homemade-chicken-strips/ ) I haven't tried it with buffalo sauce but I'm sure they'd be good that way too!

  17. MamaBehr

    pomegranate / 3275 posts

    ICE!!! All I want to eat is ice. I don't even want the water part, I just want ice ice ice. I have had this with every other pregnancy (I should probably get my iron supplements out now...) but man oh man, ICE!


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