I am really struggling with what to take to work for lunch now that I'm pregnant. I find that lunch is when I feel the best/want/need to eat the most food, and if I eat a legit meal I feel better the rest of the day. When I eat a smaller/snacky meal I tend to be starving all afternoon/evening and end up feeling more crappy.

The issue is that I'm really struggling with packing substantial meals for work. I'm currently having aversions to vegetables and lean-cuisine type food. My doc is big on the no-lunchmeat thing, so I've been following that. I don't cook much at night (or ever) so I don't ever have leftovers. Also with the not cooking-- not super interested in doing a ton of cooking for work because I"m super tired.


Mostly the days we order in at work I end up feeling pretty good. The days I pack (which usually ends up being like, cheese and crackers or something) I feel crappy the rest of the day. But ordering in so much is expensive.

So far my only thoughts for next week's planning are to maybe get a roaster chicken I can carve up and take a few days and heat in the microwave, or maybe make a batch of pasta to take.

Any other ideas? Carb + meat + easy + microwavable is key here...