I haven't done much exercise this pregnancy since I've been so fatigued, but I am very fit in general. I lift weights, run, and except for the last couple of years due to pregnancy, play softball and ice hockey, and several other sports.

On Friday, my work is having a team-building sports day, and everyone is expected to participate unless they have medical restrictions. My boss and many other people know that I'm pregnant, but not all of my subordinates do yet. I haven't been keeping it from them, it just hasn't come up yet, and I am only 12 weeks.

While I am sure sure I will be excused to sit on the sidelines and cheer (how boring!), I am trying to figure out if I can participate somehow. I believe the sports that are being organized are ice hockey (which is obviously out), softball, soccer, and volleyball. I don't really love soccer or volleyball, but volleyball might be the safest. I was thinking that I might just play softball, but only batting or even if I field, play in the outfield (I'm a shortstop), to avoid bad hops in the infield or collisions at the base.

My medical chit (for work - I'm in the military) lists no contact sports, PT at own pace, and no other stuff that only applies to the military (drill, gas hut, deployments, etc.). But it's just a standard chit given out as a precaution to ensure that pregnant women aren't ordered to do any activities that either they aren't up to physically or that might prove dangerous for the fetus. I'm trying to decide what PT at my pace means for me.

What does everyone think? Too risky even at this early stage? Thanks for weighing in.