So, my due date is in late February -- the 23rd -- and we live in the NYC area. Depending on if my baby is early or late, and how fickle the weather is, he could be born during a below-freezing snowstorm, or when it's already in the 40s. Regardless, I doubt we will spend tremendous amounts of time outside for the first 3-4 weeks, and I will have both a Moby and a Beco so I can keep him warm by carrying him close to me while he is super tiny. And we can layer lots of blankets over him in the car seat.

Are other people in this scenario planning to buy any newborn winter gear (e.g., the newborn size Bundle Me)? I don't want him to be cold, but I hate to stock up on gear that I may not use at all, and that would only be used for max 4-5 weeks if I do.

I think my friend has a snowsuit hand-me-down, so maybe that will be sufficient if we also have some warm blankets.

What are other people doing in this situation?