Hi guys!

I’ve had no eye problems ever. I have 20/20 vision. I remember with my first pregnancy that my OB mentioned your eyesight can get a little wonky during pregnancy. Yesterday I went to renew my license and FAILED the last part of the eye exam (stupid test where you stick your head in the eye machine and it lights up.) The whole last colum was blank to me. I could read everything perfectly except the far away text in the last column. It just looked blank to me. I actually got a bit nervous because again I have never had eye issues or even noticed anything different. I work on my phone and computer all day and have had ZERO issues reading even the tiniest text. Long story short they are making me go get tested elsewhere before I can get my license renewed. I’m just annoyed because I have so many appointments coming up I don’t want to have my husband leave work to drive me to. I assured the woman who tested me it was because of pregnancy (i’m 7 months along.) Everything i’m reading is saying it is super common and a side effect of pregnancy and will go away shortly after birth. Has anyone had issues during pregnancy with their eyesight? Any suggestions?