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April 2015 Mamas - Nursery Progress

  1. SunshineMcC

    kiwi / 563 posts

    @Boopers: Wow, everything really looks great - the colors are wonderful and you did such a nice job of tying everything in together! I really love the chevron bin on the changing table!

    @Banana330: What a beautiful room - the accent wall is so pretty and calming and I agree with everyone else - the clouds really look great! The grey crib is really, really nice!

    @PawPrints: Thanks for asking this question - I was trying to figure out what all to put in the diaper caddy too - I'm planning on wipes, diapers, butt paste, vaseline and gauze (for circumcision care), and the nose frida (snot remover). I saw some people included Q-tips too - but not sure what I'd use those for. I can't wait to get these small details taken care of! Be sure to post pics of your progress! I really wanted to put a lamp on the end of the changing table/dresser, but I'm afraid it might be too crowded, so may just do a standing floor lamp instead.

  2. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @PawPrints: We have a pack n play with a changing pad so for the first few months that was set up in the family room. Once we took that down, I just put diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and a changing pad (the kind that go in a diaper bag, not the kind that go on a table) in a basket that sits on our hearth in the family room (you can actually see it in most of my weekly pics). This has been perfectly sufficient. Although DH said that we should set up the PNP with the diaper station for the first few months again.

  3. PawPrints

    pomegranate / 3658 posts

    @NeekieRose: Oh yeah I almost forgot we have a PNP, I hadn't yet figured out if we were going to use it or where we would set it up, so I suppose it could go in our living room and we could use its changing surface. That could be convenient. (We got so much secondhand gear from friends that I have started to lose track of it all.)

  4. marionberry

    pomelo / 5041 posts

    @NeekieRose: We use our PnP in our bedroom as the changing space for the kids - you're right in that it works really well. We technically have two PnPs and could use one down in our living room the same way but ds plays in it while I take a shower each day. Not sure I'm willing to let him roam free yet.

  5. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @marionberry: I never confined Reagan in the bathroom, probably should have. The amount of things she is able to take out from drawers and cabinets during a shower is pretty impressive. Too late for that now since she is used to roaming! Ha

  6. marionberry

    pomelo / 5041 posts

    We got a lot of the twin's nursery done this weekend. I still feel like there are things that need done to it but it's at least to the point where the twins could exist in it if they needed to. These pictures are horrible, but they'll give you an idea.

  7. SunshineMcC

    kiwi / 563 posts

    @marionberry: looks great! Love the gallery wall above the dresser and the accessories on the table are all great too. I've had items to put up over the dresser for a couple months but am nervous about it looking right, so keep putting off hanging them!

  8. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @marionberry: It looks so great! Lucky boys!

  9. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    @marionberry: The gallery wall is super cute! What colour is your chair? it looks like such a nice shade of bluey grey.

  10. loki

    pear / 1787 posts

    @marionberry: looks so good! your room looks like an amazing size. ours feels so tiny and now we have all these books and nowhere to put bookshelves! so i'm totally jealous of your large room. i guess you need it for two

    @SunshineMcC: i also have been putting off my gallery wall. need to get on that in the next couple of weeks. i'm glad i waited though because my mom gave me a painting that my grandma did this past weekend... it was in my childhood bedroom so i think it'll make a cute addition!

  11. marionberry

    pomelo / 5041 posts

    @SunshineMcC: We definitely need some shelves. All of these little items won't be practical on the table most likely. I am aiming for an ikea run this weekend.'
    @Banana330: The chair is a light blue color with threads of a light tan interwoven with it. I was nervous about it originally but just love it in the room.
    @loki: The room actually isn't that big but I think we've arranged things in a way which has made it feel really open. I'm picking up some bookshelves this weekend - just the IKEA spice racks and going to hang them on this little side wall under our chalkboard. It will likely only hold some books but the rest can stay in his closet for now. Speaking of which, I need to get some cute bedtime books for the twins. DS has ripped apart one of my favorites.

  12. Boopers

    pear / 1548 posts

    @marionberry: I love your room for the twins! Everything works really well together and I love your gallery wall.

  13. marionberry

    pomelo / 5041 posts

    @Boopers: Thank you!

  14. lulu22

    apricot / 306 posts

    Just catching up on this thread! Wow these rooms are starting to feel so real!

    @Boopers: your room looks great! Love the pom poms hanging on the wall! I bought the same humidifier but I tried it out last night and the noise it made drove me INSANE. I am abnormally sensitive to low/high pitch noises though... I'm so sad because I love how it looks and I don't know what to get as an alternative now!!

    @Banana330: LOVE how your nursery came together!! The colors are gorgeous. Makes me wish I painted after all... the keekaroo peanut is the last thing on my list to buy but of course the color I want is out of stock everywhere. Ugh, there is always one thing!

    @marionberry: your nursery looks great! we have such a similar color scheme and the same cribs! I love the dwell sheets and change pad cover. I was eyeing off that pattern but ended up opting for neutrals instead. I am also envious of your space! my friend gave me a hand-me-down swing (which she only used for a couple of weeks!) but it is HUGE and seriously takes up half the nursery! haha.

    I've hit a bit of a slump with my nursery... it was going really well but now it is a bombsite again as my mother will be using it as her room for the month that she is here, so it's currently part-nursery-part-guest-room and half of the contents (changing supplies, rocking chair etc) will be moved into our bedroom for while she is here. Hopefully this weekend I will put some final touches on the room and take some pics (without all the guest bedroom junk!).

  15. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @lulu22: I have the same humidifier and I can't hear it at all! We actually have 2 of them. How loud is the noise you are hearing? Maybe it's defective?

  16. lulu22

    apricot / 306 posts

    @NeekieRose: it's kind of a "buzz" noise. it's not that loud, but loud enough to annoy me and make me turn it off halfway through the night! Maybe I should take it back to target and exchange it for another one in case it is actually a defective one...

  17. marionberry

    pomelo / 5041 posts

    @lulu22: We have this humidifier and it's quiet and works great. Plus you can put in these Vicks tabs to get menthol in the air. http://www.walmart.com/ip/29765911?wmlspartner=wlpa&adid=22222222227021726463&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=40753910672&wl4=&wl5=pla&wl6=78605136872&veh=sem. As far as the swing goes, ours never went in the actual nursery. It primarily stayed in our room or downstairs in our living room because it was used mainly during the day. So perhaps you won't need to have it clutter up your nursery?

  18. Mrs.Pinecone316

    persimmon / 1316 posts

    @marionberry: Super cute!!

  19. Astro Bee

    pear / 1503 posts

    @Marionberry: Your gallery wall is great, especially with the two letters! Their first initials? I'm also planning a gallery wall, but haven't sorted out yet what I want to put up. Actually, I also have a gallery wall in our front hallway that has been 90% complete for over a year, so my track record on them isn't great. @SunshineMcC, @Loki: Glad I'm not the only one!

    @Banana330: I love your Monte chair. I looked at that one too before going with the Dutailier. Great craftmanship and so comfy with the lumbar pillows! I also appreciate the full moon pic behind it (given my username).

    @Neekierose: I'm so impressed with what you've managed to do with both rooms. Reagan clearly loves her big girl room. Were the names/initials custom-made? I've picked some letters out from Michael's that I really like, but DH and I will probably wait until the birth to finalize the name. It's down to 3-4, which we sort of love equally.

    @Boopers: Your pompoms look amazing. It's awesome how you tied your accent colours all throughout the room.

  20. marionberry

    pomelo / 5041 posts

    @Astro Bee: Ya the letters were actually from the two diaper cakes I got at my shower. As you guessed, they are the first initials for each of the boys. I may add to the gallery wall over time as I find cool pieces but I think it's good enough for now. A 90% finished gallery wall seems pretty good to me.

  21. Astro Bee

    pear / 1503 posts

    @Marionberry: That's a sweet touch to include the letters from your shower diaper cakes. They have a little more meaning that way! Unfortunately, the hall gallery wall looks like it's unfinished because I've left the brown craft paper cutouts that I'd used to plan the layout up. Big fail! DH asks me every now and then if I'm going to finish it. Most of the artwork in our house are photos that we've taken ourselves (usually while diving), which I then print, mat, and frame myself. Hopefully I'll find the time to do that over the next couple of weeks, in addition to finishing off the nursery.

  22. SunshineMcC

    kiwi / 563 posts

    My BFF who is an interior designer came over today to help with the gallery wall and I'm so super happy with it!!! I went in the room probably 10 times today just to look!! Still need to get new hardware but otherwise that part of the room is done!

  23. marionberry

    pomelo / 5041 posts

    @SunshineMcC: Very cute! Your gallery wall looks awesome!

  24. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @Astro Bee: I got the letters from Michaels too! They are called "wood" but they are really more like particle board. The one thing about the letters I ended up getting is that they are so thin, there wasn't really a way to hang them on a nail or hook. So I ended up nailing them to the wall and then going back over the nails with a little bit of paint. The thicker, real wood letters at Michaels have nail notches in the back which would be easier to hang.

    @SunshineMcC: Aww! It looks so great!

  25. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    @Astro Bee: it's an awesome chair. My mom actually took that picture, i think she's pretty excited we used it in the nursery.

    @marionberry: The blue is perfect and goes with the room so well.

    @SunshineMcC: love the finished look, so serene

    @lulu22: I love the peanut! I had to get that colour shipped to a friend in the US and brought to me as it's exclusive to one store! What colour are you getting?

  26. marionberry

    pomelo / 5041 posts

    @NeekieRose: have you ever tried the 3M wall sticks with Velcro? We've used those to hang everything on our walls, including wood and metal letters. I swear by them and they come right off the walk when you're done with them.

  27. PawPrints

    pomegranate / 3658 posts

    @SunshineMcC: Everything looks so pretty! Nice job.

    @NeekieRose: @marionberry: @Astro Bee: We are also doing wooden letters, but I wanted to do LO's full name and I couldn't find anywhere that was selling large enough wooden letters in a font I liked enough. So I decided it was worth the splurge to purchase the wooden name from an Etsy artist, who will paint it in a custom color and make it shabby-looking. I waited pretty late to order it, I'm hoping it will be ready by the time she gets here. I'm going to buy some of those Umbra flowers to stick on the wall swooping around the name, kind of like this (via Pinterest).

  28. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @marionberry: I have not tried that. The letters weren't terribly heavy so I thought I might be able to get away with that poster clay. No. Fail. I didn't put much more effort into finding a solution and went with nails. But that is good to know for the future!

    @PawPrints: That looks awesome! I bet it will turn out great when your letters come!

  29. Astro Bee

    pear / 1503 posts

    @NeekieRose: The ones from Michaels that I was looking at were also thin particleboard, although they're a different style than the ones you used. I feel better about hanging them over the crib than the heavy wooden ones, anyway.

    @Marionberry: I'll look into the 3M wall stickies. I don't think I've ever seen ones made with Velcro, though.

    @SunshineMcC: You're so lucky to have a BFF who is an interior designer. Your beach look looks so polished.

    @Pawprints: WOW! That looks amazing with the swoop action going on. I really hope your letters come in time. I had considered ordering from Etsy too, but DH and I haven't agreed on a name yet. Michael's is convenient, and I do like the letters there, although I'm sure a custom job would be much nicer.

  30. SunshineMcC

    kiwi / 563 posts

    @marionberry: @NeekieRose: @Banana330: @PawPrints: @Astro Bee: thanks so much, all. So happy with it. Here is the fabric I finally decided on for curtains - so excited to get those made too!


    @PawPrints: oh that's going to be SO pretty - love those flowers. I am still trying to decide what to do over LO's crib - possibly some bunting or letters with his name (once we decide) - just not sure yet! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  31. marionberry

    pomelo / 5041 posts

    @Astro Bee: I buy them from Target.

  32. Astro Bee

    pear / 1503 posts

    When my mom was here we spent a huge amount of time in fabric shops. Both fortunately and unfortunately, there were sales on at the time. So I got things at a good price, but spent a lot of the time feeling overwhelmed and sitting in chairs or on the floor while my mom shopped or stood in line to get the fabric cut. Long lines are not meant for women 8 1/2 months pregnant! The one on the left is the fabric for the curtains, while the one on the right is for the crib skirt. My mom is making one and my aunt the other. You can see the wall colour behind the chair. ETA: it looks a lot darker than it actually is, which is a medium grey.

    Just wondering, what colour grommets should we go with for the curtains? My mom arbitrarily picked up silver, but seeing as how I have to buy a new rod anyway, I can really go with anything (she said it's no problem to exchange).

    @SunshineMcC: I really like your curtain fabric. It goes great with your theme!

  33. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @Astro Bee: Love the fabric. And totally get the overwhelmingness of the fabric store. When I picked out all of mine for Reg's big girl room we were there for a couple hours and it involved chasing a toddler. Ha!

  34. SunshineMcC

    kiwi / 563 posts

    @Astro Bee: oh looks so nice! We went with a brushed nickel hardware for curtain rods and hardware because it's so neutral. Do you want to match any other hardware (dresser, closet knobs) in the nursery to the curtains? That was how we decided.

  35. PawPrints

    pomegranate / 3658 posts

    @Astro Bee: I think silver grommets will look great with those. Nice fabrics! At first I thought you meant YOU were going to be doing these sewing projects and I was like, wow that is ambitious this far along! Awesome that your aunt and mom will be doing that for you.

    These are the curtains we ended up choosing, the Madison Park Chace panels from Overstock. They are sheer and the pattern looks gorgeous when the sun hits them. I imagine we'll wind up pinning some blackout fabric behind them this summer since they really do not block the light but for now I am enjoying them as is.

  36. Astro Bee

    pear / 1503 posts

    @PawPrints: Ha! I can't see me making curtains at any time of the year, never mind with two weeks left 'til my due date. Not only am I not that ambitious, I'm also not that skilled. I had planned to try no-sew (i.e., ironing seam-tape on), but I'm sure it would have looked like amateur hour, and I'm glad my mom and aunt jumped in to help. Unfortunately, my mom won't be back this way until the 28th, and I so want everything up and ready in the nursery. I do have some small projects to do, but that's it. P.S. love your curtains!

    @NeekieRose: I couldn't imagine being at a fabric store for hours with a toddler in tow!

    @SunshineMcC: I think the knobs on the closet are brushed nickel, so we'll probably go with that. The dresser doesn't have any. It has those modern cutouts where your hands go.

  37. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @PawPrints: gorgeous curtains!

  38. loki

    pear / 1787 posts

    @PawPrints: those are so pretty!

    i finally got around to doing the gallery wall this weekend. it took me FOREVER haha. there's a big space below the map because that's where i'm going to put her name whenever we decide on it haha. also, disregard the scissors on the dresser!

    i included a map, 2 maternity photos, a picture of a flamingo, a print i purchased that has the shakespeare quote "though she be but little she is fierce", another quote pic that says "let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains", a painting of bunnies that my grandma did and hung in my room my whole life annnnd the top middle is a blue heart cut from a hankerchief that was my aunt's... she passed away 6 weeks before my wedding and we had that sewn into my dress.

  39. PawPrints

    pomegranate / 3658 posts

    @loki: The gallery looks lovely, and I think the sentimental touches are wonderful. Nicely done.

  40. NeekieRose

    persimmon / 1386 posts

    @loki: Looks really great!

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