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July 2012 Mamas, let's update!

  1. stargal

    pomegranate / 3890 posts

    @chrispygal: oh my gosh she is adorable! Love the Disney pictures

  2. buffalove

    kiwi / 640 posts

    @cookie_dough: i missed this one yesterday, what a dollface!! i love her cheeks! that is too cute

  3. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    Have you guys started planning the 1st birthday? We are doing a monkey themed birthday. I can't believe my sweet baby will be 1 soon.

  4. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @chrispygal: Thanks! You would never guess he was a preemie. He's actually hitting milestones based on his actual age not adjusted. I guess he only needed 34 weeks.

  5. twinmama

    pear / 1723 posts

    Hi all! I'm here and will def update but with 2x the writing, I'm just not getting it done All of your LOs are so cute!

    But in short, mine are both closing in on 20 lbs, all formula now, prefer finger foods, still waking 1-2 times at night, 2-3 naps per day, 6 teeth each, babble and squeal a ton, ds crawls crazy fast and walks alone with something to push in front, dd crawls backward and is working on pulling up.

  6. BelugaBean

    pomegranate / 3516 posts

    @cookie_dough: I know, she loves to just chew on the purple phone!

    @littlek: I've started to look into planning her birthday. We're going with a whale theme since we call her our baby beluga and it seems like a fun July theme.

  7. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @BelugaBean: Aww cute! I'm sure you will be able to find a ton of stuff!

  8. cookie_dough

    kiwi / 619 posts

    @stargal @buffalove: Thanks! Your little guys are so handsome So many cute July babies!

    We haven't really started planning her 1st birthday party yet, but we will probably just do a backyard bbq. I'm not sure that we will have a real "theme". The monkey and whale themes sound like so much fun though...I may have to get creative in the next couple of months!

  9. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @MerryC: they are getting big! B crawled backwards in a circle for like 2 weeks. It was hilarious!

  10. Giraffe

    apricot / 274 posts

    Yay, so excited to see this! I am a fairly new poster and have been hoping to find more July babies.

    Name: Charlie

    Age/DOB: July 26 - 8 months and 2 days old!

    Size (or most recent measurements): He was 28 inches long and just under 17 pounds at his 6-month appointment, but he has grown a ton since then. He feels so heavy to me right now! Strangely, he can still wear a lot of his 6-month clothes.

    Milestones: In the past few weeks he started crawling, sitting up, and pulling up to stand, and now he is cruising a little bit - just around his crib so far. It's all happening so fast! His babbling has started to get very interesting with a lot of consonants, but nothing remotely resembling a word yet.

    Teeth: He's had his two bottom teeth since he was 6 months, but no more yet.

    Food: He's still nursing whenever I'm home and gets pumped breastmilk the rest of the time. He didn't show much interest in solids until recently but is now really excited about them - we're still working on fitting them into his routine. So far, his favorites are mango and plain yogurt.

    Other: He's always loved music, but now that he can stand up in his crib he starts dancing when we put on his favorite CDs - so cute. He is an extremely alert little guy who is interested in absolutely everything. This morning he started trying to figure out the light switch next to his crib and made pretty good progress. It's a complicated dimmer that we can barely use properly, so we were impressed.

    Here's a photo from last weekend (please excuse the hat/sweater combo; his dad dressed him...)

  11. BelugaBean

    pomegranate / 3516 posts

    @Giraffe: Cute! Does he have Sophie in his hands? Zoey loves to play with Sophie right after she eats!

    We totally ordered the ballapalooza (spelling?) because she was so good last week when we were sick. It took me forever to put it together but she loves it!

  12. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @BelugaBean: Yay! Glad she likes it!
    @Giraffe: Welcome! he's a cutie!

  13. chrispygal

    persimmon / 1205 posts

    Just last night Abby started to get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth. She did it again this morning. I think we are going to crawl any day now! Yikes!!!

  14. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @chrispygal: Exciting! it happens soooo fast!

  15. BelugaBean

    pomegranate / 3516 posts

    @chrispygal: So exciting! I think it only took a couple of weeks from that point for Zoey to crawl! She would get up on her hands and knees and rock and then one day she just started moving!

  16. nikol

    coffee bean / 35 posts

    name: fox

    age/dob: 8 months 3 weeks, 7/13/12

    size: he's a big boy -- 29", 25 lbs! he was 19"/7 lbs 3 oz at birth, but he chunked up in no time!

    milestones: he started scooting on his belly around 7 months, and then figured out how to actually crawl right at 8 months. he pulled himself up to stand with our help around 6 months, but at 7.5 months, he learned to do it himself. now he pulls himself up on anything within his reach, and walks along everything too!

    teeth: two front teeth! all four central incisors came through in the same week. they're still working their way out, but i can see them when i tickle him.

    food: we're still breastfeeding, and he's been eating fresh fruits and vegetables since 6 months. he also eats oatmeal and toast and sometimes a bit of whatever we're having. we don't give him any purées, but we do spread them on toast, and sometimes i will put a little on his tray to squish and lick. he really likes those happy baby puffs. his favorite food still seems to be sweet potatoes. he hasn't quite mastered a spoon yet picking it up from the tray, but he gets it right to his mouth when you hand it to him. at this point, there doesn't seem to be anything he doesn't like. we're in the experimental phase with spices, but he likes all the ones we've tried so far! he had his first curry today and he LOVED it!

    other: he's such a curious little guy! it's so amusing to give him a discovery basket full of interesting little household items mostly, and to see him pick out each object and carefully examine it all over, how it feels and sounds and tastes, to play with it for a second and then set it down to grab the next object. the look of concentration on his face just kills me. he really loves to watch us cook -- i will either hold him so he can watch daddy, or put him in the ergobaby to watch me. he follows me all around the house now. lately he has been playing with daddy's acoustic bass guitar and it's sooo cute. it seems we've got a tiny musician on our hands. he also really likes to play the bongos. hmm, i feel like i still have so much to talk about here..!

  17. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @nikol: welcome!! hahaha the last picture is adorable! family band!

  18. nikol

    coffee bean / 35 posts

    @littlek: thank you! as tacky as it may seem, i really would like to have a lil family band someday, if only to play in the privacy of our own living room. lo is obsessed with music, both listening and playing!

  19. BelugaBean

    pomegranate / 3516 posts

    So Zoey started pulling up to stand by herself a few days ago. That's fantastic and was so fun until she learned how to do it in her crib. And she can't get back down once she stands up. Also, she's been so excited that this weekend she only took one nap a day, which was exhausting.

    She's 9 months old on Thursday though and we're really excited to go to the doctor on Friday to see how big she's gotten!

  20. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @BelugaBean: Yea!!!

  21. HabesBabe

    grapefruit / 4400 posts

    OMG, these babies are so stinkin' cute!

    name: charlotte

    age/dob: 7/14, 9 months

    size: 20 lbs, 4.5 oz and 28 1/4 inches at her 9 month appt! mostly wearing 12 month clothes

    milestones: this was the first pediatrician appt that we had to answer "no" to a lot of her questions! no crawling, no scooting, no pulling up, no moving from crawling to sitting position. she sits like a champ, pivots on her tummy, rolls around like a log, and stands when we pull her up.

    teeth: just one on the bottom, her right front tooth.

    food: still BFing, so she nurses about 4 times during the day, plus 2-3 comfort sessions in the middle of the night. we give her purees and solids 1-2x/day, no set meals yet (just whenever I have time/remember). i tried making my own baby food, but she doesn't like it as much as the pouches (or maybe she just hates butternut squash and peas). she'll eat table food that i mash up, though.

    sleep: bedtime around 7:30, wakes up 2-3x/night for comfort nursing, wakes up for the day around 8. naps at 10a and 3p-ish, sometimes 10a, 2p, and 4p.

    TTC #2: i want to lose some weight (40 lbs) first-- so after this summer. we want them to be 2 years apart!

  22. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @HabesBabe: Hahaha LOVE the sunglasses!!

  23. BelugaBean

    pomegranate / 3516 posts

    I figured I'd update since Zoey had her 9 month appointment. She's now 21 lb 7 oz and 29.25 inches tall! She's also doing better with table foods that are cut up super small and has become a pro at standing up. The doctor said that he thinks she'll be an early walker (although who really knows). We also think her top two teeth are going to make their way through any day now which is tons of fun.

  24. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @BelugaBean: Nice!!!

    Update: Brennan will be 11 months tomorrow, adjusted age 9.5 months. He's got at least 6 teeth, I feel like more or about to come in since he bit me the other day. We have moved to 3 full meals and 2 snacks. He is eating "big boy" food at school and LOVES it! His formula intake has decreased significantly. He likes to yell "mommy", "daddy" and "doggy." He can give me a high five now and he is very good at walking (assisted) and cruising. He also can stand by himself. I can't believe he will be 1 years old in a month!!!

  25. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    here are two new pics.. one is in his ball pit and the other is an outtake for his bday invitation

  26. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25556 posts

    @chrispygal: OMG your baby's face is just priceless! So beautiful!!
    @littlek: haha love the monkey photo. Is there a story behind that??
    @nikol: look at those rolls!! And I love that he's playing music with daddy.

  27. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @mediagirl: I call him monkey because he has little chubby cheeks. His first birthday theme is monkeys. The real thing is DH wanted an excuse to wear his banana costume.

  28. FLnative12

    olive / 57 posts

    Name: Roman

    Age/DOB: July 11th - 10 months this week

    Size (or most recent measurements): He was 28.5 inches and 23lbs 9oz at his 9 month well visit. I put him in anything from 9 to 12 month clothes. He is just out of his 6-9 months stuff. Size 3 cruisers and size 4 overnight diapers.

    Milestones: He has been saying Dada for a while now, along with Hi, Uh-oh, and Thank You (my fave!). Just this week he has started saying Mama, but not to me more as general babble. Since the 1st time he ever said Dada it has always been to DH or when he sees a picture of DH, so idk whats up with that. He wants to walk SO BAD, pulls up on everything, pushes all of his toys around, cruises on the couch. He only crawls if he absolutely has to.

    Teeth: Only the two middle on the bottom, and no sign of any others.

    Food: 4 - 6oz bottles and 3 jars of stage 2 baby food puree per day. He is not a fan of the sippy cup or of any solids that aren't pureed. I am not pushing it too hard b/c he only has the 2 teeth, but has anyone else had an experience like this? He loves to watch us eat, drools, smacks his lips and stares, but if we offer it to him he wants nothing to do with it. I have tried puffs and yogurt melts - he hated both. I know his pincher grip is good b/c he used it to remove everything from his mouth!

    Sleep: He loves his bed time routine and goes down between 7 and 7:30 every night like a champ! He is usually awake when we put him in his crib and goes to sleep on his own no problem. That being said he is still "waking up" once or twice a night. I use quotes because he really isn't awake, he is just fussing and wanting his pacifier with his eyes closed. Sometimes he finds it on his own, but usually one of us has to get up and give it to him.

    Other: He is such a happy little guy! The more interactive he gets the more fun we have with him We just put him in the pool for the first time recently and he LOVED it. Its going to be a fun summer at the beach and pool.

    TTC #2: Definitely an 'if' and not a 'when' for us. At a minimum it would be another two or three years before we ttc - IF we decide to.

    This picture is from Easter. I am definitely guilty of having a million pics on my iPhone and only getting the camera out for "occasions"...I need to work on that

  29. FLnative12

    olive / 57 posts

    *bump* thought I might catch a July 2012 momma during the post a thon.


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