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November 2013 Babies

  1. ShootingStar

    coconut / 8472 posts

    @Ash: I take them out of the washer and in a big clump I wet them at the sink, squish them to wring excess water out, and stick in the wipes contained. Takes about 1 minute.

  2. Turd Ferguson

    pomegranate / 3160 posts

    @Ash: I tried but didnt like 'em. Haahaha, another fail. I had 2 different kinds and got the Kissaluvs spray. I guess I'm lazy and will just stick to disposables (I'm also selling my GMD stash on eBay and we haven't used our BGs in...awhile...) for everything.

  3. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @ms.janedoe: You're better than me. At least you gave it a try. I thought about it for about 5 minutes and decided not to even try cloth anything.

  4. sarah.clarisse

    apricot / 360 posts

    ok. Facebook tells me that this is the weblink for the page. someone try it out because I just don't trust what FB says at this point


  5. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @sarah.clarisse: Worked for me! Just requested to join.

  6. Caly

    nectarine / 2765 posts

    @sarah.clarisse: pretty sure it worked! (I've been a lurker/mia for a few months but have big aspirations to do better...we'll see! : )

    I scrolled through the pages & there are so many cute babies! Oh my goodness! Each pic made me smile & go awwwww...

  7. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @ShootingStar: easy peasy! Thanks!

    @ms.janedoe: that's not a fail! Giiiiiiirl, I'm still using sposies! And now that he's on formula, I'm afraid to use cloth. And nutramigen poo STANKS! I used a cloth yesterday cuz our sposies are running low and gagged so dh had to do the poo in the toilet thing. Going to see if he'll let me use liners (we have a septic). If not, staying with sposies. My gmd stash is in the classifieds and on a b/s/t group on fb. I had high hopes.

    @NeekieRose: you're not alone!

    @sarah.clarisse: Yay! It worked! Thanks!

  8. Maysprout

    grapefruit / 4800 posts

    These babies are so cute! I love all the pictures of them making faces.

    So I have mastitis again for the second time, boooooo. I was out with my 2 girls all morning and got home and was sooo cold and exhausted. DH luckily had a short day and when I took my temp it was 102. But I got back on antibiotics and no more fever. Guess I'm just going to go braless for awhile. I didn't have this problem with DD1.

    Our baby is gassy too. This is gross but a qtip with vaseline on her bum when shes not able to get it out has helped a lot.

  9. Mrs. Pink

    GOLD / kiwi / 605 posts

    @NeekieRose: dude me too on the no cloth anything.... all that laundry....

  10. Mrs. Pink

    GOLD / kiwi / 605 posts

    @sarah.clarisse: it worked for me too!

  11. mrs.shinerbock

    pomegranate / 3779 posts

    @sarah.clarisse: worked for me

    @Maysprout: boo for mastitis! But I'm glad that it seems to clear up for you quick on the antibiotics.

  12. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    Y'all. Nathan STTN last night!!!! From 10-7 straight. I feel like a new woman.

  13. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    @NeekieRose: Ha. I thought about doing cloth anything for about 2 minutes. I know I wouldn't be committed to it!

  14. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @lilteacherbee: Yahhhh for STTN!

    Reagan has somewhat regressed a little. She has decided she likes a 3am-ish feeding for the last couple nights. I was getting pretty spoiled with her 10-11 hour stretches. I get up at 5am to get ready for work so it's not that big of a deal. Just bring her into the bed and fall back asleep while nursing and she spends those last 2 hours in bed with us. When I get up she actually stays in the bed with DH until I wake her up to get her dressed right before heading out the door.

  15. Caly

    nectarine / 2765 posts

    @lilteacherbee: So jealous! That's awesome!

    Samantha & Hannah
    Born: Nov. 7th

  16. Caly

    nectarine / 2765 posts

    good grief, didn't mean for the pics to be so big

  17. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @LMOG47: TWINS!! So cute!

  18. DigAPony

    pear / 1787 posts

    @LMOG47: Cuties!

    Hey ladies--I've disappeared from our board but have been following along faithfully with all of you and commiserating in my head! I usually read HB while I'm nursing and only have one hand free so it's hard to keep up. I sent a request to join the FB group so hopefully I can keep up better on there.

    Things are going pretty well here. Baby boy L will be 3 months old on Monday. He is a very smiley, happy baby! A few days ago he gave me a 7 hour stretch of sleep but otherwise has stretches anywhere from 3-5 hours overnight. He's nursing well and at his 2-month appt was in the 50th percentile for weight and height. He hates tummy time so I'm trying to work more on that, which is difficult because I hate to hear/see him be so upset by it. We switched to our cloth diapers a few weeks ago and they're working well (though I still put him in disposables at night). Right now he has his first cold--a little dry cough and lots of snot, but no fever, so it's not too bad.

    Excited to figure out who's who on FB! I'm Andrea.

  19. DigAPony

    pear / 1787 posts

    @lilteacherbee: Amazing sleep!

  20. Turd Ferguson

    pomegranate / 3160 posts

    @LMOG47: I don't think I knew you were having twins! Cute!! How's that going?? You're superwoman, I struggle with one!

    @DigAPony: glad to hear all is well!

    Things are going fine here. LO had a crap night of sleep so I'm dragging a little today. I should have known the 6 hour stretch was too good to last and of course, nothing stats the same with babies!

    DH went...sigh...up north to go snowmobiling with his buddies. I know it's partly my fault, he asked if it'd be ok and I said yes, but it's like, I feel like if he really wanted to be home, he wouldn't think about going in the first place, so obviously he WANTS to be doing it. Then it's like, if I say no, he wants to know what well do instead. I mean, I don't have plans, probably just hang out, but at least HED be there for it! So yeah, hell basically be home for the day tomorrow then he's gone M-F again. He made some comment about how "it means a lot that I let him go, it'll be the only time hell get out this yeah, etc". I don't know, I guess I get needing "you" time, but I feel like when you're gone as much as he is, you have to make a choice between you time and family time... Sorry, awful night sleep plus knowing he's up sleeping in, partying, and sledding with his friends maker a crabby pants!

    We went in for a weight check on Monday and she was 2 oz shy of 13 pounds! A liiiittle tiny but on the low side for what she "should" have weighed in at after a month (13 pounds, 1 oz was the "recommended" low weight gain), but I'm not concerned. I had DHs parents in overnight during the week which was...fine. I think my mom is coming today so I'm hoping I can get a nap in and ditch my pissy attitude!

    Are we gonna move this to the fb board eventually or stay here with it and use fb for pictures and such?

  21. MrsA

    apricot / 444 posts

    Hi to all and apologies as well for disappearing. I'll send a request to join the fb group also...for some reason I keep up with fb better than here!

    We're trucking along. C found her hands last week...so fun to see! She clocked in at about 11.5 lb this week and will be 3 months next week. Can't believe she is getting so big!

    Hope to chat more on fb!

  22. Caly

    nectarine / 2765 posts

    @ms.janedoe: boo...finding balance with family time/going out with friends and still having some alone time is rough, especially for the one who stays home. Is he also gone/away working during the week? Hope your weekend improved and you were able to get that nap!

    Ya, twin girls. To be honest, it's rough but has improved quite a bit since we first brought them home. For the first couple months sleep was literally nonexistant (one was always awake) now they're doing a bit better. I went back to work last week and DH is the stay at home so I really feel for him since he's alone with two. It's exhausting, I definitely recommend having one at a time...not that I would change anything, I love them both to pieces

  23. Mrs. J

    pomelo / 5132 posts

    @Ash: I use cloth wipes! I made them from flannel.

  24. Mrs. J

    pomelo / 5132 posts

    Who else is dairy free? I think I mentioned it before, but it is seriously the hardest thing ever for me. Good thing I love my baby boy. We had a really rough day eating yday (screaming, fussiness at boob), probably because my only food options involved cheese on Friday for lunch and Sat night. I feel bad! His diaper rash wash looking so much better until I ate the cheese.

    Ok, weird. I'm pumping right now, and my left and right boobs are completely disproportionate in terms of oz this session. Get it together, right boob!

  25. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @Mrs. J: my left side consistently produces at least 50% more than the right. It's so weird.

  26. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    I guess everyone is off to Facebook. I will probably lose touch with you because I left FB a year ago and I don't think I'll go back.

    I'm back to work this week. I'm no longer breastfeeding. Life has been rough since I last posted. But I'm surviving.

    I'll miss you guys!

  27. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @sweetooth: I don't know that we have to leave this board. I think it's just easier to post pictures and like things.

  28. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @sweetooth: Sidenote, why did you leave FB? I don't think I could ever leave FB! So addicted.

  29. ShootingStar

    coconut / 8472 posts

    @sweetooth: Aww, I'm sorry things have been rough. What happened with breastfeeding?

  30. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @NeekieRose: I just couldn't tell from the comments if people would still be here on HB to chat. I hope people do stick around. But I understand about the ease of photo sharing on FB. I left a year ago because at the time I was having a really rough time with fertility treatments and all of the baby announcements and photos were just torture. I have no willpower, so I would just continue to look at the announcements and photos and I was miserable. So I just deactivated and never looked back. Best decision ever

    @ShootingStar: The thrush was the end of me. I swear that the pain I felt for over a month was slowly deteriorating my own self, and my relationship with my son. It was a HARD decision because I wanted to provide, I wanted to save $, and I felt like it's what I'm supposed to do as a mom. But after somewhat healing myself with hand expression, and then the thrush still returning after trying to ease back into feeding...I didn't have it in me to continue to troubleshoot and push through the pain. I even tried to pump and my nipple bled It's been a painful, emotional week.

  31. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @ms.janedoe: I would be a crabby pants too if my husband went off with his buddies and was going to be away during the week as well. I know it's important that we all give each other time to be ourselves, and have "me" time, but supporting one another is so important too. I hope sleep is getting better for you and your little girl.

  32. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @DigAPony: I'm curious about these 7 hour stretches of sleep. We still wake our son for night feedings because we want to ensure that we do get two stretches of sleep. But I'd LOVE to let him sleep!

  33. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @LMOG47: Your little girls are ADORABLE!

  34. Turd Ferguson

    pomegranate / 3160 posts

    @sweetooth: We're really not, Facebook is dead too! I think we're all just lazy. ;). Sorry to hear about the BFinh, but hopefully now you can heal and focus on LO more without pain or stress! Sleep has been decent, usually a pretty good 4-6 hour first stretch, then a 2-4 hour second stretch...but during the second stretch she seems super restless and musses every hour. I'm able to keep her down by using the pacifier, but I'm terrified for what will happen when I move her into her room and crib.

    @NeekieRose: I agree, it's almost easier to keep up with conversations here and use Facebook for pictures.

  35. Turd Ferguson

    pomegranate / 3160 posts

    I guess going off that, do all your LOs sleep hard the entire time, or are they sleeping but fussy/noisy occasionally? I know about the sleep cycles, and I don't want her to get dependent on my intervening with the pacifier, but I also don't want her waking up completely...

  36. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    @ms.janedoe: Thanks! Honestly, it's kind of wonderful to get my boobs back to myself I'm feeling better every day. But the hormonal emotions tied to letting my milk dry up were brutal. I felt as fragile as I did just after giving birth.

    Our little guy seems to sleep hard from 7:30 - 10:30, then we feed and change, and then he's out from 11:15 - 2:30ish. During the 3:15 - 6:15 window I'm definitely sneaking the binky back in for more sleep. An my guy has been in a crib for over a month. I think your patterns will be similar to what you have going now. Don't fear the crib!

  37. Turd Ferguson

    pomegranate / 3160 posts

    Also, this happened today.

  38. ShootingStar

    coconut / 8472 posts

    @sweetooth: I totally get it. There were some days when I just couldn't keep up with him because of the thrush pain. He was probably 70% FF at one point. Honestly, the biggest motivator in keeping up breastfeeding has been purely selfish - I don't want him to get sick, because I can't take it if he sleeps less than he is now.

  39. ShootingStar

    coconut / 8472 posts

    @ms.janedoe: For us, it seems like the further the night goes on, the lighter he sleeps. Or, if it's not lighter, then definitely more restless sounding.

    We're not super reliant on the pacifier yet. He does the same thing with either the pacifier or my boob - sucks on it until he falls asleep and then forgets about it when it falls out of his mouth. It's fine now, but I think we're screwed once the whole object permanence thing happens. I was actually thinking of starting a thread on how to *not* nurse to sleep, since he closes his eyes part way through a feeding and just kinda drifts off and I'm never sure exactly when it happened. Most nights there's not a lot of drowsy, plus I don't want to pull him off if he's not done. Do I just tickle his feet or something to keep him awake? But then if I do that, he won't get drowsy.

  40. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    @sweetooth: Oh no, I'm so sorry you're having a rough time lately I hope you're healing okay, both physically and emotionally

    @ms.janedoe: adorable!!

    @LMOG47: so sweet!

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