DH would like another baby, and I’m trying to figure out the timing in terms of work (I’m not sold on the idea). I am on a 2 year grant and will hopefully get another 1-2 year grant after this one. I would like to have a June-September baby, but the grants typically wrap up in September or December so I could miss the last few months of delivery and possibly reporting. I think the best timing would be mid-late June in terms of the programming end. In terms of our family dynamic I think next year would be the best year to go for it, but it would be year 2 of a 2 year grant and it’s a new position for me and a new grant for my employer (I’ve been with the employer for 3 years and have had one baby while with them). Also I’m pretty much responsible for all reporting and programming for these grants. Anyone have a similar type of job (ongoing grants) and have feedback or advice? I’m totally open to someone saying it would be selfish/a bad idea. I would also consider taking a shorter leave (maybe 8-10 weeks) and coming back to work part time for a few months.