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  1. cmomma17

    honeydew / 7811 posts

    @dagret: I'm 37+1, and I've had a painful spot on my belly too for a while now. I was so alarmed when it first happened that I called the OB nurse line. The explanation I was given was it was most likely nerve damage caused by the stretching of my skin over my ginormous belly. Hope it goes away after birth!

  2. cmomma17

    honeydew / 7811 posts

    Hi everyone! I have been MIA forever, due mostly to my dad getting sick with cancer and dying.
    I had to come back now that we are in the home stretch.
    I'm 37 weeks, 1 day, and just SO OVER being pregnant. I'm just so huge and tired, and blah.
    Is anyone having cervical checks? I was 70% effaced and 1 cm dilated as of 2 days ago. I know it doesn't necessarily mean anything (and I avoided checks until I was overdue with LO #1), but man oh man do I want to go early!!!

  3. mrs. tictactoe

    blogger / pomegranate / 3201 posts

    @cmomma17: I'm so sorry for your loss!

  4. Aria

    persimmon / 1121 posts

    @Mrs. Lion: That sounds so wonderful!!

    @Mrs. Rabbit: Aww, hang in there! My gut says that this baby is gonna be late no matter what I do, so I have just given in and been doing lots of couch lounging. It's kinda nice actually. And now I totally want a cupcake.

    @cmomma17: I'm so sorry for you loss. I just had my third cervical check today, and there is absolutely nothing happening there. I wish I didn't have to have them because they're disappointing either way, but at the same time I'm curious!

  5. mrs. tictactoe

    blogger / pomegranate / 3201 posts

    @Aria: So far my doctor hasn't suggested a cervical check and I'm not going to ask. Last time I asked and it wasn't encouraging. I figure, ignorance is bliss!

  6. Mrs. Rabbit

    blogger / clementine / 750 posts

    @cmomma17: I'm so incredibly sorry about your dad!

    I've been having a cervical check since 37 weeks and at first it was exciting, but not it's just making me discouraged. I was 4cm/80% at my last appt (39 weeks) and everyone said it wouldn't be much longer...but here I am almost a week later not any closer to having this baby. I'm debating if I want to be checked again tomorrow; I probably will, just because curiosity will get the best of me.

    @mrs. tictactoe: I think you're right about ignorance being bliss. I'm all befuddled over my "progress."

  7. Mrs. Rabbit

    blogger / clementine / 750 posts

    Has anyone posted this yet? Because it's 100% true.

  8. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @cmomma17: I just posted in your other thread, but

    @Mrs. Rabbit: I love that! haha

    I have been getting checks since 34 weeks and it's always nothing. I just want to get this over with. I was hoping the massage today would get things started...I even took lo for a walk to the park today afterward in hopes that would help. Nope. Now I am just exhausted. Mickey for the win this afternoon!

  9. dagret

    grapefruit / 4235 posts

    @MrsB2012: @Mrs. Rabbit: @mrs. tictactoe: @cmomma17:
    Thanks, ladies! I had a dr. appt today and brought it up, even though i figured it was most likely ligaments or bruising or whatever, b/c I figured anything that made big ol' pregnant me move that fast had the potential to be bad. The midwife said it's probably just stretching or bruising. Baby girl is head down, though, and she said I could go any time.

    @cmomma17: I am so sorry for your loss.

    No cervical checks here yet, though I've lost bits of my mucous plug here and there so i'm hopeful that means something (though i know it's no indication.) I'm GBS negative, so that's good.

    @Mrs. Rabbit: that is so true.

  10. Jruess

    grape / 80 posts

    @cmomma17: so very sorry for your loss!

    I'm glad everyone is hanging in there! I am so so so ready for this baby to arrive. I'm actually feeling/sleeping much better than I was a few weeks ago but I'm sick of all the comments from everyone.. Yes, I know I'm huge. Yes, I know you think I look like I should have delivered this baby weeks ago. And yes, I realize you think I look super uncomfortable. Your comments don't help so let's move on already. Ugh. Sorry to vent. I know people just want to make conversation. My mom just emailed me to say she was getting asked if I'd had the baby yet since I'm so huge. Seriousely mom? Adding the smiley face at the end doesn't help.

    Cervical checks are so frustrating. Last week (37 + 4) I was 1 cm dilated but not effaced. Not feeling like much will have changed when I go in for my next appointment tomorrow.

  11. cmomma17

    honeydew / 7811 posts

    I agree that ignorance is bliss regarding cervical checks! And that once you start them it's hard to stop because curiosity gets the best of me!

    Would you ladies call the OB about one foot being more swollen than the other? Dr. Google says it can be a concern, but I'm not having any other symptoms (pain, dizziness, vision problems, etc.). Just a big fat left foot (since last night).

  12. Circusbee

    apricot / 390 posts

    @cmomma17: So sorry for your loss!

    As far as the swollen feet, my left is also more swollen than my right, and I have a numb, cold spot on my left thigh, but the difference between my feet isn't too drastic. I think I would call the doctor if I were you just to see what they say. I'm learning it doesn't hurt to be a little extra cautious these days!

  13. cmomma17

    honeydew / 7811 posts

    @Circusbee: thanks! Called my doctor and they wanted me to get a blood pressure check and then call back, so I'm doing that now with the nurse at work. Was a little elevated so I'm resting for 15 minutes and then they will check again.

  14. mrs. tictactoe

    blogger / pomegranate / 3201 posts

    @cmomma17: I had tingling in one foot for a while. I wonder if that's related. Smart to have the nurse at work check your BP! I have never thought of that.

    I had two sort of painful contractions that woke me up last night. I hope that means my body is getting ready! I never had any with Liam before I was induced and I was only a fingertip dilated when I went in for my induction with him.

  15. Circusbee

    apricot / 390 posts

    @cmomma17: I hope everything goes well when they check again! I had slightly elevated BP at my last appointment, so am on alert for any concerning signals this week as well.

  16. Circusbee

    apricot / 390 posts

    @cmomma17: Also, I just thought of this, but they mentioned (and Dr. Google confirmed ) that dehydration can sometimes be a simple reason for elevated BP and trace amounts of protein in urine. Maybe make sure you are drinking plenty of water, especially if they end up asking you to go in for an NST or to check your urine for protein.

  17. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @mrs. tictactoe: I hope your body does what it's supposed to and you can have your VBAC!

  18. Mrs. Rabbit

    blogger / clementine / 750 posts

    Just had my 40-week appointment (but really I"m 39+5) and all still looks good. I almost opted out of the cervical check, but curiosity got the best of me. I'm still holding at 4cm/80%. I had to have an NST, because my blood pressure was elevated a little bit, but it was fine after the second check. If I don't have this baby over the weekend, then I go back on Monday for another NST and and AFI and then we can talk induction if I want.

    I'd love to have her now, but I kinda want to wait until Sunday, because our first choice for a baby sitter is out of town until Sunday morning. Not a gigantic deal, but it's enough to make me want to wait a few days now.

  19. mrs. tictactoe

    blogger / pomegranate / 3201 posts

    @Mrs. Rabbit: It is just crazy to me that you've been 4cm for so long... I know that comment isn't helpful, sorry!

  20. Mrs. Rabbit

    blogger / clementine / 750 posts

    @mrs. tictactoe: haha no worries! My midwife said today that she's had two patients in all of her years who held on to 6cm for 2-3 weeks! Seriously, though, everyone I mention that to has the same reaction: their eyes get big and they immediately tell me i'm going to have the baby ASAP. But here I am...still pregnant. lol

  21. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @Mrs. Rabbit: Amazing! Hope she hangs in there a little longer for you!

  22. mrs. tictactoe

    blogger / pomegranate / 3201 posts

    @Mrs. Rabbit: So crazy!!

  23. loopedd

    kiwi / 536 posts

    @cmomma17: I had noticed your absence and I'm glad you're back! So sorry about your dad

    We had a bizarre day yesterday... actually @Mrs. Rabbit: I think I have your same pulled muscle! But mine is from coughing very violently thanks to the neverending cold. I was having trouble catching my breath at work yesterday, so I called the nurse, who sent me to the doc, who sent me to the hospital. We did the whole L&D admitting experience which was weird because we knew we were leaving without a baby unless anything crazy happened. 4 hours later I left with a prescription for Robotussin with codeine, which still seems to have not made to the pharmacy

    I'm 37w tomorrow and had my first cervical check at the doc's yest -- she put me at 3 cm. After being on the monitors at the hospital though we could see that I'm having zero contractions so who knows when this guy will come. I was glad to be at the hosp post-check though because I passed a large amount of blood that kinda scared me. The attending doc then "cleaned up my cervix" to get rid of the blood and holy hell did that hurt so badly

    I just feel terrible since I'm technically working until next Friday and yet every day I have some drama that makes me need to leave early. So frustrating... one week to go!

  24. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @loopedd: wow! I am glad you are okay! I can't believe you are 3 cm with no contractions! I am the complete opposite haha

  25. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    I just got home from my almost 37 week apt...I have been having completely irrational anxiety the last few days, and I fully intended to ask my ob if we could move up my Csection date but I could hardly get out words because I was trying so hard not to have a complete ugly cry meltdown.

    I explained what I am afraid of and she basically told me that what I am describing (not getting to the hospital in time, prolapsed cord, not knowing im in labor, etc) is close to impossible. my cervix is completely closed, and since I didn't dilate last time either it's not like a typical second baby...very unlikely that it would progress really quickly. Cord prolapse is not going to happen because I'm not dilating. She said most likely my water will break and I will know to go to the hospital just like last time.

    So I'm trying to focus on the logic and not the terror...and hoping that the full ugly cry in the car on the way home was enough to get it out of my system. I need a bath and an early bedtime. And a bottle of wine...but that will have to wait I suppose.

  26. loopedd

    kiwi / 536 posts

    @Mrs. Lion: Oh lady I am so sorry you're feeling this way I am glad the doc was reassuring about the literal fears, but I totally understand the irrational getting the better of you. DH offered to draw me a bath to relax me this afternoon and I was like "It would take too long to get out!!" Drama queen I know!! But I feel like this is all set up to make us feel insane!!

    I can't wait until you have this girl and then that glass of wine!!

  27. cmomma17

    honeydew / 7811 posts

    Well I did end up leaving work and getting checked out at labor and delivery. Blood pressure went back down and everything was normal. Just have to keep an eye on my fat foot, especially if the swelling goes up my legs. I know my blood pressure will go up again at work tomorrow. I hate my job. The nurse said to rest a lot but that's not possible working full time and having a toddler. I wish my due date was sooner. I am so ready to be on maternity leave and I'm not in a good place mentally.

  28. Mrs. Rabbit

    blogger / clementine / 750 posts

    @Mrs. Lion: Hope you get a bath tonight!!!

    @loopedd: I've been taking a bath almost every night and it totally takes FOREVER for me to get out. My husband actually helps me in and out...God bless that man and his patience! That's awesome that you're already at 3cm for 37 weeks! I'm having really, really, really few contractions, too. Walking has definitely upped them (from zero to "some"), so I'm trying to keep that up in hopes that they'll lead to something. Then again, taking a bath every night probably stops whatever could be progressing. Oh well, the bath feels delightful, so it wins!

    @cmomma17: Glad your blood pressure went back down! Any way you can take off a day or two next week just to get a little extra rest?

  29. mrs. tictactoe

    blogger / pomegranate / 3201 posts

    @loopedd: Oh man, glad everything is ok! And wow, 3cm!!! I also feel like a slacker at work right now, but they have to understand. It's so hard at the end.

    @Mrs. Lion: I hope you are feeling better today.

    @cmomma17: glad your BP went down! I hope you can get a little rest this weekend.

  30. dagret

    grapefruit / 4235 posts

    So frustrated with naming. I've come up with literally 50+ names and DH has vetoed all of them. Meanwhile, he's come up with 3 names, one specifically starting with the same letter as DS and DH's name, which i asked him to avoid; one name that I really don't like but would settle for a middle, and one 'meh' name.

    AND he wants to go on another snowmobiling trip Sunday. Which would take him at least 2 hours, probably 2.5, to return from should I go into labor.

    I need a drink.

  31. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @dagret: Yikes! The naming is so hard! I thought we had it narrowed down to two, but turns out DH had another in mind....it was my former favorite, which he had vetoed. What in the world. So we may just be going with that one haha I think it is still my favorite.

    @mrs. tictactoe: Feeling much better today I really love and trust my doctor, and she tends to err on the more cautious side. For her to tell me that my fears are not going to happen in the real world made me feel a lot better.

    Of course, last night I had contractions (painful ones) for 3 hours, between every 13 and 3 minutes. They never became regular so I gave up and went to sleep...but I woke up multiple times throughout the night. Awesome haha. I am really starting to think she is just going to torture me until my scheduled c-section, and I need to just stop worrying so much

  32. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @Mrs. Rabbit: Baths FTW! We have a bar in our tub that is very useful for getting in and out. I don't know what I would do otherwise! Our power bill has been through the roof from me taking super hot baths every night, but I don't really care. haha

  33. Mrs. Rabbit

    blogger / clementine / 750 posts

    @dagret: oooooh names. I think we have it narrowed down, but my first choice was still vetoed by him over and over. Although, we came to an agreement that if he's working and I can't get a hold of him when I go into labor, I get to name her whatever I want. Maybe use that as a bargaining chip for him to stay home from snowmobiling?! Worth a shot

    @Mrs. Lion: haha ditto about the higher bill. Our last water bill shot up drastically and I was all ready to fight the price when my husband reminded me about my nightly baths. Totally worth every cent.

  34. Aria

    persimmon / 1121 posts

    @dagret: Naming is so hard. Thankfully we agreed on a first name pretty easily, before she was even born, but finding a middle name has been torture. We each have a top contender that the other doesn't really like, and we've been avoiding the topic for weeks. We probably won't decide until she's born, which completely stresses me out.

  35. Mrs. Rabbit

    blogger / clementine / 750 posts

    How's everyone doing? I lost (part of?) my mucus plug this morning, and last night it felt like the baby dropped BIG time. I woke up super hopeful that today would be the day (and it's my due date, so that would've been cool), but as the day went on, nothing happened. Maybe something will in a day or two?

  36. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    @Mrs. Rabbit: I hope so!!

    I'm having lots of contractions again but nothing real yet. I am so.over.this. I am in pain pretty much all the time. Dh doesn't understand, and I feel like I am turning into the stereotypical pregnant raging bitch. I hate it, but I get so irritated with stupid things and just can't bold in my annoyance. 12 more days....12 more days...

  37. Mrs. Coral

    clementine / 812 posts

    @Mrs. Rabbit: @Mrs. Lion: Thank you both for your support last week. I'm in a better place now, not so ragey. I had a good cry, which helped. I'm thinking of you both and hoping time passes quickly until you're holding your LOs!!

    I'm 40 + 1 today, starting to (unrationally) get nervous about the potential need for inducement. I feel like my desire for a natural labor will become impossible then. Which is fine, just my mind being overactive...

  38. loopedd

    kiwi / 536 posts

    @Mrs. Rabbit: I was thinking of you this morning since it's your due date… lost mucous plug can only be moving in the right direction!!

    @Mrs. Lion: Oh man, I hear you on the preggo bitch thing. I feel like I don't want to talk to ANYONE and anything anyone says to try to make me feel better makes me so ragey. My best friend came over today and I had to completely force myself to try to be normal for a while… but I don't think it worked. Honestly, it makes me feel better to know that other people are crazy too. I am so sorry to hear about all the pain you're in!!

    @Mrs. Coral: Hugs and good thoughts to you. Hoping things move along on their own!!

  39. Kbee

    kiwi / 560 posts

    @Mrs. Rabbit: Oooh so promising! I hope it happens soon for you. Crossing my fingers!

    @Mrs. Lion: @loopedd: @Mrs. Coral: Thinking of all of you and hoping those babies come soon for you.

  40. Mrs. Rabbit

    blogger / clementine / 750 posts

    I'll try updating this with all the new mamas, but for now, I'm going to go take a nap (if anyone gets to updating it before me, by all means...go for it!)
    (Oh, and boo...it didn't transfer over any of the emojis. lame)

    [:heart:] [:heart:] February 2015 Mamas [:heart:] [:heart:]
    February 3rd: LilJane (#2 [:girl:] )
    February 5th: Mrs. Detour (#1 [:teamgreen:] )
    February 6th: Swedishfish (#2 [:boy:] ), Mrs. Coral (#1 [:girl:] ), Mtex14 (#1 [:girl:] )
    February 7th: MrsTal (#1 [:boy:] ), Autumn865 (#2), Mrs. Rabbit (#2 [:girl:] )
    February 8th: Caitlanc (#2)
    February 9th: MrsB2012 (#2 [:girl:] )
    February 11th: Marzipan (#2 [:girl:] ), ndepet (#1 [:boy:] )
    February 12th: HeartAbandoned (#1 [:boy:] ), newatthis (#1 and #2), reyorra (#2 [:boy:] )
    February 13th: TheFixIts (#2 [:boy:] and #3 [:boy:] )
    February 14th: Aria (#1 [:girl:] ), AnneBird (#1 [:boy:] )
    February 15th: Baby2Feb15 (#2 [:girl:] )
    February 16th: Kbee (#1 [:boy:] ), Blueheron (#1), Jruess (#2 [:teamgreen:] ), Iced Tea (#1 [:girl:] ), Callalillylove (#1)
    February 17th: Circusbee (#1 [:boy:] )
    February 18th: GreeneB2 (#1 [:girl:] )
    February 20th: Lone Palm (#2)
    February 23rd: Dagret (#2 [:girl:] ), maddyz (#1 [:boy:] )
    February 24th: Mrs. Tictactoe (#2 [:girl:] ), cmomma17 (#2 [:boy:] )
    February 25th: Sugarmammary (#1)
    February 26th: Abdubbs (#1 [:girl:] and #2 [:boy:] )
    February 27th: MsMiranda (#2 [:girl:] ), Mrs. Lion (#2 [:girl:] ), Loopedd (#1 [:boy:] )
    February 28th: Beanie132 (#1 [:teamgreen:] )
    March 1st: Intotheocean (#2)
    March 8th: scg00387 (#2 [:teamgreen:] )

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