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October 2015 Postpartum Chat

  1. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @hilsy85: true. Thank you again.

    I'll keep dairy free for a month just to see, although it doesn't seem to be making a difference. It is however helping my waistline! I used to go to the fridge and eat cheese every time I opened it...

    I am glad that she does seem so content. It could be her normal I guess!

  2. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @Mrs. Goose: how's it going being DF??

    @hilsy85: did you guys decide if/where you are moving???

    @novbaby1112: how's the C-man doing with the reflux & poops?

    Anyone notice their 6 month old acting differently?! Just today and this week LO has been difficult nursing and eating.... And SO fussy today. so unlike him.

  3. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

    Hey ladies, checking in. Hope things are going well.

    It's like a light switch went when L turned 5 months - his temperament is better, he's sleepin 3-5 hours at a time (finally I get more than 2 hours at a time overnight). Still no real daytime naps but that's okay, and solids going well.

  4. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

    @Mrs. Goose: Just to add - L gained well under a lb between months 4 and 5. Babies bulk up in the first three months then slow down a lot from what I was told. Everything else is normal so try not to stress yourself out too much about it.

  5. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @hellobeeboston: it was going good actually, although there was no difference in her poo-still mucousy. :(. I go for her 6 month on the 22nd or around there and will be asking to speak to someone else. We're in England now though and it has been harder to be dairy free so I fell off the wagon a bit, but not a lot. I'll return to it when we come home.

    @babycanuck: I was thinking about that fact the other day actually, I was telling my friend about how that happens so perhaps that was part of it.

    J is so into food and us eating and drinking that we have her some oatmeal this morning, mixed with breastmilk. She loved it. So far she is showing she will be a little pro eater which makes me happy and sad at the same time-she's growing up so fast already! I also gave her kiwi to try and she made funny faces, but still ate it. So when we get home solids will be full on.

  6. renee0106

    cherry / 197 posts

    Well I got a BFP yesterday morning, guess we will have a 15 month age gap! DS seems so little still (and I know he is) but I'm hoping we'll be able to make it through this crazy time in our lives now!

    DS is loving any food I give him lately and is starting to rotate in a circle while on his belly, so maybe he's getting closer to crawling? I'm in no hurry for him to be mobile though, he's just pretty happy and content lately.

  7. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4455 posts

    @renee0106: congrats!

    I feel like time is FLYING and we just had our los so now I'm taken by surprise someone is pregnant again although I guess it was bound to happen soon. I'm so out of it, I feel like we JUST had newborns but they are actually closer to one than just born now!!!

  8. renee0106

    cherry / 197 posts

    @2littlepumpkins: thank you! Definitely was a happy surprise.

  9. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    @renee0106: congrats!! I'm sure it will be crazy, but fun!

    @hellobeeboston: sorry just saw this--yes we are moving to Philly, in mid June. So soon! So now I am trying to find a preschool for L and figure out housing. Stressful!!!

    I posted on our FB group, but C dropped in percentiles for height/weight/head circ, but doc was not worried. I think she is just not a big eater, because when she is done nursing, she is just DONE--can't get her to re latch even if there is milk. She is also not really into solids, and I am trying not to push too hard since she is just 6 months. Hopefully it clicks for her soon. Also, her sleep is crap

  10. BelugaBean

    pomegranate / 3516 posts

    @hilsy85: It sounds like our girls are similar! She's dropped in all percentiles every visit (the weight has dropped the slowest but she's trying to become mobile so I expect that'll pick up). She also doesn't really care for solids and sleep is all over the map!

  11. BelugaBean

    pomegranate / 3516 posts

    @renee0106: Congratulations!

  12. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @renee0106: eep congratulations! I wish that was me too. Haha

    @hilsy85: J has dropped too in everything, but actually gained nearly a pound since our last visit so that was surprising, but she does feel heavier. I don't know if she was going through a bit of a growth spurt, but she has been eating more at her feedings as long as she awake for them. Solids are basically a no go so I'm trying hard to keep up good feeds.

    The mucousy poo is better now, I think solids slowed her digestion which was a positive for her gaining some weight. Sometimes it is mucousy, but not as bad as before.

    She has a lump under her nipple on one side that freaked me out. We're just keeping an eye on it right now.

    We switched her to her own room when we got back and she had a cold and was cutting her second tooth so sleep has taken a hit. And the doctor said it looks like her top teeth will come soon. Eek!

    I don't know what to try to feed her next...is anyone doing baby led weaning? I don't know if she really cares about purees or solids really. I had a few days at beginning where she reached for the spoon. So it's annoying to try feeding her and waste food. I just wish I could breastfeed until 1 and hit a magic switch and then she just eats food!

    The doctor gave me a hard time for not introducing peanuts yet.

  13. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @renee0106: congratulations!!

    @Mrs. Goose: I'm giving R finger food and purées. She likes both. There's definitely a lot of waste though! I should probably scale back on how much I put on her tray.

    I can't believe how fast R is growing up! She's been crawling and pulling up for a month. She is cruising along the furniture and has two teeth. She really likes to eat, but I'm sure she doesn't consume much. So far she's had several different types of vegetables, cheese, puffs, and she tried a couple bites of my cream of wheat this morning. Her favorite food is broccoli cheddar soup. When she tries to feed herself she misses her mouth at least half the time. Her fine motor skills need some work.

    @hilsy85: sleep is bad here too. She wakes up 2-5 times a night. I'm not really sure what to do about it though because she goes down easily and every time she wakes up she nurses quite a bit. I think she really is hungry.

    I think we're starting to deal with some separation anxiety. She'll cry when I leave the room. 😳 She's starting to babble "mamamamama" when she cries.

  14. birdofafeather

    pineapple / 12053 posts

    @renee0106: ah! Congrats!

    S is turning 6 months Friday. She's just started rolling all over and we just jumped head first into a home renovation on a 1929 home! It's gonna be crazy as we commute 2 hours between houses but praying it can ll get done by end of May/mid June when we need to be out of our rental. Sleep is all over the place so I don't really know what to call it and I'm just resigned to dealing with it until we move to our new place.

    I haven't started solids yet because we're going camping next week and I don't want to deal with the extras or if she has a bad reaction. She also doesn't sit up well so I guess I'm not in a rush at all!

  15. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2288 posts

    @renee0106: congrats!! Haha I can't even imagine tho....G sleeps so badly right now

    Lo is growing fast! 6 months tomorrow. She's a terrible sleeper but the happiest baby. Grins and babbles all the time.

    Weirdly glad to hear most everyone is having sleep issues. Gives me hope maybe it's a phase!

    Can't believe we have someone prego already! It seems like yesterday they were all little squishes!

  16. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2288 posts

    @birdofafeather: sleeplessness is making me miss things! So cool on the house! Update us with pictures!

  17. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4455 posts

    @birdofafeather: that sounds like so much fun (and of course stress, but it'll be worth it!) good luck!!

  18. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4455 posts

    @Mrs. Pickle: curious, did the cheese go ok? They say broccoli is one of those tough to digest veggies and then with the dairy in cheese I would have been too chicken! But since you tried it in inclined to because YUM!

  19. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @2littlepumpkins: I didn't know that about broccoli or cheese!! Oops! I didn't really do a lot of research about solids other than whether or not to start with cereal. I probably wouldn't have been so lax if there were food allergies in her family history, but there aren't. She's handled everything really well so far. A couple weeks before we started solids she went from giving me a dirty diaper every day to every 5 days! I asked her pediatrician about it and she said if she went a week to call. She's actually gotten regular again since starting solids. I have the most adorable video of when she tried the soup for the first time. She wouldn't let my spoon go!

  20. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @Mrs. Pickle: I tried grated cheese based on reading what you gave R. No dice. Haha. I think she might want to take the lead on feeding herself and she will take a few nibbles of avocado that she holds herself.

    @birdofafeather: that sounds very cool, re: house. I'd love to see pictures too.

    J cries when I leave the room. She'll stop if she sees I am still there and have just moved. When we were away she was saying dadadada. Now she just yells and chats a lot. I feel mama will be last.

  21. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    @Mrs. Pickle: we are also hearing a lot of mamama when C cries. It is heartbreaking but also very cute! She has major separation anxiety and if I hand her off to anyone but DH, she cries Makes it really tough to get out of the house by myself.

    She is also constipated as of today! she hadn't pooped in several days, and then today she cried every time she pooped, and it was very firm--not like little balls, but definitely in a solid form. I feel so bad!

  22. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @hilsy85: throw sweet potato in if she's eating solids. That's my magic Poo aid! :). I have a list of foods to give to aid with constipation/ too solid poo. I'm trying to keep sweet potato in as a regular food. Also pumpkin and pear help.

  23. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @Mrs. Goose: she didn't like it or she couldn't get it in her mouth? Also, that's good to know about sweet potato! That's become a staple at our house lately.

    @MamaBear87: It is nice to know that others are waking up multiple times a night.

    @hilsy85: it's definitely hard. I tell myself that at least I know we formed a secure attachment!

  24. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @Mrs. Pickle: she could pick up a little pile, but didn't want it. She stared at it when a piece was stuck to her hand and it was distracting her from her attempt to eat avocado. Maybe I should cut it in a stick and she can kind of gnaw at it if she actually tries to eat it. I put a piece in her mouth and she mushed it and carried on with avocado and smushing peas and cheese on her tray. At least she is getting used to feeling different textures. That counts, right?!

  25. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @Mrs. Goose: I think so!

  26. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    When are people feeding solids? I mean what times of the day? And before or after breastfeeding/formula? And how long before or after?

  27. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @Mrs. Goose: we have dinner between 6 and 6:30. R nurses around 5 and then again at 7:30 before bed. Some nights she's fussy after she eats but before DH and I are finished so she'll nurse at the table. I'm not consistently feeding her breakfast or lunch yet. Sometimes she eats a little of what I'm having if she shows interest or if we are dining out. This morning she had a few bites of my breakfast about 15 minutes after she nursed.

  28. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @Mrs. Goose: we are doing 2-3 solid "meals" a day right now (almost 7 months old).

    Loose schedule:
    (Nursing overnight still 1-2x)
    6:30/7 wake
    8 nurse
    11ish nurse or bottle (he refuses many bottles at daycare still which is why we started food early)
    If bottle refused they mix 2-3oz of breast milk into oatmeal with a veggie.
    12ish meal happens if successful bottle
    2ish nurse/bottle
    4ish meal - usually oatmeal mixed with yogurt and a fruit and breast milk
    6 - nurse
    Sometimes we will do a mini meal here - maybe some avocado mashed up
    8:00 nurse/bed

  29. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @hilsy85: we've been battling some constipation too been adding pears into his cereal. Pumpkin is a good idea @Mrs. Goose:

    My Ped said not to give water really, but that might just because LO is not drinking his milk, and we don't want him to fill up on water. But that was my first thought to help with the constipation. Bananas are also blocking him so we need to limit!

  30. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @renee0106: omg congrats!!! How exciting!

    @2littlepumpkins: I know, it's crazy!!

    @hilsy85: glad everything worked out for you guys!! Big move! I hope everything goes smoothly!

    @Mrs. Goose: wear editing BLW more than purees mainly bc DS likes feeding himself better

    @Mrs. Pickle: yep def dealing with separation anxiety here too! I still can't get over how early she crawled!! I think DS will crawl closer to 8/9 months but we'll see!

    @birdofafeather: how exciting!!! That sounds super fun but I can also imagine it must be so stressful to do with2 littles!

    @Mrs. Goose: we don't really have a solids schedule yet. He gets 5-6oz formula every 3 hours during day and then at home I just kind of feed him here and there! He isn't eating anything besides formula at daycare yet (3 days per week)

    DS has 1 tooth on bottom and another coming through! So cute. I also happy to say that he is doing a million times better! Glad we didn't have to switch his formula! He doesn't seem to have anymore gas/pain and he is starting to eat a bunch more foods so I'm hoping his belly has matured. We got into the habit of co sleeping when he had HFM so I finally had to re-sleep train and it only took 1 night of crying for a bit to get him back in crib, so I'm happy about that.

  31. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4455 posts

    @NovBaby1112: So glad to hear everything is going better with C's tummy!!

    @Mrs. Goose: We're still just doing once/day. My son is prone to not pooping (not necessarily constipated with hard stool but just not pooping and getting fussy about it) so we're taking it slow.

  32. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4455 posts

    I know a number of you have said that sleep is not ideal, but is anyone else's LO still not STTN?

    We've only had one night of no feeding from going down to waking up for the day. (8-7ish?) And even that night he got up but fell back asleep while I was making a bottle. We've had a handful of 8-5s or 7 to 4/5s. But those mostly include wakeups where he fell back asleep but still cried a bit.

    Not complaining, just curious if anyone is in the same boat?

  33. birdofafeather

    pineapple / 12053 posts

    @2littlepumpkins: never. 6-7 hours between feedings has been the longest. and it's always the front end of the night, not when i'm actually sleeping. i think the longest stretch of sleep i've gotten (when i haven't been away from her for a bachelorette party or working!) in 6 months is 5.5 hours!

  34. birdofafeather

    pineapple / 12053 posts

    @MamaBear87: @2littlepumpkins: @Mrs. Goose: @NovBaby1112: i'm definitely feeling a little crazy about the timeline since we're doing a lot of the work ourselves (ok, DH and FIL) and we don't know the permit timeline, but trying to let go and realize it will happen when it needs to!

    here are some demo pics. the lath looked perfect! 1929 construction was pretty awesome! all the addition stuff is what messed it up!

    we're adding a hallway to make it a true 3 bed instead of a "family room" for the master. so we're taking down all the walls to update the electrical (knob and tube) and build the hallway through the existing closets.

  35. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2288 posts

    @2littlepumpkins: my lo was a decent sleeper til we moved right before she turned 4 months. After that sleep went to hell and hasn't come back. She slept from 7 to midnight last night and then 12 to 4. Then was up for like an hour. This is an excellent sleep night for her. She's usually up at least 3 times. 5 to 6 on a bad night. And now she's refusing to nap. My kid sucks at sleeping. People who say the newborn stage sucks are lucky lol I'd take that again over now

  36. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @2littlepumpkins: my little man is so far from STTN it's almost funny.... Most nights he's up 2x. Two nights ago he was up 3 or 4x - we get the VERY RARE 1x and he's slept through a couple of times. He usually goes down around 7:30, and is usually up at 12:30, then 3:30, then up for the day at 6 or 6:30... I'm just used to it at this point but I'm really hoping he starts sleeping longer stretches soon.

  37. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @birdofafeather: Wow that is awesome! Big project for sure but it's going to be so rewarding when it's all done! Good luck... are you living there during the renovation?

  38. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2288 posts

    @2littlepumpkins: oh and I am so glad that most everyone seems to be in the same boat. Our new ped was aghast that she wasn't sleeping through the night and suggested we stop feeding her at night. Which just ended in like 2 hours of sobbing when we tried it.

    Glad to know that many of us are still up lots! Makes me feel better.

  39. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @2littlepumpkins: mine sleeps the exact same. I had two nights where she slept until 6:40 without waking up. Lately I am feeding to sleep for naps, but the naps for two days have been over an hour which is magical since she never did that as a little baby even. I know it's a bad habit though... :(. However if i don't then there are tears and screaming... She didn't sleep a long time for naps before when I used to feed her to sleep though so I don't think they're connected.

    It's getting harder to put her to bed for some reason and night wake ups are tricky to put her back to bed too. She didn't go to sleep easily at 2-3 am last night and it was stressful for me. She's so wide awake when she wakes up. I don't know anyone who has a kid who sleeps through the night solidly at this age! Except one friend. My others have been the same as us though. It's weird that her day naps are getting better, but night is trying crappier...

  40. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @birdofafeather: looks like a lot of work! I have a friend from school doing house diy. I'll link to her blog.

    They had to take down walls and plaster and lath? etc. I think they're finally starting to put rooms together. They don't have kids though!

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