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April 2015 Mamas - Nursery Progress

  1. Astro Bee

    pear / 1503 posts

    @Loki: Your gallery wall looks fantastic! I really need to get on mine, as well. I did frame a few more things, so I'm closer to finishing.

    Small rant here - It looks like my curtains won't be done before the baby comes. If you recall, my mom had volunteered to do mine. Actually, I'd planned to do them myself with no-sew tape, but my mom kept saying that they wouldn't look good and the tape would never hold; even though I've know people who've used the same method, and they seemed just fine. So, she took the material back with her after her visit with the intention of finishing them after she finished the baby's quilt. It means SO much to me that she wants to make her grandson a personalized quilt, but I've said to her several times that he wouldn't be able to use it for a long time, probably a year or more, and that she needn't finish it before he's born. I thought she understood that the curtains were more pressing. But, as you know from the other thread, we don't seem to communicate very well.

    Well, my mom told me tonight that she would probably have the quilt done in the next couple of days (which is great since I know it was causing her problems) but wouldn't get to do the curtains before she came for the birth. Actually, she said she might get one panel done, but what good is one panel? She's coming Saturday, and I'm so disappointed. Her reasoning was that it was no big deal since he baby would be sleeping in our room for the first few months. Except for wanting eveythinf done, I'd planned on having him nap in his nursery during the day - we even have the monitor up on the wall ready to go. But even with blinds, it's still quite bright in that room during the day thanks to the southern exposure. So now I have to go buy a temporary set of curtains or give up on the idea of him napping in his room. Plus, I love the fabric I picked out, and was so excited to have everything done before he arrived.

    I know, first world problems here! But when I'm loaded down with hormones, and so excited to almost being done with both the pregnancy and the nursery, to have a disappointment like this because either I wasn't able to clearly express what it meant to me to have the curtains done first or either I did and my mom just didn't listen to me is frustrating!

    End of rant... If you made it to the end, thanks for listening! I hope to have some updated pics up of my nursery progress by the end of the week.

  2. SunshineMcC

    kiwi / 563 posts

    @loki: the wall looks gorgeous and how for use that you have included so many meaningful things!

    @Astro Bee: I can totally understand being bummed out! I want everything done and ready to go in our nursery too, even though LO will sleep in our room. Do you think you could tell her how you're feeling and ask her to put the quilt on hold to do the curtains this week?

  3. marionberry

    pomelo / 5041 posts

    @loki: I love it and really like the sentimental elements!
    @astro bee: I've had similar issues in the past. Sometimes parents don't listen and it becomes about their priorities, not ours. I don't have an answer for that one but can she bring the fabric and such with her and finish it at your house? Can you give her a firm deadline for needing it done? For the first two weeks babies sleep nonstop and it's actually best to get them used to napping in daylight. This way if you're somewhere that's not dark, like the car or the grocery store, etc they still fall asleep. Plus it helps them get their days and nights fixed. My son took naps in his bouncer in our sunny living room for at least 45 days. Oh and that quilt can be used almost right away for tummy time. I'm sorry this is so frustrating and your mom isn't listening (I've really been there) but I promise when baby comes it won't be as big of a deal as you think.

  4. Astro Bee

    pear / 1503 posts

    @SunshineMcC: I did try to explain my feelings again last night, but she said she had started the quilt first and couldn't leave the project unfinished to pick up another one. I think I need to just deal with the nursery being unfinished for another month or so.

    @Marionberry: That is a relief to hear that newborns can (and should) get used to sleeping in all conditions. Part of my frustration stems from a long standing issue of my mom never listening to what I say. She frequently makes her own priorities without regard to mine own, and they are never ever based on the practicalities. Oh, and I don't have a sewing machine, so she wouldn't be able to work on the curtains here. I'll check around with my friends, but I'm not sure if I know anyone who has one.

    Thanks for listening! I know in the grand scheme of things having the nursery complete is really unimportant, and won't matter once I bring that cute little nugget home.

  5. loki

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    thanks everyone! i'm happy with it.

    @Astro Bee: i'm totally with you. my mom promised to make me a change pad cover and a crib sheet and a quilt. she was SO offended when i went out and bought a change pad cover & crib sheet just in case... but surprise surprise, nothing is done! i mean it's nice of them to offer and i get that they're busy too. but don't commit to doing something before the baby is born if you're not gonna finish it! haha. if i were you i'd probably go buy some inexpensive curtains just because i like the look of a finished room and i'd wanna take pics with him in there while it's nice and new. but maybe i'm crazy haha. your mom sounds like mine too where she feels like she always knows best and doesn't really treat you like a human with valid opinions and thoughts.

  6. Astro Bee

    pear / 1503 posts

    @Loki: So sorry you didn't get your promised sewing projects done either. It is disappointing, isn't it? I'll probably go get some inexpensive curtains, like you suggested. They really do finish off the room, and I do want to take some pictures. I'm just as crazy as you, it seems! But it does seem like our moms are alike in more ways than one. She does poo-poo a lot of my ideas, just because she'd never heard of them, or never done something that exact way. Doesn't bode well for childrearing!

  7. SunshineMcC

    kiwi / 563 posts

    @Astro Bee: aw you're not crazy at all! I think @marionberry has a really good perspective with all of this. I'm sorry to hear she wasn't willing to just do the curtains, but I think you're right about feeling better once your LO is home. I'm caught up in wanting everything perfect before I go into labor but reminding myself that it's just not possible! Sending you patience and deep breaths for dealing with mom! XO

  8. loki

    pear / 1787 posts

    @Astro Bee: ya i'm a bit worried about how things will go once the baby is actually here considering she stresses me out about inconsequential things like change pad covers! at least a lot of us are in the same boat so we can commiserate


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