Hello, just thought I'd start this out! Got the BFP on 9/23, Sunday, 10DPO. I would have been due for my period today (12DPO/CD25) but not this time!

Not sure what to say here so here are some details, I copied this layout from the May 2013 board.

Location: northern midwest.
EDD: June 6
How far along: 3w 6d
First child? Yes
First Dr. Appointment:
I called my OB office and the receptionist told me the doctors don't like to see patients until 12 weeks along. Seems late to me, but OK. I actually made the appointment for week 11 because i will be out of town week 12. Come on, Nov. 14!
How do you feel/symptoms?
I'm bloated and a little crampy. Been having waves of nausea since Saturday (before my BFP!). Boobs a little sore today too, but haven't been up until now. I threw up once today after smelling something foul that took me by surprise. All very manageable so far. No cravings, though I have a big appetite (and eating helps if I feel nauseous).
Who have you told? Husband.