I figured we hadn't updated in months and I always get jealous of the other due date boards so let's do some updates!

Name (if you want to share): Zoey

Age/DOB: July 18, she just turned 8 months old!

Size (or most recent measurements): She was 27 inches at 6 months but she was weighed a couple of weeks ago and she was 20 lb 1 oz. She's in 12 month clothes for the most part, although they still fit loose on her and she can still squeeze into 9 month clothes.

Milestones: Her most recent milestone is sitting up on her own more regularly. She's been crawling since a little after she turned 7 months old so she's been wanting to sit up. She looks like she's trying to work on standing now and she's also figuring out how to get underneath things.

Teeth: She has her two bottom teeth but we think the top ones are coming in now.

Food: We stopped nursing at all around 6.5 months (her choice but at the time I didn't know it was due to teeth) and stopped breast milk around 7 (my supply couldn't keep up without her nursing). So she usually has two 3.5 oz servings of food a day and 5 6oz bottles a day. Around lunchtime we also are working on table foods since she's only slightly interested in those.

Other: She's come up with this game where she crawls really fast at me or the cat with her mouth open and "bites" us then starts giggling. It's super cute, although the cat doesn't think so!

And I'll include a picture from last week.