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July 2014 Mamas!

  1. NorCalWayfarer

    nectarine / 2134 posts

    Congrats to all the new July mamas -- what a beautiful group of babies!!!

  2. NorCalWayfarer

    nectarine / 2134 posts

    @runnerd: Sooo happy sweet F is home with you

  3. chibee

    pear / 1974 posts

    i love stalking this board knowing we (us August people) are next! can i ask you guys a question? what has been the most surprising thing since you gave birth that you didn't think about before? like, it's way harder having a newborn than you really anticipated, or easier? congrats to you all!

  4. cookiemomster

    kiwi / 714 posts

    @chibee: the thing i didn't realize about childbirth: after you deliver the baby and the placenta, they have to do something called fundal massage- basically they push down on your uterus and try to massage out any ram aiming blood/clots. I had to have this done a lot, because I had excessive bleeding. It honestly was worse than the labor for me, because the epidural had worn off by that point.
    The thing I didn't realize about having a newborn: hearing her cry physically affects me in a way i had no idea was a thing. I can feel my blood pressure getting higher and my heart rate increase if she's crying for longer than a few minutes and I can't make it better. It's completely bizarre and made a lot of the testing they has to do for her jaundice impossibly stressful for both of us.

    Good luck next month!!

    ETA: to answer your over all question, the lack of sleep and the day to day routine so far has been much easier to handle than I expected, but the emotional aspects of having a newborn are much more intense and difficult than I would have thought. Hopefully that makes sense.

  5. mlm2934

    grapefruit / 4311 posts

    @chibee: i stalk august right!! (especially with all the 6+ month ladies!!)

    for me, so far it's been a lot easier than i expected dealing with newborn. F sleeps on a pretty regular schedule, and usually only cries when he has a real need. he's only 10 days old though, so i'm totally waiting on the other shoe to drop - ask me how i feel a month from now!!

    i was surprised by how quickly all my expectations for the birth process flew out the window once it was happening. i think anyone could have been in the room when i was in pain and i wouldn't have give a sh*t. also, i've been surprised by how much i don't mind visitors, i was so worried my in-laws would bug me, and even though they have visited every day, i don't mind bc i love seeing anyone loving F and thinking he is as special as i do.

    ETA: also all the make-me-want-to-gag cheesy sentiments are so true "never knew how much i loved your dad until i saw how much he loved you", "your life will never be the same", "you will never know how much you could love someone until your children", etc etc

  6. mlm2934

    grapefruit / 4311 posts

    How's newborn life going with everyone?? (As far as I know all our regular posters have had their LOs, right?)

    Things are good over here! LO is sleeping and eating pretty predictably still. We have been going on daily walks, and got brave and took him out to restaurants twice this week.

  7. MrsCDH

    olive / 71 posts

    Hi lovely ladies,

    Congrats to you all on the safe deliveries of all the July babies so far. Typing on my phone, with baby asleep on me so too complicated to tag you all individually

    We are happily into week two here, with week one being a haze of getting to know and falling head over heels with our little dude. Some low points (hormonal crying!) but mostly wonderful... though I now understand why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture!

    I am EBF, which has caused some issues of its own, but we're settling into a groove now. I am very keen to invest in a pump so I can make a milk stockpile for hubby to take over some of the feedings. I have found the pressure of being the only one able to do that a little stressful at times.

    Has anyone any recommendations on a suitable pump? I will be on maternity leave for several months so it will be used as a means to give me a few hours away a couple of times a week. Also any thoughts on when to best introduce pumped bottles?

    MrsCDH x

  8. Mrs. Cookie

    blogger / persimmon / 1225 posts

    @chibee: Breastfeeding is waaaay harder than I ever thought! In my head it was all glamorized and about bonding with my baby and super serene. In reality, it's difficult for him to latch some times, it HURTS, and it's something I think about constantly. Every 2-3 hours goes by so fast and at first it took so long that I would not look forward to it at all. Now, he is a bit faster, and will get faster still but it's still always on my mind that I have to nurse again soon. I feel like i'm on a short leash. And I dread having to nurse in public, not because I'm modest but because what if I have trouble and he starts crying and it just becomes too stressful! UGH!

    Other than that, the sleep deprivation sucks but it was more expected. My husband and family are amazing, and I feel so lucky to call my baby my son. He's absolute perfection. I'm just exhausted all the time and am trying not to rush this period of time but he's only 6 days old so we are still learning!

    Hope that answers your question!

    @MrsCDH: I've also had my low moments, thank you hormones!! We got a medela pump through insurance although I don't like to use it anymore (we pumped while waiting for my milk to come in and because he was jaundice at first). I don't care to BF and then pump, it's too much for my nipples!

    We'll introduce pumping and bottles around one month ideally.

    And what were your struggles like? We ended up with a nipple shield thanks to a nurse at the hospital and now I have to see a lactation consultant because I guess they are not ideal? He just wasn't latching without one. And I also have pain sometimes but not every time I nurse. Everyone I talk to says it gets better though so I'm banking on that!

  9. LemonLong

    pear / 1698 posts

    @MrsCDH: if you only need a pump for occasional use, I like the medela manual pump. If you will be going back to work and pumping, you will want a double electric. I've used the Ameda purely yours and the Hygeia Q. I think the Hygeia is more comfortable.

  10. MrsCDH

    olive / 71 posts

    @princessandthebee: You described the way I feel about feeding very precisely! It's truly something I think about constantly and everything is measured in relation to it... what his output is like, how long he's been asleep and when he should be feeding, how long he's been outside and is he dehydrated etc... I am enjoying the closeness and bonding of it, but I feel the pressure of it all being my responsibility despite having an incredible support in my husband.

    In saying that, we are very lucky as he hasn't had any latch issues. We had some stress as he had Jaundice and the culture of where I am currently living is not pro breastfeeding at all and I was terrified that I would be pressured to give it up, but thankfully we were able to handle it through outpatients and eventually his bili levels started decreasing. They were probably never dangerously high, but my new mommy instincts went into overdrive!

    Our biggest problem so far is that he is having trouble with the output end! He's pooping enough that I'm not worried that he's constipated, but it so much work and causes him pain to do so - which is heartbreaking to watch. The pain also sometimes wakes him up as he is straining so hard.

    Anyway, 13 days in and it's been the wildest ride so far! We truly adore him in a way I was not expecting to fall so head over heel in love so quickly. He is very adorable, which my husband and I agree is a good thing at 4am

    @LEMONLONG: Thanks a million for the recommendation. As with everything baby related, the choice is overwhelming. I think I'm leaning towards an electric so I will check those two out!

    Anyway, this is baby Andrew a few days ago in his Daddy's arms...

    MrsCDH x

  11. Mrs. Cookie

    blogger / persimmon / 1225 posts

    @MrsCDH: I feel like jaundice is so common now, everyone I know has a baby with jaundice. They says it's because so many people are BF now. who knows? our levels went down before we left the hospital which was a relief, but it was very stressful to worry about feeding him a ton and keeping him in the bili bed when he hated it and the eye cover thing, annoying!

    Yes, quite the wild ride, we actually got a few long stretches of sleep last night, and oh man that's helpful.

    Anyway, hope his pooping gets easier, poor little guy!

  12. Mrs. Amethyst

    olive / 55 posts

    Hello ladies! Omg, I can't believe it's been 5 months since I last posted here! I did a crazy thing and started a new job in February so I was super busy juggling that, along with my toddler and other duties (Wonder Woman wannabe here).

    Well, my beautiful baby boy E was born on 6/24/14 (a bit early at 36w 4d) via emergency C/S due to variable decels. It was the most terrifying experience of my life, but I'm happy to report that both he and I did well. Thankfully, he was able to avoid the NICU and we went home after staying 2 nights in the hospital. He's now 5 weeks old, breastfeeding like a champ, and growing like a weed (he's about 10 lbs now)! It's been challenging caring for a newborn with a 2 yo demanding a lot of attention too, but it's all worth it. I just love my boys so much... my heart is so full.

    Anyway, trying to catch up with everyone's birth stories... Congrats to all!!

  13. Mrs. Amethyst

    olive / 55 posts

    Updating the list:

    Our Arrivals!
    5/14 - littleredhairedgirl - Ava (ODD 7/17)
    6/16 - afpfgirl
    6/16 - justdarling - Olivia (ODD 7/1)
    6/24 - Mrs. Amethyst (#2) - E (ODD 7/18)
    6/30 - thismustbetheplace - Brandon (ODD 7/16)
    6/30 - keiki_mama - B (ODD 7/5)
    7/2 - BlueberryPie - Luca (ODD 7/18)
    7/4 - MK0180 - William (ODD 7/9)
    7/7 - mellybelly - Ellis (ODD 7/6)
    7/10 - lauraeabel - Eliza (ODD 7/18)
    7/14- runnerd - Finley (ODD 7/19)
    7/14 - Lemonlong - Juniper (ODD 7/30)
    7/15 - HLK208 - Nora Caroline (ODD 7/22)
    7/16 - NorCalWayfarer - Matthew (ODD 7/9)
    7/16 - MrsCDH - Andrew (ODD 7/26)
    7/19 - coopsmama - Marlowe (ODD 7/6)
    7/20 - kml636 - Scarlett (ODD 7/29)
    7/22 - princessandthebee (ODD 7/25)
    7/22 - night cheese - Penelope (ODD 7/28)
    Due Dates
    7/14 - Littlebear (#2)
    7/17 - squeaks (#1)
    7/22 - Mrsjansson (#2)
    7/28 - tigger223 (#1)
    7/2 - irishmama (#1)
    7/6 - MrsSpottts (#4)
    7/6 - Rainbow Buttercup (#2)
    7/19 - tejbee (#1)
    7/27 - Michmarm (#1)
    7/28 - MrsEmm (#1)

  14. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    @Mrs. Amethyst: congratulations!!!

  15. Mrs. Cookie

    blogger / persimmon / 1225 posts

    @Mrs. Amethyst: Yay, congrats!

  16. mlm2934

    grapefruit / 4311 posts

    @Mrs. Amethyst: thanks for update - congrats! Glad everything ok despite the scare!!


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