This is my first pregnancy, so it’s all new to me. I’m looking for some advice and to hear what others have done:

I’m just over 14 weeks today and everything is looking good. We had an ultrasound last week, and so far baby looks healthy. That being said, we won’t get all of our test results for chromosomal issues back until the end of the month. My plan was to inform my boss about my pregnancy after that- when I’d be about 17-18 weeks along.

Today I just got thrown a curve ball. My supervisor called me into his office to discuss an upcoming project that begins in December. The project would really be a career making project and a great opportunity. However, it would require me to work in a town 3 hours away half of the week, every week for 16 months. I’m not planning on returning to work after baby (not telling work this yet!), but even if I were, this set up would be a no-go with a baby. I don’t think I could handle it either with being pregnant. My supervisor was very surprised when I told him I would need some time to think about it, and couldn’t commit at this time.

So, do I just turn down the project without giving my real reason, or do I announce my pregnancy earlier than I planned and then explain that’s the reason I can’t work on it? I really wanted to wait until I had the test results back, but I think I know now that I’m going to have to announce earlier than that. When have others announced? My supervisor needs an answer on the project in the next week.