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  1. maddyz

    persimmon / 1270 posts

    It's so exciting that we are graduating from this board. I feel like I might be the last one here someone in early March. But who knows.

    I have crazy fits of nesting that start at about 10pm and are really hard for me to relax after, there is just so much to do! But realy there isn't. It's frustrating because I spend my days so sleepy.

  2. Mrs. Coral

    clementine / 812 posts

    Lost my mucous plug this AM. Dr appt this AM too--I'm at 40+6...really praying I won't have to be induced. Want to do whatever is best for baby though. Here's hoping I go into labor in the next 3 hours (ha!)

    Thinking of all you other mamas! Way to go carrying and nurturing those beautiful lives inside of you!

  3. mrs. tictactoe

    blogger / pomegranate / 3201 posts

    @Mrs. Coral: FX you go into labor soon! Maybe if they want to induce you, ask to wait until Monday or Tuesday and hopefully you will go into labor before that?

  4. mrs. tictactoe

    blogger / pomegranate / 3201 posts

    @maddyz: I am also afraid I'll be the last one in here. Due 2/25 and my dr won't induce until 41.5 weeks.

    Tomorrow is my last day of work!! I'm getting pretty uncomfortable and "over" being pregnant. I guess 3.5 more weeks isn't forever, though. I would be happy to go into labor at any point, but it would be nice to have a few days of napping (when Liam naps) and some one on one time with him before our world is turned upside down.

  5. Mrs. Coral

    clementine / 812 posts

    @mrs. tictactoe: Thanks!! That's so nice and such a great idea to get some 1:1 time with your LO. Hope you can sneak some naps in too!!

    Just passed a NST and got an ultrasound--levels are good. Another NST on Monday AM. If we make it to next Wednesday (41 + 5), we'll be induced. Thinking last day of work will be Monday.

  6. Jruess

    grape / 80 posts

    @Mrs. Coral: hoping labor starts for you shortly! I am amazed at your patience...and that your still working. I will be 40 weeks on Monday (a work holiday for me) and not sure i want to continue working past my due date.

    My life has been crazy full of babies these past two weeks and it's making me extremely anxious. I've had two cousins give birth since Jan. 31 and a third having her baby today most likely. Plus, one of my BF's sisters had her baby feb 3rd. Meanwhile I'm here at work walking the stairs trying to get something going.

  7. Mrs. Rabbit

    blogger / clementine / 750 posts

    @Mrs. Coral: I feel ya, girl! You're one day ahead of me, but it looks like we're in the same boat.

  8. Mrs. Rabbit

    blogger / clementine / 750 posts

    Had another appointment this morning. I'm now 5cm and they still don't think I'll "make it to 41," which is on Saturday. I basically rolled my eyes at that again since I'm still here and STILL pregnant. I had an NST and passed it again just fine. they picked up one contraction, and my midwife said that if there had been at least two more she probably would've sent me to the hospital to see if we could get the show on the road.

    Induction's scheduled for Tuesday morning (have to go in Monday night for GBS + antibiotics), but since I'm so far along they're going to break my water to see if my body will kick into labor on its own before starting pitocin, so that makes me feel a little better about the whole thing.

  9. Mrs. Coral

    clementine / 812 posts

    @Mrs. Rabbit: I'm jealous of your extra 3-4 cm get these babies outta us!!!

  10. Kbee

    kiwi / 560 posts

    @maddyz: @Mrs. Coral: @mrs. tictactoe: @Mrs. Rabbit: @Jruess: Thinking good thoughts for all of you! You're all so close!

  11. caitlanc

    cherry / 156 posts

    We're still hanging in there. Due date was the 8th off of LMP but the 14th off of probable conception. I think that's keeping me from getting too impatient. Well that and the thought of a newborn and a two year old. Which is good because I've had minimal contractions, been 1cm, not effaced and baby is high for the last three weeks. We're not exactly in the fast lane...

    Hope it's going well for the rest of you ladies!

  12. cmomma17

    honeydew / 7811 posts

    I'm still here too guys! Due 2/24. I thought for a while I would go early, but now I'm thinking maybe late like my first.
    How's everyone feeling?
    I recently lost my job which is stressful, but not working has greatly reduced my swollen feet and sore back, so that's a plus!

    Anyone not have their hospital bag completely packed? I need to finish mine today!

  13. Beanie132

    cherry / 102 posts

    still hanging in over here too, I may be the really last one standing as my due date is 2/28! Bag is packed, but still needs little items here and there and I want to sterilize a few things still.

  14. cmomma17

    honeydew / 7811 posts

    @Beanie132: thanks for reminding me I need to sterilize a few things too!

  15. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    We are still hanging in there too! C section is scheduled for next Friday and it's looking like we might actually make it that long. insane! I am so ready to meet this baby girl all my big "baby" stuff has been done for a long time so now I'm trying to balance the urge to clean all the things and rest up to save my strength haha. My child is watching far too much tv but it's freezing outside and my ability to chase him in public is pretty much nonexistant. One more week!

    @cmomma17: glad you are able to get some extra rest!

  16. cmomma17

    honeydew / 7811 posts

    @Mrs. Lion: I'm fighting the same urge! I dusted and vacuumed this morning but stopped short of cleaning bathrooms. I need to lay around while I can!

  17. MrsB2012

    nectarine / 2466 posts

    Thinking of you girls waiting, hope you're staying as comfortable as possible

  18. dagret

    grapefruit / 4235 posts

    T-10 days over here! I was 1 cm dilated on Wednesday and have been having bloody mucus since last night. No cramping, but this morning when I got up from bed, baby girl shimmied right down to my pelvis. No sitting like a lady anymore, haha.

    L came home from our sitter's last night with the virus they've all battled at their house - it's like a cold, but with a vengeance. His temp was 102.5 last night, and he just wanted to lay around last night and today. (DH is home with him). Not sure if I want her to come out with all this sickness, or if she should come out before I get sick...plus I have a hair appointment tomorrow.

    One thing I never see on packing hospital bag lists is extra collapsible grocery bags. You end up with so much more stuff than you came with that I found them to be really helpful.

    And ladies - stock up on stool softener and your pads of choice. Stool softener was literally the *only* thing I needed postpartum that the hospital didn't send me home with. It will be your new BFF, trust me.

  19. MrsB2012

    nectarine / 2466 posts

    @dagret: haha at 3 weeks pp, I still take Metamucil every night. I'm afraid to stop taking it haha. And yes to the pads, an assortment, extra night time ones for the first few days, regular ones and then the light day liners!

  20. dagret

    grapefruit / 4235 posts

    @MrsB2012: the midwife who delivered l told me to keep taking it until I wasn't afraid of pooping anymore. That's a pretty high bar!!

  21. dagret

    grapefruit / 4235 posts

    My water broke at 430 am so we will have a baby soon!

    ETA: What we thought was her butt all this time was her head. Boo. Csection coming my way.

  22. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @dagret: hurray! good luck momma

  23. MrsMccarthy

    honeydew / 7295 posts

    @dagret: hooray! Valentine's baby!!!!

  24. Kbee

    kiwi / 560 posts

    @dagret: good luck!!

  25. Aria

    persimmon / 1120 posts

    @dagret: How exciting, good luck!

  26. dagret

    grapefruit / 4235 posts

    All is well - updated the baby post with her stats.

  27. cmomma17

    honeydew / 7811 posts

    @dagret: congratulations!!!

  28. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @dagret: yay!

    Is anyone else having a hard time eating? I have the worst heartburn ever, no matter what I do. And I was up all night last night feeling like I needed to throw up Is this normal? I know my ob told me to expect the heartburn with the way she is positioned, but the not having an appetite or being able to eat is really unexpected...

  29. cmomma17

    honeydew / 7811 posts

    @Mrs. Lion: oh no, that doesn't sound fun :(. I just can't eat as much as I want to, and if I eat too close to bedtime I can't fall asleep for hours!

  30. SouthPaw

    cherry / 204 posts

    @Mrs. Lion: I've been lurking, csection schduled for Thursday. I'm in your boat w heartburn! I try to prop a bunch of pillows so I am upright to fall asleep and then I tend to inch down after a while. I really hope this passes for you so you can get some rest!!! I made sure to have nothing acidic tonight in hopes I can sleep;) good luck!!!

  31. maddyz

    persimmon / 1270 posts

    @mrs. Lion I totally feel you on the heart burn! Mine comes and gose and I can't figure out what to do to make it go. I sleep propped up on a crazy side angle when it's bad. No fun.

    Chewable papaya enzymes help a little. Also not drinking anything for an hour or so before bed. But mostly it just sucks.

    I think this little guy might kick a hole in my side before he comes out! The force he has is shocking sometimes.

    I also worry about his head resting on my pelvis, it's not so comfortable for me and I can't imagine it's good for his soft head.

  32. Kbee

    kiwi / 560 posts

    @maddyz: For what it's worth, when my LO was born his head came out really misshapen, which we realized was due to his position in my uterus (and then related to that, the direction he was facing when he came out). But, his head adjusted quickly and looked normal within the next day or so!

  33. mrs. tictactoe

    blogger / pomegranate / 3201 posts

    Not many of us left here!

    I've had awful body aches and mild nausea all weekend. My doctor said since there's no fever or other symptoms to just take Tylenol and let her know if anything changes. I'm also tiring so quickly. Unloading the dishwasher requires an hour of recovery! I would be happy to have a baby this week

  34. caitlanc

    cherry / 156 posts

    @tictactoe: That sounds miserable! I hope you feel better soon!

    I'm 41+1 by Last Menstal Period but only 40+2 by conception. Had another appointment this morning. Still "barely a fingertip" but definitely softer so that's something I guess... (Though how painful cervical checks don't start labor is beyond me. It sure felt like it should!) Passed a NST with no problems and my next appointment is on Wednesday. These appointments every few days are going to get old super fast since I live 1.5 hours away. I really hope baby decides to show this week!

  35. mrs. tictactoe

    blogger / pomegranate / 3201 posts

    @caitlanc: yikes, that is a long trip!

  36. dagret

    grapefruit / 4235 posts

    @mrs. tictactoe: some people have cold or flu-like symptoms before labor starts. Maybe that's what's going on with you!

    @caitlanc: ugh, that's awful. 1.5 hrs to your dr?

  37. caitlanc

    cherry / 156 posts

    @tictactoe @dagret: Yep, I love living in a small rural community most of the time but it does have it's downsides! You'd be amazed at what you can get used to though.

  38. mrs. tictactoe

    blogger / pomegranate / 3201 posts

    @dagret: I was hoping so, but my dr thinks it's a virus

  39. cmomma17

    honeydew / 7811 posts

    @caitlanc: oh gosh, hope that baby decides to come soon!
    @mrs. tictactoe: sorry you're not feeling well

  40. mrs. tictactoe

    blogger / pomegranate / 3201 posts

    I really thought it was happening last night! Contractions 10-15 mins apart for about 2 hours, then they slowed and I fell asleep. I've had a few random ones today, so I guess it's better than nothing, but definitely not in labor.

    I don't know if it's the tamiflu or what, but I do feel better in that regard. Still very lethargic, a little nauseas, but no more fever and body aches.

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