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October 2015 Postpartum Chat

  1. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    @BelugaBean: I hope your milk is in soon and her levels go down! That sounds stressful I know several people who have had to deal with that and daily pedi appts and the good news is I think it resolved very well and quickly for all of them! I hope the same thing happens for you guys. and congrats again!!

  2. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @2littlepumpkins: I'm sorry he's sick!

  3. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @BelugaBean: I hope your milk comes in soon.

  4. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    R is 2 weeks old today. She had a checkup yesterday and she's gained a little over a pound since birth. She slept in 3 hour chunks last night, which was wonderful! I hope she keeps it up.

  5. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @BelugaBean: I hope her levels go down soon! That sounds stressful, but hopefully you can get some milk in her. We had a similar situation- low levels of jaundice, super sleepy and wouldn't eat, but not high enough to require any phototherapy. Milk came in on day 3 and once he started drinking more he was good!

    @2littlepumpkins: aww poor thing, I hope he feels better! It's so hard with germy toddlers at home!

    @hilsy85: hope the clogged duct goes away quickly!! That's great that nursing is going better though! Hmm what Pacis have you tried? M wouldn't take one either, but C loves the wubbanub.

  6. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @Mrs. Pickle: that's great weight gain and sleep!!

  7. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    In the middle of night 2. Things are okay. The c section recovery is pretty intense and it has brought a whole lot of emotions with it about her birth and the way it went. I know a few people who had c sections too though and one mum who did and has a one month old so that is helping me get through. I know she is healthy and happy so far so I am really grateful for that. Hoping to go home in the morning some time and that my milk doesn't take too long to come in! My hubby is doing a fabulous job and I think is able to get a week or two off so that is wonderful. I definitely need his help because it's hard to move around or have her resting on me. I think I have a better handle on latching, but am still working on it.

  8. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @BelugaBean: mt first was similar, low levels of jaundice, we kept having to go for heel pricks and it was stressful, but it just took a few extra days and it worked out. Hang in there!

    @Mrs. Goose: take care of yourself. It's only day 2!

    @NovBaby1112: did you mention you gave C gripe water or something for gas? I've noticed, especially last night, little man was grunting more than normal and seemed gassy and a bit fussy.... May try those drops id you think they work.

  9. BelugaBean

    pomegranate / 3516 posts

    @hellobeeboston: We used gripe water for LO1 and it was a lifesaver. We actually gave this LO just a taste last night to calm her down to eat. She ate more than she has ever (she's averaging about 8-9ml with the syringe and she ate 17.5ml) plus was able to work out a dirty diaper then fall asleep.

  10. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @Mrs. Goose: I hope your recovery goes smoothly, try to get lots of rest! That's great your DH is helping a lot!

    @hellobeeboston: yep we give C gripe water for gas and also just started probiotics for gas/discomfort/etc. I think both help a lot!

  11. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @BelugaBean: @NovBaby1112: ok thanks!! I bought two kinds.... Just gave him a half dose just to make sure he's Ok with it. We will see!! I hope it helps, poor dude. He gets hiccups really often and I have a pretty forceful letdown that makes him pop off a lot in the beginning so I think he's getting more air in his tummy than he should.

  12. Charm54

    cantaloupe / 6885 posts

    How's everyone making out??

    J has been sooo fussy the past few days - she hasn't pooped since Weds or Thurs (bad 2nd time mommy, I can't remember)... She is so uncomfortable and if she's awake she's crying or yanging. My Dr said its normal for babies to go once a week..so I guess I will wait a couple more days to see if she can work something out before bringing her in. But it's heartbreaking that she's in pain (and more than mildly frustrating for Dh and I )

    On the other hand she has been sleeping like a champ - last night she slept through from 11-7! I woke up at 6 to pump because my boobs were sooo sore. Dd1 slept her nights really early too so I'm crossing my fingers (though not holding my breath) J will be the same.

    What's everyone's Halloween plans? J is being a ladybug (recycled from her big sister LOL) and we will take DD1 trick or treating for the first time, she is so excited. Tomorrow I'm having my baby group over for a little baby Halloween "party":..can't wait to see all the sweet babies all dressed up! There's something about a newborn in a costume that cracks me up

  13. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @Charm54: OMG so jealous of your sleep! That is awesome! C has been pretty fussy the last 2 days as well. During the day I can barely set him down, he's happy in my arms but as soon as I set him down he wakes up. No clue what's going on. He's also been waking up a lot at night to eat. I'm thinking either growth spurt or wonder week! How many ounces per feeding is your LO doing now? C is stil only at 3oz per feeding, but at night he will wake up and only drink an ounce and I can't get him to drink any more!

  14. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    @Charm54: aw I'm sorry she's uncomfortable but wow that is great sleep! We are averaging 3-4 hour stretches between feedings at night, and I am sticking to 2.5-3.5 hours during the day, which means I sometimes have to wake C up. I think I thankfully avoided mastitis, and my milk supply seems to be somewhat regulating, although I am still super full by 3 hours.

    For halloween we are going to a birthday party and then taking LO1 trick or treating. He's going to be a fire fighter. I had plans of dressing DD as a dalmatian but I think we are just going to take the easy route and dress her in a festive sleeper.

    @NovBaby1112: sorry about the fussiness! We have a little bit of that at night, but she is mostly just still really sleepy--I feel like she wakes to eat and then goes back to sleep without really finishing.

    How are you moms of 2+ dealing with your older LO? I forgot how relatively easy newborns are--toddlers are another matter! L also has had a constant cold since C was born, and yesterday--also the first day that DH was back at work and I was on my own--was just a disaster. I am hoping today was better, but ended yesterday by drowning my sorrows in my first glass of wine!

  15. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @hilsy85: hugs!! I never thought a newborn would be easier than a toddler but I was totally wrong. Most evenings I have a good cry and wine, M has beenSO defiant and not listening at all. So difficult when I am by myself in the evening and C is having his witching hour. And I feel even worse bc M is gone all day until around 4 at preschool/daycare. How many days a week is L is school?

    For halloween M is going to be Elsa (of course) and I am not sure what we will do for C! I have no energy to look for costumes lol.

  16. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4455 posts

    @hilsy85: ds seems ok in the daytime but extra stuffy at night. He's still sleeping ok, 2-4 hours at a time (mostly 3 at night) so we're doing ok. Dd got over that cold but was just sneezing so hopefully that's nothing but who knows it could be another cold.. I don't think she has ever gotten colds this close together though so here's hoping. 👍 as for dealing with the older lo I still have dh home and mil has been around a lot So that helps. Kind of a lot of time together but dd likes it..

    @Charm54: so jealous of your lo's sleep, but I'm sorry she's uncomfortable! Hope she poops soon! That is so frustrating when they are so fussy everyone they are awake.

    @NovBaby1112: sorry you're having trouble with your older lo. I have definitely had some moments... Some of the behaviors I could tolerate before that were just annoying I absolutely can't stand now. It's a transition for us all I guess. I never thought the newborn would be easier either, but then again my first was a much fussier newborn (so far.)

  17. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @hilsy85: @NovBaby1112: yep. Older LO has been seriously tricky. Just this morning I had to really yell at J, not listening at all, being defiant. Ugh. I dropped him at school and felt bad that we left on a bad note, but ugh. We've been alone more since DH is away and it's really challenging.

    I'm super jealous of some of the longer sleep. C will be 4 weeks old this week and he's still eating pretty much every 2 hours. He's done like 1 or 2 longer sleep stretches but that's it

    I think we're having issues with a really forceful letdown, I think it's making him gassy/uncomfortable. Ugh. Sometimes nursing he just seems mAd!

  18. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @2littlepumpkins: hopefully things get better with the older ones soon! I'm sure it's very hard on them too

    @hellobeeboston: I had a really forceful letdown with m. Have you tried pumping for a few minutes before feeding? Also block feeding helped as well

  19. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    @hellobeeboston: I also have a forceful letdown, especially on my right side. I will usually hand express until I start to let down and then let it spray into the nursing pad or a burp cloth. I also try to recline when nursing when I am really full!

    @NovBaby1112: he is in school 4 days a week but only 2.5 hours. SO jealous that M is in such a long day!

    At least I know we're not alone with our troubles. We got our newborn photos back and seeing them together like this kind of makes it worth it

  20. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @hilsy85: that is a precious picture! I'm still waiting to get my photos. I can't wait.

    I'm sorry y'all are having trouble with your older LOs. Having two sounds like a lot more work.

    R is sleeping about 3 hours at a time at night now. I wind up pulling her in bed with me when DH leaves for work until we get up for the day. I don't want to create bad habits, but we both sleep really well like that. I also figured out side lying nursing, which is amazing.

    For Halloween we're going to go trick or treating with friends. DD won't actually be trick or treating, but I am going to dress her up as Chewbacca. DH picked out her costume. It's just a brown sleeper that I'll add some details to with felt. He has a chewbacca outfit and I have a jacket, so we'll be a family of Wookies.

  21. birdofafeather

    pineapple / 12053 posts

    @hilsy85: I loved those photos!!! So glad you found that photog. I love her stuff.

  22. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @hilsy85: heart melting!! That photo is to die for

  23. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @hilsy85: such a sweet picture!

    @Mrs. Pickle: I want to figure out side lying nursing at some point because I think it would be nice, but I can't right now because of my incision. I do football hold on one side sometimes because it keeps her off my tummy.

    My midwife came by today and J has started gaining from her hospital drop in weight which I was really happy about. I am having a slow time recovering and apparently my uterus is contracting slower than normal. I am supposed to keep an eye on that and my pain level in case it is an inter uterine infection. That freaked me out! I am hoping I was just in pain because I got behind on the Tylenol and Advil I am supposed to be taking.

    I have to wake her up at night to feed her. So I let her sleep about 4 hours and then wake her. I don't know if she will continue sleeping like that or not. Once she is back up at birth weight the midwife said I could just let her sleep as long as she likes. I think that once she gets older she will wake up more often to eat anyway so it will probably be short lived. Plus I will get too engorged if I wait too long. I am so thankful for my husband everyday. He has taken over all the household stuff and is trying to force me to rest.

    @Mrs. Pickle: that sound like an adorable outfit!

    We aren't doing a costume, just bought a little Halloween sleeper.

    I still can't believe I'm a mama now. I love it.

  24. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @NovBaby1112: haven't started pumping yet... What is block feeding? I saw that mentioned somewhere and wasn't sure what it was.

    @hilsy85: that photo is stunning!!! ❤️ Yeah, I've been trying to spray into a cloth, and usually lay down!

  25. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @hellobeeboston: it's more for oversupply than forceful letdown, I had both, but sometimes they can go hand in hand. You basically feed from one side only for a 3 hour time frame. Let me see if I can find an article on it...eta here: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supply-worries/fast-letdown/

  26. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @Mrs. Goose: hope you are feeling better soon and it's not an infection!! That's great your LO is gaining!

  27. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @Mrs. Goose: @Mrs. Pickle: I have tried side lying nursing but can't figure it out.... I feel like my boobs need to be bigger? I know I figured it out once or twice first time around, but can't get it.

  28. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @NovBaby1112: if you do that then doesn't the other side get overfull? I have been trying to keep her feeding from both sides so one side won't get too painful. Although she is only nursing for really short periods of time, like 5 minutes per boob (we use an app so I know). My husband is really into tracking all the stuff about her.

    @hellobeeboston: I haven't tried it yet, but maybe Google or you tube? I know I read you just dangle your boob into the baby's mouth so I feel if you are smaller then you just wouldn't have to lift yourself up as much? I feel all positions should work for every size. I know right now I have to sometimes push down a little bit to make space for her to breathe out of her nose.

    Any tips on making a shallow latch wider? I keep trying, but the engorgement doesn't help. I feel maybe she will just keep nursing that way and maybe it will get bigger as her mouth gets bigger?

  29. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    @hellobeeboston: I actually feel like smaller boobs make it easier! My boobs are still too big/her head is too small for side lying, she just would get smothered!

    @birdofafeather: I know! I started following her on IG too, love her!

    @Mrs. Goose: I think it will get better as her mouth gets bigger, but one trick I use is to try to almost hook her onto my boob, starting with her bottom lip and then with her top. So she goes up and around, rather than just straight on, if that makes sense.

  30. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @hellobeeboston: I don't have big boobs. They're probably right at a D cup when I'm full. I lay on my side and place R's stomach to mine and line her head up to my boob. I use my opposite hand to guide her head until she latches on. She's pretty good at latching without a lot of assistance at this point, but she can bob around and get frantic if it takes too long. And since it's the middle of the night I nurse her while she's swaddled so I'm not fighting her hands.

  31. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @hilsy85: I'll try that.

  32. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    I think I might start pumping once a day next week, but I have no clue where to begin! I haven't even looked at my pump's manual yet. I don't think I need to have a huge stash, just enough so DH and I can go out every so often. I'd like for him to be able to give her a bottle too. Do you think 3 weeks is too soon to start pumping?

  33. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @Mrs. Pickle: I think three weeks is a good time to start to build a stash. My husband is so eager to give her a bottle. I tested out my pump a little to help with engorgement and he said "great, now I have some to give her". I had to tell him no because she's not ready yet, and neither am am I because we are just starting to learn how to breastfeed together, but I love that he is excited.

    You've had time to establish your supply and sort of get a routine going so should be good! Although I don't know how people go about pumping, but it sounds like lots of mamas on here will be able to advise you how to go about it.

  34. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    Has anyone had their post partum bleeding pick up suddenly after tapering off? I had almost stopped bleeding entirely after about a week post partum, and then today, 11 days post partum, I started bleeding really heavily in the last 20 minutes or so. It was heavy enough to completely saturate a pad. I was more active today than I had been (took LO1 to and from school, walked a bunch, was on my feet for a while), do you think that contributed? Would you be concerned? I keep reading about late post partum hemmorage...

  35. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @hilsy85: this happened to me this time...my bleeding totally tapered off about a week after having C and was more brownish than red. Then it really picked up again and was bright red, lots of bleeding, for another week or so. Now it's tapering off again. I read online it's totally normal especially if you are more active, but yo call your dr if you are soaking through a pad in an hour....so I would call just to be safe!!

  36. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2288 posts

    Had baby Gemma yesterday! Excited to join you guys!
    Sounds like everyone is doing well!

  37. BelugaBean

    pomegranate / 3516 posts

    @MamaBear87: Congratulations!

    @hilsy85: That happened to me last time. It started to taper off then around 3 weeks (when my FIL died and we were running around to make arrangements and go to the visitation/funeral/etc) it started back up again. I think it has to do with activity level but if it's too heavy, I agree to call.

  38. BelugaBean

    pomegranate / 3516 posts

    I'm awful with keeping up with this thread right now. I do read it but I need to start responding more! LO still isn't nursing but I've been pumping and giving her bottles and she was able to gain 6oz between Saturday morning and Tuesday morning which our pediatrician is thrilled about. I go to see a lactation consultant tomorrow to see if there are any issues that are leading to her not want to actually nurse and to also talk about pumping and setting a schedule for that.

  39. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    @NovBaby1112: ok glad to hear it's not just me! my ob said it sounded totally normal, I'm glad I checked though.

    @BelugaBean: great job on weight gain! I'm sorry she isn't latching though--is it just that she literally won't put her mouth around your nipple? or she has a weak/no suck? I hope the LC can help you!

    @MamaBear87: congrats!!!!

    @Mrs. Pickle: our pedi told me that I could/should start pumping around 3-4 weeks, so sounds like you're on track!

  40. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    @MamaBear87: glad you are here!!

    @BelugaBean: I hope the LC can help with the latch! My LO was unable to latch either so we are EPing now. Do you know what's causing the latch issues?

    What brand of Pacis is everyone using, if any? DD never took one but DS is a huge fan of sucking and since I am unable to nurse the paci really helps. I just wish it would stay in better!!

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