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  1. pinkb

    pear / 1599 posts

    @EBSC: congrats! So fast wow

    @Aria: Good luck tonight!

  2. Aria

    persimmon / 1121 posts

    Juliette arrived yesterday at 3:12pm! I ended up not needing to be induced because I was in labor by the time I had my induction. It was a very long difficult labor, I ended up with an infection and the cord was wrapped around her body. We’re both good now though and should go home tomorrow. We’re bringing our older daughter by to meet her later so hopefully that goes ok.

  3. EBSC

    cherry / 178 posts

    @LBarn: @pinkb: thanks!
    @aria: congrats back to you! I’m sure it was stressful with any complications, but she’s here!! Have fun bringing your big kid up!

  4. EmmaNZ

    grape / 86 posts

    @EBSC: this is my dream labour scenario lol early morning and then dropping our daughter at daycare and then having new baby by lunch

    @Aria: congratulations !!!!!I'm glad to hear that the induction was not needed after all ! How far along were u?
    Sorry to hear it was long and hard you will be so glad it's over.

    I'm 38 + 4 today. Have tried walking , sex and accupuncture. No sign of baby !

    Dr has offered me an induction next Monday (I will be 39 + 4). I'm hoping baby comes on their own before then. If it hasn't I think I'll prob take the offer of induction. My anxiety levels around having another still born are high. Plus it will make child care plans easier.

    I've made appts for most days this week (hair , massage , accupuncture) thinking that Murphy's law, I'll go into labour and have to cancel at least one of them!

    Anyone else still waiting with me ?

  5. MilPA

    olive / 51 posts

    @EmmaNZ: still pregnant too! I’ll be 38 wks on Tuesday. I also have a few appointments scheduled for the week and an OB checkup Friday. I hope to actually schedule an induction at that visit for 40 weeks.

  6. EmmaNZ

    grape / 86 posts

    @MilPA: do you mind sharing why you would choose induction at 40 weeks ? I can't make up my mind about it !

  7. pinkb

    pear / 1599 posts

    @Aria: yay congrats.

  8. pinkb

    pear / 1599 posts

    38 weeks on Tuesday, dr apt on Friday. He agreed to a sweep on Friday since I have started to dilate (1-2cm) and he said 70% effaced. And he offered induction at 39 weeks since I am ama and the baby is so big. I said sounds good so hoping it happened on its own by then but if not looks like baby will have an eviction date. Sure will make child care easier! The BH are messing with me basically every evening. Was able to time them at 6 minutes apart (even some closer) for over an hour but nothing gets more intense. Once I go to bed they pretty much disappear.

  9. MilPA

    olive / 51 posts

    @EmmaNZ: partly just timing, our son is on spring break the week she is due so less things for whoever is watching him to deal with. Mainly it’s because her umbilical cord is different, single artery instead of 2 and that coupled with an “old placenta” makes me worry about labor complications. And there’s a little part of me that’s just done 😉

  10. lavender

    grapefruit / 4554 posts

    Harrison made his arrival this past Sunday at 39+5 days. Had a membrane sweep Friday and felt nothing, then started with mild contractions Sunday morning. After dropping the girls off at my in-laws, baby boy came after 6 hrs of labor and 10 mins of pushing. The fastest l+d of all my pregnancies.

    Post-party healing is going relatively ok except I developed post-parting preeclampsia (which I read only 25% of women get) 2 days post birth and now on high blood pressure meds and being monitored.

  11. pinkb

    pear / 1599 posts

    @lavender: congrats!! Hope you start feeling better soon.

  12. Aria

    persimmon / 1121 posts

    @lavender: Congrats!! I’m sorry about the pre eclampsia. Dealing with unexpected complications can be so hard.

    How’s everyone else doing? Recovery for me this time has been a thousand times better than last time thank goodness. Struggling a little with breastfeeding though because I think Juliette has a lip tie just like her big sister and it just causes so much pain. Trying to decide if we should pursue getting it clipped or not.

  13. EmmaNZ

    grape / 86 posts

    @lavender: congratulations ! Sounds wonderful and quick ! Sorry to hear about the post partum pre eclampsia. That's unlucky!

  14. MilPA

    olive / 51 posts

    I’m getting excited for everyone having their babes! Here I sit still pregnant and more uncomfortable by the day! Counting down to the due date for induction but hoping she picks her own birthday before then!

  15. EmmaNZ

    grape / 86 posts

    @Aria: so pleased to hear recovery is easier this time , I'm on hoping for the same !
    I don't know much about lip ties... Whatever you decide I hope feeding gets easier for you both.

    I'm 39 + 3 today. My Dr has offered induction tomorrow and I don't know what to do. Thoughts/ experiences ? There is no real reason to.... But it would mean that my Dr is definitely there , that I can arrange childcare etc. I'm worried about a failed induction / c section .

    I'm leaning towards asking to go another week , to give baby more time to come on its own.

    These last days / weeks are tough !

  16. MilPA

    olive / 51 posts

    Well, a lot has changed since my last post! Lucy Adelaide was born at 4:53 pm on St Patrick’s Day about 40 minutes after getting to the hospital! We’ve made it through our first night and I’m glad to be on the other side!

  17. pinkb

    pear / 1599 posts

    @MilPA: congrats!! Hoping I am just as lucky as you!

  18. Aria

    persimmon / 1121 posts

    @MilPA: Congrats!! She’s beautiful!

  19. elm5066

    coffee bean / 32 posts

    @MilPA: Congrats! She is beautiful and I love the name Lucy!

  20. EmmaNZ

    grape / 86 posts

    @MilPA: congratulations!! Yay she is beautiful !! So quick.

    I decided against induction yesterday. I see the Dr on the 21st , my due date.
    I guess induction will be rescheduled for Monday 25th ,but I hope baby comes before then !

    @pinkb: it might just be us left ?!

  21. EmmaNZ

    grape / 86 posts

    @papermoona: how are you doing? Any sign of baby ?

  22. Aria

    persimmon / 1121 posts

    @EmmaNZ: I was wondering if you’d decided on an induction today. I struggled with the decision too and also decided to at least go to 40 weeks. I will say though, I felt such a huge sense of relief once the induction was scheduled and it made the last couple days so much more bearable. And in the end I didn’t even need it, so even better! Hope your baby comes soon!!

  23. EmmaNZ

    grape / 86 posts

    @Aria: thanks for the encouragement! Will keep you posted

  24. lavender

    grapefruit / 4554 posts

    @MilPA: congratulations! Love the name

  25. pinkb

    pear / 1599 posts

    @EmmaNZ: how’s it going?

    Scheduled for my induction for tomorrow morning... what?? Really nervous but so ready at the same time.

  26. EmmaNZ

    grape / 86 posts

    @pinkb: hello hello ! I'm good. Officially 1 daylate ! Saw the ob yesterday. Only a finger tip dilated , sigh , was a bit discouraging. Have tentatively booked induction for next Tues , I'll be 40 + 5.

    That's very very exciting all the very best for your induction !! How far along will you be ? I hope it goes really smoothly. Keep is updated

  27. pinkb

    pear / 1599 posts

    @EmmaNZ: I will be 39 and 3. Since I am ama and baby girl is measuring almost 10lbs they offered to speed it up a bit can’t wait to be on the other side. Hope you have yours soon!

  28. Aria

    persimmon / 1121 posts

    @pinkb: Good luck tomorrow! I hope everything goes smoothly!

  29. EmmaNZ

    grape / 86 posts

    @pinkb: hello ! How was your induction ? Have been checking in, hope all is well.

    I am booked in to be induced tonight. Will come back and let you all know how we get on! Im a bit nervous but feel we are making the right decision given the situation.

  30. Aria

    persimmon / 1121 posts

    @EmmaNZ: Exciting! I hope the induction goes well!

  31. pinkb

    pear / 1599 posts

    @EmmaNZ: it went well! I got my first dose of oral Cytotec at 8 am and was 1 cm. At 12 I got a second dose. Checked at 2:30 and was only 3cm. So I had my water broken. Things picked up from there. At 5pm I was 6cm and got my epi shortly after. Checked again at 9pm and was at an 8-9. And out she flew at 9:21. it was one of those..um get the nurse I think she is coming and she was crowning. No dr avail so a midwife had to come over real quick from another delivery where her patient was pushing lol. I much prefer going into labor naturally but it wasn’t a bad experience at all Patreese “Reese” 9.3lbs

  32. EmmaNZ

    grape / 86 posts

    @pinkb: congratulations !!! I love the name !! What a cutie.
    Thanks for sharing your story it is encouraging

    I think I'm the last lady standing !!

  33. pinkb

    pear / 1599 posts

    @EmmaNZ: goodluck!!

  34. MilPA

    olive / 51 posts

    @pinkb: congratulations! Glad the induction went well, she’s beautiful!

  35. Aria

    persimmon / 1121 posts

    @pinkb: Congrats!! She’s beautiful!

    We had our newborn photos done yesterday and the photographer sent us a couple sneak peeks. I’m so excited to get the rest of them!

  36. EmmaNZ

    grape / 86 posts

    @Aria: gorgeous!!

    Our sweet boy arrived this morning! The induction was super quick. Had prostin gel inserted at 5.30. Waters broke spontaneously at 9.15. contractions consistently picked up from there. Used the gas and air / moaning to work thru each one. By the time I asked for the epi it was too late ! Started pushing at 1am which was long hard work. Baby boy was born at 2.30. 3.9 kgs / 8 lb 6 oz. Had a second degree tear.

    After I was all stitched up had a scary hemorrhage and needed emergency surgery under GA . Feeling very tired, worn out and happy

  37. pinkb

    pear / 1599 posts

    @EmmaNZ: oh my goodness! Congrats on the baby boy ❤️ Hope you start to feel better soon.

  38. Aria

    persimmon / 1121 posts

    @EmmaNZ: Congrats!! I’m impressed you made it though without the epi. I hope you’re feeling better, the hemorrhage sounds scary.

  39. lavender

    grapefruit / 4554 posts

    How is everyone doing?

    H will be 6 weeks on Sunday and is definitely either going through a growth spurt or a sleep regression (or probably both!). He is still a champion at sleeping all day but once its time for bed he is up every 1-2 hours. It's been like that for the past couple of days. Hopefully this past soon.

  40. MilPA

    olive / 51 posts

    @lavender: currently trapped under my one month old napping! She’s growing just fine and had a good checkup yesterday. Sleeps about 5 hours then 4 at night but during the day... she seems to do better sleeping on me right now so I’m trying to just go with it for now.

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