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  1. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

    @hilsy85: No - I'm seeing the OB tomorrow for my regular checkup and I'm going to BEG him not to wait for an induction. I just can't do it anymore.

  2. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    @babycanuck: ah ok. Well I imagine he'll do another sweep and that will hopefully get something started!!

  3. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

    @hilsy85: Have you had much nausea? I find I'm feeling sick all the time again, and I'm trying to avoid being back on diclectin.

  4. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    @babycanuck: no but I either feel sickeningly full or nauseaously hungry a lot of the time.

  5. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @babycanuck: I have turned into a monster now waiting...

  6. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

    @Mrs. Goose: I'm also dealing with uncontrollable crying at this point DH doesn't know what to do and just gets mad because he doesn't get it.

  7. HyattsMom

    grape / 85 posts

    @babycanuck: Definitely sounds frustrating. Hoping your doc helps to get the show going tomorrow.

  8. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @babycanuck: I did that a few days ago...

    Positive thoughts for you for tomorrow!

  9. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

    @Mrs. Goose: You're in the GTA? What hospital are you going to?

  10. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @babycanuck: nope, not in Toronto area. Couple of hours away.

  11. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

    @Mrs. Goose: Ahh okay

  12. BelugaBean

    pomegranate / 3516 posts

    @babycanuck: Sorry you're having such a rough time! I hope they can help you out somehow!

    I had my 40 week appointment today. I'm now 2cm, 60% effaced and baby is fully in my pelvis. She asked about setting up an induction but said I was okay waiting until 42 weeks since everything looked good besides me being uncomfortable. So I have a NST and ultrasound scheduled for next Wednesday. She seems to think I'll have my baby in the next few days though so we'll see if she's right!

  13. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    @Mrs. Pickle: What did the urine analysis and ultrasound show?

  14. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    @babycanuck: Aww, I'm sorry. Hope your Dr gives you some good news soon.

  15. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @bluestriped bee: all is good! They didn't find anything wrong. We're home now.

  16. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    @Mrs. Pickle: oh, good! Did she ended up peeing at some point before you left the hospital?

  17. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @bluestriped bee: she sure did. She actually peed during the ultrasound when they were checking her kidneys and then again when the nurse was bathing her. DH changed a pee diaper after that too. She's had lots of since we got home. I have no idea why it took so long for her to get started.

  18. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    @Mrs. Pickle: haha. That's good.

  19. HyattsMom

    grape / 85 posts

    @babycanuck: Good luck at the OB today! Hope all goes well.

  20. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

    Induction tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday. He said they would break my water then give my oxytocin.

    For people who have had their water broker...does it hurt, epidural before or after? I have no idea what to expect.

  21. Charm54

    cantaloupe / 6885 posts

    @babycanuck: the end is in sight! For DD1 I had my water broken after my epidural, didn't feel a thing. For DD2 there was no time for an epidural, my water broke on its own right before she was delivered. It didn't hurt, just felt like a "pop" of pressure.

  22. birdofafeather

    pineapple / 12053 posts

    @babycanuck: glad something is on the books and I hope baby comes on his own before then! My water broke spontaneously and it didn't hurt. Contractions didn't even start for another hour or so.

  23. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @babycanuck: I had my water broken before I had my epidural and it didn't hurt. I just felt pressure and then a huge gush. I hope you go into labor before your induction!

  24. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    @babycanuck: glad you have an end date! My water broke with LO1 on its own and it didn't hurt at all.

    I went in today as well--I'm now 4cm and 50% effaced! My OB is shocked that I am not in labor. She did a pretty good membrane sweep so we'll see....she also said she'd be willing to induce me on Thursday (my due date), but DH really wants to wait for the baby to come on her own.

  25. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @hilsy85: wow! I can't believe you aren't in labor either! I bet you have a pretty quick labor.

  26. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    @Mrs. Pickle: another reason I wouldn't mind being induced on Thursday, we're not super close to the hospital and we need to get childcare here for LO1! I want to make sure I make it in time, lol.

  27. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @BelugaBean: so close! Hope it happens soon for you!@babycanuck: I've never had my water broken, it broke during labor but it didn't hurt...good luck!! At least you have an end date!@hilsy85: I bet you'll go soon! Hope this membrane sweep did the trick!

  28. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

    @hilsy85: @Mrs. Pickle: @Charm54: @birdofafeather: thanks ladies! makes me feel better. Mentally at least now I have an eviction date!!!

  29. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

    @NovBaby1112: thanks!!

  30. birdofafeather

    pineapple / 12053 posts

    @hilsy85: wowza! She just really wants to hang in there, huh? Hoping it happens soon and in enough time for you to get to the hospital!

  31. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4455 posts

    @babycanuck: YAY for an eviction date! Hang in there!

    @hilsy85: 4cm! Sounds like your baby girl will be here very soon..

  32. justjules

    apricot / 488 posts

    I'm 39+5 weeks and had my last doc appointment today. @babycanuck we also tentatively scheduled an induction for next tuesday! It will be an overnight induction, so I will go in late tuesday night and if things progress well, I will have the baby on wednesday. I really hope I go naturally in labor before then, though! My mom is flying in tomorrow and staying till tuesday morning, so she will just miss it
    fingers crossed baby boy will come while she is here!

  33. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    Of course now that we are so close to the end I am totally second guessing our first choice name...do you think Claire Violet sounds too much like clairvoyant???

  34. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @hilsy85: I never would have made that connection! I think it's a cute name.

  35. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @hilsy85: ha, didn't notice. It's a nice name.

    Hanging out at 40+6. Have a BPP ultrasound on Friday to check on the baby. My midwife said then we will have to schedule another ultrasound for Monday and I guess if the baby isn't here by Tuesday we will schedule an induction for Wednesday at 42 weeks, although it hasn't been scheduled yet. She said I could have booked one for this Saturday or Sunday, but we decided to leave it over the weekend because our anniversary is on Sunday and I would like to avoid an induction if I can. Although my heart did a little flip flop at the thought of having the baby here this weekend! It's only Tuesday though...I guess things could happen before then.

  36. birdofafeather

    pineapple / 12053 posts

    @hilsy85: i wouldn't have ever thought that! it's a lovely name!

    had my 37 week appt with a check and was only .5cm so doc says he doesn't think i'm in any danger of going before the weekend! i've had some good and bad days and just keeping my eyes on the prize: aka, finishing my season!

    i took a 2 hour nap after i dropped DD off at school this morning and it was glorious. after this weekend, i'll be doing all the things to see if labor will get going, but for now, i'm resting.

  37. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2288 posts

    Big hugs to all those ahead of me who are super uncomfortable! Fingers crossed babies come soon!

    I hadn't made any progress as of Friday at my appointment so now figuring baby is comfy and I'll still be prego on my due date . She's going to be huge by then!

    Glad to hear every one who's had their babes is doing well! Excited and little scared to meet mine!

  38. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @hilsy85: I never would have thought of that! Love the name!

  39. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    Well i have a punctual little girl--Claire Violet arrived this morning, On her due date, at 544am! In the hospital and everyone is doing well

  40. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @hilsy85: yay. Congratulations!

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