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June 2015 Postpartum Chat

  1. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    @LindsayInNY: DS isn't drinking much from a sippy cup. We definitely offer it at every meal, but he doesn't drink too much. He is starting to get better but feel like we are miles from being off of formula. Sorry the daycare isn't communicating too much. That's hard.

  2. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    Can we talk sippy cups? How are your LOs doing with them? What kind are you using?

  3. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    @Eko: Just saw your comment show up on here! We're not very good about offering the sippy but daycare is. I don't think she gets anything out of it though.

  4. MrsBrewer

    coconut / 8854 posts

    @LindsayInNY: My LO is awesome at the sippy cup, although we started offering it to her as soon as we started solids ar around 5 months. Our favorite one that we have that LO drinks the most from is made by NUK. It has a softer nipple, which I think she find similar almost to a bottle, and she will drinks tons of water from it!


  5. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    @MrsBrewer: We haven't tried that one... Might look into getting it. To be honest, I haven't pushed a sippy because it's so much easier to just nurse her all the time lol.

  6. schubr03

    apricot / 486 posts

    @LindsayInNY: this is the one we use. DD loves it. She likes using a straw.

  7. MrsBrewer

    coconut / 8854 posts

    @LindsayInNY: Oh I totally get it!! But for us, once J started eating more and more solids, we were dealing with constipation, and had a few rough days.....but as soon as she upped her water intake, it totally resolved any issues. Just something to think about too!

  8. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    @LindsayInNY: We first started using the sippy cup that @MrsBrewer showed. He mostly likes chewing on the nipple part. We have that one and then tried this one, which he likes A LOT better: http://www.walmart.com/ip/NUK-5-oz-Trendline-Tie-Dye-Baby-Bottles-BPA-Free-3pk/22664346

    He tried one with a straw and he was like wtf is this mom. So that was a big no go.

  9. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    How was everyone's Easter? We didn't do much except brunch and my moms. DS loves French toast now. My mom dyed eggs and had him crawl around for them lol

  10. hocuspocus

    apricot / 373 posts

    We had a fun Easter. E got her little basket and we put puffs and yogis in little plastic eggs for her. Went to my aunts house and she had a little hunt there for the kids. So much fun!

  11. schubr03

    apricot / 486 posts

    Our Easter was great! We went to church and then played board games with in-laws while DD slept. After that, we all went to my grandmas for dinner. It was an enjoyable, family-filled day! DD got a basket with some puffs, fruit pouches, and plastic eggs with some change in them. Nothing big, but great!

  12. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    We were cursed with illness this Easter (and last year...). DH was terribly ill with some sort of virus. We spent 3 hours at our doctor's walk in hours and DD didn't even get to wear her cute outfit so we're hoping for a redo this weekend.

  13. MrsBrewer

    coconut / 8854 posts

    @Eko: What a cutie!!!

    @hocuspocus: @schubr03: Love those Easter dresses!!!

    @LindsayInNY: Oh no!! I hope you guys are feeling better now!

    Our Easter was nice, just celebrated with my family, DH's side was all sick so we are doing that this weekend instead.

  14. anniefannie

    grape / 78 posts

    @LindsayInNY: we all just got over that virus too. 24 stomach virus? It was more like 36-48 for LO, but the worst 24 hours EVER for husband and I.

  15. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    @anniefannie: Thank god it skipped me but I had DH puking, DD pooping... No thank you!

  16. MrsBrewer

    coconut / 8854 posts

    How is everyone doing? DD finally got her first tooth about a week ago!! I should have known too, because her sleep pretty much went to hell! Ugh. Hopefully we get back to normal. She is still nursing a solid 4 times per day, and eating tons of food! She is just figuring out crawling, but mostly still rolling. She pulls up on furniture though like crazy, and cruises around! I seriously love this stage, she's so much fun, and she's starting to get such a goofy little personality!

  17. cascademom

    coconut / 8861 posts

    @MrsBrewer: We're doing well. J has no interest in crawling or cruising. He developed his own weird way to move around. He prefers to sit most days. I think that he'll be walking by 14-15 months at this point. He's working on his 5th tooth this week. He also loves to clap and be fed. He hasn't quite figured out how to put food to his mouth, but will with rice rusks.

  18. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    @MrsBrewer: We are just coming out of W being sick. Daycare is sometimes a nightmare because of how often he gets sick. oh well I guess. He has his 7th tooth coming in and is doing really well at crawling and pulling up on things. He is starting to get the courage to try to stand on his own. I think he will be walking around his 1 year. He also eats a crap ton of food. He is starting to creep up on the percentile for his weight. He is starting to say mama, which is super sweet and I absolutely love it.

  19. MrsBrewer

    coconut / 8854 posts

    @cascademom: There's nothing wrong with not moving around too much! Plus he has an older brother, which I'm sure brings tons of toys to him! Not as much need for him to move around on his own!

    @Eko: Aww I hope you guys feel better!! Aww I can't wait for J to start saying Mama! Right now she just babbles a ton, and doesn't quite understand what she's saying yet. But when I say "Can you say Mama?" she looks at me with this big goofy grin, almost as though, she knows what I'm asking!

  20. cascademom

    coconut / 8861 posts

    @Eko: We spent January through March really sick with constant back and forth to the doctor's office with colds. It's gotten a bit better. He still has a cough with the teeth coming in and a stuffy nose. March to April has been our healthiest stretch yet.

    @MrsBrewer: Yeah, I can see that with not moving around much. E does get toys for him quite a bit. I think he'll be moving around later than his brother was. He's much more laid back compared to his brother and happier as a baby too. He gets unhappy, but not the really bad unhappy like it was when E was an infant.

  21. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    We're doing well! Still just the bottom 2 teeth. I know the top 2 are there but I don't think they've poked through yet. Food is hit or miss sometimes. She likes to feed the dog at home which is annoying... Daycare has been giving her school food which I think helps since she sees her daycare buddy eating too and will mimic him. She's a crawling machine! Seriously ALL OVER the place! I don't think it's too long before she's walking...

  22. hocuspocus

    apricot / 373 posts

    @cascademom: ahh! Such a cute little smile. I love when you can see their little teeth 😊

    @Eko: We all had the stomach flu a few weeks ago. It was miserable! E ended up in the ER a few times. I was probably overly paranoid a couple of the times, but she ended up being dehydrated one of the times we took her in😕. She was prescribed antibiotics for an ear infection she didn't even have, and it made her so sick. The ER dr said the dose was a little on the high side for her size and her ears looked perfect. We ended up finding her a new pediatrician....Then she ended up with the stomach flu. March was rough for us.

    Ellie is cutting three teeth right now and I feel so bad for her. Poor baby isn't getting much sleep at all. Motrin and teething tabs. Aren't really helping much either. Just want these teeth to come in already!

    She's gotten so much better/ faster at walking. Still really clumsy, it's so cute. I still can't believe she's walking 😳 we are already starting to plan her first bday. Can't believe it's less than 2 mos away!

  23. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4770 posts

    M has 6 teeth. She has four up top and the two bottom teeth. She took her first steps two weeks ago, and will take steps if you're not looking at her. Otherwise, she drops down and crawls lol! Still in 9-12 clothes, size 3 diapers (although I may move up to 4 soon), and loves to drink her water through a sippy cup with a straw! She's really getting into solids now, and still nurses at night. No, not sleeping through the night yet!

  24. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    @hocuspocus: yeah W ended up cutting teeth at the same time he got sick, so we were recently battling a ear infection, eye infection, fever, runny nose, and cough.... good times. Then the antibiotics they put him on made his stomach upset, so we had about 24 hours of vomiting before the adjusted medicine kicked in. I can't believe she's walking!! That is so amazing. I've already started planning his first birthday and it is kinda fun! except now I'm like what do little kids do for fun? haha.

  25. hocuspocus

    apricot / 373 posts

    @Eko: poor W! That's a lot for a little guy to deal with all at once. So happy to hear he's feeling better. I know, I have no idea what little kids like! I'm thinking of just doing something small. My sister had a huge first bday for my niece and she seemed so stressed out the whole time lol. We also want to go to Disneyland soon. I know she's still kind of young but it would be so fun!

  26. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    @hocuspocus: we are sort of going mid-range on the birthday. Nothing super big, but having like 30 people there. We are doing it memorial day weekend, so I thought it would be fun. We are having some family come in from out of town we haven't seen in a while since we haven't travelled much after having DS. Disneyworld does sound like fun! I always think trips at this age is more for the adults

  27. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    I am wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the next LO!

  28. anniefannie

    grape / 78 posts

    Everyone has so many teeth! L's first tooth just broke through this weekend and its super tiny and coming up slowly. Anyone else with late teeth?

  29. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4770 posts

    @Eko: DH wants another child like now! It took a while for LO1, so he wants to start trying soon in case it takes a while again. He also wants our kids close in age.

    ETA: but, I still want to wait a few more months! LO is still nursing through the night, and I need to lose some more weight!

  30. hocuspocus

    apricot / 373 posts

    @Eko: DH is ready to start trying now but I'm thinking about waiting until LO is 1.5-2yrs old...she is still waking multiple times a night to nurse too and AF hasn't come back yet so realistically may not happen until that time frame anyways. I do have the fever though. So many FB posts of new babies lately. I miss it 😢

  31. schubr03

    apricot / 486 posts

    @cascademom: @Eko: Hi all! Sounds like everyone has had a rough few weeks with sickness. Ella was sick for two weeks with a stomach bug (vomiting and diarrhea). We ended up in Children's Hospital for dehydration. Had to rehydrate using Pedialyte.
    Still no teeth for Ella. Doesn't seem like she has any close to the gums either. That's fine with me!
    She is cruising around on furniture like CRAZY! She enjoys climbing up on everything and uses her walker to get around the house. I'm expecting her to walk within the next month or so. She has taken a couple of steps, but nothing big.
    Ella still isn't sleeping through the night and if still nursing 5-6 times a day. She eats solids like a champ, though. She wants to eat anything and everything we have.
    We set the date for the first birthday party and have an idea of theme. But it's not going to be a big production. Just family getting together.
    Baby number 2 is on our radar. I still haven't started my cycle back up, so we definitely have to have that happen first. Plus, we are both looking for teaching jobs for next fall, so hoping to get those set in stone and a new house before trying for our second.
    So many exciting things happening! It's so great to hear from everyone and hear how different all the babies are! Has anyone looked at their baby and been like, "holy cow you look like a toddler!" It makes me really sad! I miss my tiny lumpy baby!

  32. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    @Eko: LO2 is definitely NOT on the radar right now! I loved being pregnant, for the most part, but for a variety of reasons there will be no TTC anytime soon.

  33. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    @schubr03: I am glad to hear that she is feeling better!! We have definitely had to use pedialyte on a couple occasions. Having teeth really hurts when they try to chomp on you, so definitely soak it up! hahaha. I definitely look at W and think the same thing, but I am really excited about it! I feel like I can do sooo much more with him now and am really excited about more things we can do together.

    @LindsayInNY: yeah we are kind of in the same boat. I remember there was a lot that went into it for you. If everything lines up we would love to, but really don't know if it will happen or will.

  34. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    @Eko: That's one factor... I would hate to wait and find out that #2 takes 2 years too... But AF hasn't returned (although I think I'm having cycles?), two in daycare will be super $$$... I also just want to enjoy this one-on-one time with DD too - get to see her personality develop and whatnot. I know DH doesn't want to be 40 having a kid (he's 36 now) but I think we'll probably re-evaluate around the time DD is 2? That would eliminate some of the daycare overlapping costs.

  35. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    @LindsayInNY: We are in the exact same boat. The thought of paying for two in daycare is really what is putting the breaks on for us. If we can't come to a decision when W is 2 then it will probably be a never having #2 for us.... because DH doesn't want to be in his 40s with a newborn.

  36. MrsBrewer

    coconut / 8854 posts

    @Eko: I just saw this now! We are definitely in the camp of "I want another baby now!" But I still don't have my cycles back yet, and I'm ebf. Although I never got my period on my own (didn't ovulate on my own either) before DD. So I anticipate us needing help again.....I think I may call my OB one of these days and see if I can take Clomid/any other ovulation inducing med while I'm still nursing. If not, I will most likely be waiting until after 1/after weaning to try anything further.

  37. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    Came here after reading @MrsBrewer: post on weaning. That overwhelms me and I don't know where to begin. I don't want to post when plenty of others already have but I'm confused!

    I want to drop the pumping at 1 and move DD to BM morning/night but WCM during the day. She doesn't really ASK to nurse now, I just do it when I know it's about time. So that's why I'm confused by all of this...

  38. MrsBrewer

    coconut / 8854 posts

    @LindsayInNY: same here! DD never really asks for it, so I just offer and she rarely refuses. I've stopped nursing at night, but I still nurse 2x during the day for right now. I think once she hits 1 in a few weeks in going to cut back to only once a day for a few weeks then drop off the morning session. I'm all big talk right now, hahaha let's see if I follow through. In all reality though, I really want to wean because I have to wait 60 days then for my period to return (which I doubt it will) then I can get my clomid prescription. My midwife won't prescribe it though till I wait 60 days for my period

  39. MrsBrewer

    coconut / 8854 posts

    Here's my girl! 11.5 months!!

  40. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    @MrsBrewer: Same. She never refuses, if anything she's distracted? But that's kinda par for the course most of the time now. I have to figure out how to drop BM during the day - whether bottles at daycare or nursing. I have a month plus to worry about that though.

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