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October 2015 Postpartum Chat

  1. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @MamaBear87: I feel like if they have been sleeping for more than 3 hours and wake up then they're probably legitimately hungry for whatever reason! Could be growth or not enough eating in the day or just hungry. I know I wake up hungry at night sometimes. I'm too tired to go eat though. Haha. It seems so much further to go now that she is in her own room...two steps away from our bedroom door...

  2. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

    Hey mamas - long time no check in.

    DS is growing like a weed - he's huge, top of the charts in height and was considered 50% at 6 months for weight (18 lbs) but the doctor wasn't worried.

    Most days it's oatmeal or barley cereal for breakfast, and then a rotation of veg, fruit, yogurts for lunch and dinner. Some nights I give him some cereal before bed. He still nurses every couple of hours in the day, he's a snacker and that's a-okay, too.

    Overnights we have 3 wakeups normally to nurse - bed between 7-9 depending on when he's tired, up for the day at 6. No set nap schedule, if he's tired he sleeps, if not then meh. No sleep training, and I don't let him cry, but that's just me. I'll talk to the dr at his 8 month appt about the best ways for me to get him to fall asleep without nursing (in the day) to prep for daycare that he will start beginning of October, before I go back to work for a decent transition for both of us .

    Top two teeth are right there but haven't cut, still not doing tummy time but he rolls onto it sometimes and tries to scooch before giving up pretty easily lol.

    I hope everybody is doing well, need to do some catch up on the thread!

  3. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts


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